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Lagos fashion week: Effortless cute outfits to wear

Lagos fashion week 2018 will take place this week from Oct 25 to Oct 27. It is usually a very busy week in the fashion industry in Lagos. Even more busy for attendees especially putting together the best outfit to make a statement for the 3-day show.

It is a daunting task if its your first time to attend a fashion show. In other to slay to Lagos fashion week as Newbie, It is better to go for simple looks. Let go of anxiety to want to slay like celebrities, just enjoy the show( its not that serious).

Celebrities, bloggers, and fashionistas stole the street at the previous Lagos fashion & design week. You don’t have to be a blogger or celebrity to be street style worthy at this years fashion week.

There are simple, chic and stylish ways to slay the street for this week Lagos fashion & design week without breaking the bank. If you’re planning to be a part of this year’s Lagos fashion week, consider these stylish ways to hitting the streets.

Lagos fashion week, What to wear

Lagos Fashion week

Layer your Outfits

One of the easiest and budget friendly way to rock street style is Layering. The trick is to layer patterns or colors that blends easily. You can go for a simple and chic or edgy style through layering (it can look messy when done badly).

An easy tip is to finish of the look with a kimono jacket.  Your skill for mixing or matching pieces doesn’t need to be like a pro to pull off this look.

Over-sized outfits

Another stylish trend to try out for Lagos fashion and design week is Breezy or oversize trend. It is simple, easy and fashionable. It is a trendy street style outfit as seen from recent fashion shows. In other to accentuate your frame, cinch the waist with a belt. Also pair a breezy top with a fitted pant or vise versa.

Blazer dress

When are at loss of what to wear to a fashion show, go for a blazer. Either for a blazer dress or add a blazer jacket to finish of your look. It gives this confident, boss lady, “have-it-all-together” kind of look. It is a good perfect for layering your outfit.

Add a straw hat for an edgy style. You can also click here to read how to style straw hats effortlessly.

Africa Prints

You don’t have to go all western as you plan your outfit for Lagos fashion and design week. ( I stand with team African Prints, go printastic!) African prints are also perfect as fashion week look. There are lot of trendy ways to wear prints and look stylish.

You match or mix your prints to give edgy look like a pro. It can also used as simple head wrap to add a touch of African to your style.

Whether you’re a newbie to fashion show or always slay the street at every fashion, just enjoy the show. The above style tips on what to wear for Lagos fashion and design week will aid you in choosing your fashion week outfit.

Even as it appealing as it is to make the list on best street style at the Lagos fashion week, go simple and slay like a queen.

As much as possible go with easy to walk in shoes. I will always choose sneakers or sandals over heels for runway events. This is because of the frequent go up and about typical of these shows.

But if you’d prefer heels, go with extra flat shoes. You can follow me on my channel for more style tips and fashion hauls.

Don’t forgot to go ready to shop amazing pieces from the runway. Also visit the exhibition stands to purchase timeless fashion pieces to add to your closet.

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