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Kalakuta Museum, Ikeja: interesting things to know and do

Kalakuta museum was the home of Late Legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti. This place once housed his followers i.e. his band members and dancers. It doubles as his home as well as a studio where he does his music.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti was huge resistance to the government during his time. This made the then government send soldiers to destroy his house twice. So, the current Kalakuta republic museum is his 3rd house. Fela must have gotten his spirit of activism from his mother who was also a strong activist. She also fought for Nigerian independence.

After his death in 1997, his children, family, and fans decided to transform his house into a museum. This will be a place where lovers of Fela can keep his spirit alive. The name Kalakuta was coined from Fela Cell’s room “Calcutta” during the time he was in prison. Another place to visit in memory of Fela is the New Afrika Shrine.

Kalakuta Museum gate fee and Location

Kalakuta museum is located at 7, Gbemisola Street, Ikeja. You can take a tricycle before you get to Ikeja under the bridge to the place. The place is very easy to find, a short walk from the Allen Avenue bus stop. The gate fee for entry to the museum is 1000 naira. The museum has a ground floor where you can souvenirs. Also, it has a rooftop bar where you can order food, drinks, and palm wine.

In other to access the rooftop, you will pay a fee of 1000 naira. This has to be done 24 hours before a visit to the bar through their Facebook page. Fela’s graveyard is just in front of the building. He died at the age of 53.

Facts about Kalakuta republic museum

After making payment at the reception, a tour guide gives a tour of the museum. He is trained to give tourists as much insight into Fela’s life which is the purpose of the museum. The tour starts off on the ground floor where some of his albums are explained.

The album that I found interesting was that called, “Confusion“. Here Fela describes Ojuelegba, Lagos state as a place of confusion. To date, this place can be really confusing. It has four roads branching off this bus stop and it is full of people. For me, Ojuelegba feels like the busiest place in Lagos.

Tour of his museum

There are pictures of Fela’s family, children, wives, concubines as well as a girlfriend at the Museum. The museum also has pictures of Fela as an actor in a movie that was destroyed. In memory of this Legend, Felabration takes place every year at his shrine.

This place is a few distances away from the museum. Fela’s room is still kept just the way he left it before his death. With well-arranged clothes on a rack, his bed, and pillows. One of Fela’s main instruments is a Saxophone. His Saxophone is still being kept in his room to date.

Kalakuta museum also preserved some memoirs from the life of Fela. His first marriage to his wife abroad, children as well as tours around the world. An article showing the political party Fela founded to run for the presidency is at the museum.

These phrases caught my eye, MOP is for the poor not for the rich. Fela stood for the poor and had so many followers under this party. His ideology was greatly influenced by his fraternity with Malcome X and a black panther.

After your tour at the museum, you also visit Johnson Jakande park at Ikeja. This park is not too far from Shoprite. Also, the Kalakuta museum has rooms available if you want to lodge. Click here to read other fun things to do in Ikeja, Lagos.

FAQ to know before visiting Kalakuta Museum

  1. What is the history of Kalakuta Museum? How did it get its name? Fela Anikulapo names this museum after the time he spent in Prison. We all know Fela can charm and drive a change. So he and his cell mates held a communal cell named Kalakuta Republic hence the name.
  2. How much is Kalakuta Museum gate fee? The gate fee into the museum is 1000naira per person. This fee gives you access to a tour of the museum by a tour guide.

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