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How to wear blazers| 10 best blazer outfits

I’m always excited to meet people who are also blazer lovers like me. Blazers are a wardrobe must-have for every woman. So, I shared some refreshing ways on how to wear blazers.

I’ve always been a blazers babe for the longest time, and you’ll find me rocking a blazer to any corporate occasion without thinking twice. Some people may feel hesitant to rock a blazer, but not me. 

Understandably, those who do not vibe with the blazer fashion have their reasons. And when talking with some of these people, I realized that they struggle with finding cute ways of styling blazers. 

Interestingly, styling the blazer fashion has always come easy to me. So, it sometimes seemed weird when I saw some people complain that they do not know the best ways to style their blazers. So, I’ll be sharing some cute outfit ideas to style blazers. 

The goal is to ensure that the next time you think of wearing blazers, you do not struggle or complain about getting the right outfit ideas for your blazers. 

If you are one of those who feel that a blazer is a complicated outfit to rock cutely, you will have a mind change after looking through the ideas I will share. 

Now, join me; let’s explore cute blazer outfit styling ideas. 

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How to wear blazers

Below are some ideas you should implement to rock a blazer whenever the need arises:

Blazer Dresses

People usually say that every woman should own a little black dress. Now, imagine if your little black dress comes in the form of a blazer. You can tell that you’ll look chic and gorgeous when you rock your blazer as a blazer gown. 

I once got a blazer that was long enough to pass off as a dress. While searching my wardrobe for what to wear to an event one day, the blazer was the first outfit that caught my eyes. So without thinking twice, I wore it as a gown.

Styling a blazer as a dress is one of the easiest casual blazer outfits to try out.

Blazer with a V-neck t-shirt

What you wear under your blazer also matters when you are rocking the blazer. Often, the style of your blazer determines what inner shirt you should wear. Also, the occasion or event you attend can necessitate the type of shirt you should rock with your blazer. 

One of the cute blazer outfit ideas you can wear when going to a casual or semi-casual setting would be to wear a V-neck t-shirt underneath your blazer. As a woman, I can tell you that wearing a V-neck t-shirt leaves you feeling sexy. So, you can spice it up by adding a blazer to it. 

You can rock this outfit with any bottom you desire, and you will get the same result. This is a great way on how to wear blazers casually.

Blazer with same vibrant color pants

Would I be biased if I say this is one of my top favorites amongst the various cute outfit blazers styling ideas? Of course, all the styles are things that I would rock at any time. However, this particular idea holds a special place in my heart. 

I have a thing for color coordination, and it plays out in my blazers styling. Interestingly, you would find blazers of various colors in my wardrobe. And I tend to pair them with pants of the same color whenever I wear them.

This outfit style tends to command respect, and people always compliment the style. This idea works for all settings, including official and corporate. Some people say you should think of blazers when you think of work clothes for women, and I agree with them. But the goal is to ensure that you look nice and beautiful even when you are dressed for work. Therefore, this is a great option for blazer outfits to try out.

Blazer with shorts

Did you know that you can wear a blazer with shorts? Unfortunately, most people have a negative view of blazers. When they think of blazers, they only think of the work setting. But I want you to see blazers beyond the corporate environment and see it as a regular fashion outfit. 

Another way on how to wear blazers is with shorts. As a blazers lover and someone who always loves to flaunt her legs, you would mostly see me rocking this style when I wear my blazers.

I love the ease that comes with throwing on a blazer and wearing shorts. It gives me the simplicity I desire and still has me looking chic.

 In addition, I can rock this style with any blazer, ranging from a cropped blazer to a single-button blazer, double-buttoned blazer, and much more. So if you’ve ever struggled with how to style your cropped blazer, you should try this outfit idea. It is an effortless way on how to wear blazers for summer.

Waterfall blazer with leggings

I mentioned earlier that it is best to look at blazers as regular outfits rather than view them as fashion wears that can only work in official settings. It is because there are various types of blazers, and some of them come in a casual style. One such example is the waterfall blazer. 

Some people mistake a waterfall blazer for a kimono or other regular jackets. Unfortunately, since it doesn’t look like a typical blazer, many people often make this mistake. 

Another effortless way on how to wear blazers is to choose casual style waterfall blazers. Since this blazer comes in a casual style, you can tell that rocking it wouldn’t be an issue. Instead, it would be best if you rocked it with causal wear like leggings. 

Footwear like slippers and sneakers would go perfectly with this outfit idea, and you will have people admire you and want to dress the way you do. 

How to wear blazers with dresses

Many women are lovers of bodycon gowns, and you will also many of them in my wardrobe. I wouldn’t say that I’m the biggest fan of bodycon dresses, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t rock them when the need arises.

However, I often feel that bodycon gowns are bland, and I look for ways to spice things up when I have to rock a bodycon dress. 

If you know me, you’ll know I always love to be outstanding when I dress up. So, you’ll see me over a blazer on my dress when I have to wear a straight bodycon gown. And, it does the magic of taking the dress from basic to exceptional. 

I can wear this to an office, and I can also rock it for something casual. This idea also works as you do not need to stress about the footwear used in rocking it as it goes with diverse footwear. 

Other blazer outfits are blazers with slip dresses, sequin dresses, sun dresses, etc.

How to wear blazers with skirts

It won’t be a complete list of cute outfit ideas on styling blazers if I do not add or talk about this option. After all, it is the typical image that comes to mind when one imagines wearing a blazer, especially as a work outfit. 

Have you ever found yourself drooling at women who rock blazers with skirts? Yes, I find it admirable and think that they look fantastic. I love blazers with pleated skirts. This combo is a chic way on how to wear blazers with skirts.

This outfit style also tends to improve your confidence when you rock it. People often say you should dress how you want to be addressed. And you can be sure to command respect when you wear a blazer on a skirt. 

Everything about this outfit idea appeals to me, especially the aura that surrounds a person who rocks it. 

Blazer on culottes

I can imagine you giving me a side eye, trying to imagine if people still rock culottes. But, I’ll also give you my side eye if you’re having such a thought as it shows that you are not in tune with fashion trends. 

Understandably, culottes may have gone out of trend for some time. However, this style is back now, and people are pulling it off in various ways. As someone who doesn’t like rocking typical fashion items, you can be sure to find culottes in my wardrobe as I love to stay unique. 

And one of the ways I pull off rocking my culottes is by wearing a blazer on it. Now, don’t judge my fashion style until you try it. And I can assure you that you will be hooked on it. 

If you’ve been looking for where to buy women’s clothing, I would recommend Shein, AliExpress, etc. 

Blazer with crop tops and Jean 

An easy way how to wear blazers with jeans is to layer them with crop tops. If we are to survey on what cool kids wear today, I’m sure that crop tops and jeans would be on top of the list. So many people say it is a casual fashion trend that makes people comfortable, and I agree with them. 

I also love that rocking a crop top with jeans is versatile clothing as it can fit into different settings. But if you are like me, who likes to switch things up, then you will be looking for more ways to style your crop top and a jean to ensure that it doesn’t look regular, and that is where a blazer comes to play. 

I sometimes throw a blazer on top of my crop top and jean and step out looking chic. Often, I will add boots, looking ready to slay and press necks. There is a certain confidence that comes when I dress this way, and I ensure to take advantage of it. 

Blazer without any inner

Are you bold and daring? If yes, you will not object to this outfit idea. So, what do you think about rocking your blazer without anything inside? 

Yes, I can see that some people are already objecting to this style, especially conservative ones. However, it is one cute way to style your blazers that leaves you looking exceptional. 

If you love heads to turn or being the center of attention whenever you step into any place, then you should rock this outfit. I love that you can pull it off when wearing any bottom, from shorts to skirts, to trousers, and more. All you need is the confidence to pull it off, and it leaves you looking like a boss chic. 

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