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How to survive long layovers: 5 fun things to do

How to survive long layovers

Frequent travelers have different ways to get the best flight deal on air travel. One such way to book for cheap flights to New York or any other destination is by opting for layovers. Layovers are quite cheaper than direct flights but boring at times. Here is how to survive long layovers without losing your mind.

Layover wait time is typically for a few hours or could extend for longer periods up to 24 hours. Most travelers find layovers frustrating as it has their own disadvantages.

From the chaos of getting back on the plane to the unbearable boredom from frequently staring at the clock as you wait for the layover to elapse. In other to live through the wait, the following are useful tips to survive long layovers.

How to survive long Layovers

Can I leave the airport during international layovers? This actually depends on the hours of wait given by the airline. You cannot leave the airport when you just have a few hours of waiting. However, there are so many fun things you can do to pass this time.

Here are 5 fun things to do to survive long layovers.

A quick Tour of the Airport

The waiting time for Layovers doesn’t need to be boring. It is the best time to have a quick tour of the airport. You could visit the lounges, and stores as well as take in the view of the environment. It is also an opportunity to shop for goodies for friends and family.

Go sightseeing in the locale

Staying boxed-in at the airport either touring, reading, or scrolling through your social media sites may not be enough to kill the Layover time. Another tip for surviving a long layover is to be adventurous and go sightseeing in the locale of the city.

Thankfully there is google, surf the web for nice places to visit that are not too far from the airport. It could be a nice restaurant to enjoy the local dishes or a tourist site.

Recreational Reading

Recreational reading is a simple tip for surviving a long layover. There are a ton of books you can read as the time flies in your wait. Novels, magazines, newspapers, blogs, or even entertainment sites are suitable for recreational reading.

While you immerse yourself in reading, it will help kill boredom as well as the time of wait. There are stores in the airport where you can purchase these recreational materials. Blogs and recreational websites are good options to prevent unplanned spending at the airport.

Give yourself some Pampering 

Pamper yourself as you patiently wait for the layover to elapse. Treat yourself to some snacks, enjoy a sumptuous dish or enjoy a fine glass of wine. You deserve some kind of reward for your patience during a long layover.

If you have a priority pass, visit the lounges to enjoy the benefits at the airport. Give yourself a good treat and an exciting experience as you pass the layover time.

Take Advantage of Duty-free Shopping Stores

Another interesting way to survive layovers is to take advantage of duty-free shopping. Some airports have stores where you can cash in on huge discounts on products. This is an opportunity to shop for products at a cheaper rate thereby making huge savings.

You may be lucky to cart away designers at jaw-dropping prices.

All the above-stated tips on how to survive long layovers will serve as armor whenever you find yourself in that situation. It will help you stand out and flip the most annoying layover situations into a memorable experience. Also, have to do a list of what you can do with your layover time.

As you plan to book a cheap flight to New York or another destination, consider opting for a layover. This will enable you to have fun while saving on air travel. If you’re looking to save huge on your flight, you can also check my post on how to book the cheapest flight tickets to anywhere in the world.

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