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Lagos to Calabar coastal highway: will it be bad for tourism?

The current government is always bold in their decisions and give reasons for such bold changes. One of such bold changes is the commencement of the Lagos to Calabar coastal highway.

This has caused so much noise on the internet. Many are blatantly against it. I must confess I do not like the idea. Why now? Why take out many luxurious Lagos beach in the name of development? Is this not a fight against a booming industry, tourism?

Here I will be talking about the effects now and the long term benefits we await when completed. If you’re planning to visit cross river state after this project, check out the Obudu cattle ranch.

Lagos to Calabar coastal highway

Prototype of the Lagos to Calabar coastal highway

Lagos to Calabar coastal highway: Your favorite beaches are gone!

One of the most fascinating things to me about Lagos are the beaches. Although some of these beaches are pricey yet I love to be at the beach.

Yes, many of your favorite beaches are gone with this development. I wish there was another way.

I have visited many of the beaches that had to go because of this Lagos to Calabar coastal highway. Below are my favorite Lagos beach affected by this development. Also check out my round up list of beaches in Lagos that you can opt for instead.

  1. Landmark beach: no doubt the most popular beach in Lagos is affected by this changes. I love this beach a lot. However, this beach is built for the elite and 1% of Lagos. Everything is pricey at this beach.

Yet I had so much fun at Landmark beach. It is family friendly as your kids will have fun at the Waterpark. You get to take fun boat rides, horse ride etc. This beach becomes lit at night.

There are several beach clubs and restaurants you can visit. Check out my post on fun things to do at Landmark beach on your visit.

2. The good beach: How did I get to know about this beach? From my blog analytics, funny right? So many people were interested in the hottest beach in town.

So I got curious and visited. And I wasn’t disappointed at all. The aesthetic, the food, the vibe and beach view. It is super fun.

This beach is barely 2 years and sadly it has to go. They are hosting a few shows till they close down soonest. So follow them on Instagram. Here is all you know about the good beach and plan a visit before it shuts down.

Other beaches close to these beaches that are affected is the box beach, not sure about Oniru Beach though. They are all on the same the beach line. So it may affect them all.

Will this Kill tourism?

Actually no. This coastal road is supposedly to boost tourism. Connecting Lagos to Calabar and making it less tome consuming will boost tourism.

We all know that Cross river state is another Hotspot tourist destination in Nigeria. However, it typically takes a day and half to get to Calabar. In between the jetlag and sightseeing, you will need a full day rest.

I had fun in Cross river state. You can check my post on the best things to do in Cross river state. The Lagos to calabar coastal road will pass through about 9 states in Nigeria. This will naturally make people want to explore these cities.

Also, many will be considering building hotels, hostels or vacations spots along this routes. So, if you have the funds, start your real estate investment in any of these states especially Cross river.

Lagos to Calabar coastal highway: a win and a loss

Count your losses you may say. There are so many businesses that are affected by this development. If you live in the country you know times are hard.

When is it the right time to commence? Actually whether they start now or next year, there will still losses. Below are some of the losses.

  • Loss of Jobs: the workers of the demolished business are back to job hunting. And we know it is hard to secure a day these days.
  • Loss of businesses: take a cue from the good beach ttar starred up barely 2years to now be out of business.
  • Loss of investment: All the structure and money invested into the assets is also lost. I hope government compensate these investors and business enough.
  • Loss of homes: Houses around this Lagos to Calabar coastal road marked out routes also have to go. Imagine having to leave a place you know as home just like that. Well I hope get compensation for their loss.

There are long term benefits to this Lagos to Calabar coastal road project. So, i have chosen not to be naysayer and be open minded. Now I see these long term benefits.

  • Job creation: it may seem like a contradiction. Yet there will be Job creation. Construction workers, traders along the route, hotels, train stations jobs etc. So new jobs will be created across these cuties.
  • Tourism boom: Yes I said it. Although we have lost some beaches in Lagos. However, there are so many other beaches to explore around the coastal road. They will be accessible and will drive traffic to these beaches.

Asides beaches, always ibom, cross river state, Ogun state, all have fun placed to visit. So having multiple routes to these states is a win.

In conclusion, I have a love hate relationship with this project. However, I am optimistic to see how this unfolds. Also, I hope and pray it doesn’t take forever. And for continuity no matter the government on sit. We all know Nigeria has so many abandoned and unfinished projects.

Any ways, let me know your thoughts in the comment below. What do you think of the Lagos to Calabar coastal road? Do you agree it is a welcome development? Let me know. Ciao.

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