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5 Ways on how to wear leggings at home effortlessly

Are you looking to add to your stay at home capsule? If so, you need a pair of comfortable leggings for your closet. Leggings are now a wardrobe staple every fashion girl needs and here is how to wear leggings right now. Especially since we spend more time at home due to current circumstances.

Also, leggings come in handy as a comfy stay at home basics or a work from home outfit. Moreover, leggings are perfect as a work out outfit too. This is the most common use of leggings by most of us. However, leggings may seem like the most difficult outfit to style but if done well, you can get a lot of use from it.

So, I will sharing 5 ways on how to wear leggings for your stay at home look. And if you’re feeling confident, you wear this looks on the street too.

How to wear Leggings: Tank top on leggings

A simple super-easy way to wear leggings is with tank tops. Tank tops are a versatile wardrobe outfit you need in your closet. You can wear a tank top with your leggings for a stay at home look. This look can also double as a work from outfit if you’re working at home.

Jacket and leggings

Another stylish way to wear leggings is with over jackets. For a slouchy home look, opt for an oversized jacket. I have been loving this checkered oversized jackets for the longest time. So, I will definitely style it with a black or brown leggings and crop top. This look can be with both at home as well as a going out look. You can pull this look off with a denim oversized jacket.

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Sweat shirt on leggings

Sweatshirt is the new basics we all need right now. It is a cozy and comfy stay at home wardrobe capsules that is hottest. If you’re looking for another way to wear your sweat tops, pair it with leggings. You can wear a cropped hoodie and leggings for a cozy Netflix and chill or to run errands at home. I prefer hoodies with leggings because I look to cover my head to feel warm.

Blazer on leggings

Another stylish way to dress up your leggings is with blazers. There are times you need to part of a zoom meeting working from home. This look is one of the outfit ideas you can working from home. So, you need a blazer to be comfy and professional on your leggings. Blazers elevates your leggings. You can also wear for a casual outing.

Tee shirt on leggings

Tee shirts are another basic you can wear with leggings. Leggings with tee shirt at super comfy and stylish. Any color of tee shirt is perfect preferably oversized. I love oversized tees because I can wear it knotted into a crop top. A black oversized tee-shirt on leggings and sneakers is perfect for a casual outing or a short walk.

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12 thoughts on “5 Ways on how to wear leggings at home effortlessly”

  1. MarieSkelton – Sydney, Australia – Marie is an Australian journalist, blogger, speaker and change expert.She was also an elite athlete, but following a motorbike accident that nearly took her life, and leg, she began researching how people cope with major life changes to find out why some people are really good at dealing with whatever life throws at them, while others struggle. She is now passionate about mental health and writes about how to cope with change and maintain mental wellness, particularly in the face of change.

    Good tips here and perfect for comfort during the pandemic! Thanks 🙂

  2. Lisa M. Alioto – I am a lawyer, career coach, and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis warrior with a strong belief in the power of positivity! I primarily focus on writing articles about ME, along with invisible and chronic illnesses in general, with the goal of increasing awareness and providing hope, help and support. I am also the Vice President of the MInnesota ME/CFS Alliance.

    I LOVE leggings, esp if I’m going to be staying at home or sitting a lot. THey are so comfortable. ANd I feel like I can go out in them if I want to and still look good and put together!

  3. Kimberley Writes – Kimberley Writes is a lifestyle blog created as an outlet for me to share and express my thoughts and creativity through fictional short stories. I also share little tips that, based on my own experiences, can assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.

    I love wearing leggings. I’d say I’m a tank top or t-shirt with leggings girl. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rayo – Hi there, Welcome to my Blog. My name is Tunrayo Adigun and I am a skincare and wellness enthusiast. You can call me "Rayo", that's what my friends call me. I love reading and writing a lot. So having a blog that shares knowledge about skincare and health topics means a whole lot to me. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing about it. My goal is to make this blog soar higher and be one of the best with exclusive contents. Thank you for reading! Don't forget to subscribe

    I love the idea of sweat shirt on leggings but it’s too hot in this part of the world. Thank you for suggesting other ways

  5. robynsnest1970

    Leggings are my favorite wardrobe staple! I just ordered several new pairs since I am now working on my blog full time at home (one of the benefits of this pandemic). My favorite way to wear mine are with flip flops when the weather warms up and with my Uggs when it cools down. I will be incorporating some of your style suggestions. Thank you! 😊

  6. gigissudsintheshower

    Good tips on wearing leggings. I have really never been a legging type person until I started working from home this past month. Now, that’s all I wear and I love them.

  7. brittshedhappens

    I have been living in my leggings since I started working from home. The best part about that? I didn’t start with this current global situation – I’ve been working from home for over 3 years now and I still live in my leggings! lol Thank you for the style inspiration.

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