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How to wear the viral Handbag charm trend without looking cheap

As an OG fashion blogger, I love my bag charms. This was an heavy trend back in the day. Are bag charms still in? Here is how to wear the viral handbag charm trend in 2024.

I prefer the bag charms like little teddies or mini bags on large bags. However, from the runway shows you can go all out with how you style your bag with bag charms.

Balenciaga and Diesel has given the template on how to go all out for your bag charms. Even Christian Dior is not left out on this. There are several styles on how to wear this handbag charm trend.

These bag charm trends for accessorizing your bags is now an IT girl thing. Every body and their mama is in on this trend. You can get all the best bag charms on the market both in the luxury space and budget friendly options.

My best bag charm for summer I highly recommend is from Schiaparelli, Love it. They have unique bag charms you can also repurpose for other uses. I will be linking some of my favorite budget friendly bag charms to elevate your handbag style.

Another way to elevate your handbag that is timeless is with scarfs. I love to tie colorful scarves on my handbag to change up the look. If you don’t have colorful silk scarves, what are you doing? Also check out my post on how to wear scarves several ways for summer, winter or spring.

Here I styled my handbag from Kate spade to add spice to it. I added a silk scarf for a lovely look. Added a coin bag and a beaded chain as bag charms to elevate this look. This instantly takes the look from basic to baddie. Love it.

handbag charm trend 2024

How to wear handbag charm trend in 2024

There is no hard and fast rule in exploring these handbag charm trend in 2024. You can choose to go subtle with the charms or go all out. However, this basically depends on your personal style. If your personal style is boho chic, playful and fun, you can add several charms to your bags at a time.

However, my personal style is chic and Victorian. Hence, I love the old money clean girl aesthetic in my looks. At least 2 bag charms at a time for a clean look. I love to still keep the focus on the bag than on the charms.

But, you can add more bag charms depending on how you’re feeling and your style. There are several bags charms to add to bag like mini teddies, mini bags ( bag on a bag), Chunky chains, beads etc.

I will still recommend you stick to the rule of mixing metals. So, if your bag hardware is gold, your bag charms should be gold or other complementary colors or neutrals. However, if your bag hardware is silver, by all means add matching silver bag charms to the bag.

Best handbag charms in 2024 to elevate your bags

Add charms to your handbags to switch up the looks. For example a basic tote black bag can be elevated with mini teddies and chain charms or even cowry charms.

So, I have linked the best handbag charms to elevate your bags in 2024. You can jump on this trends and be among the it girls in 2024.

Comment below if you’d be jumping on this Y2K trends that had a comeback. Which of these best handbag charms will you shop for? How will you wear your handbag charms for an elevated chic look? Ciao.

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