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How to shop from shein and ship to Nigeria with ease

Shein is one of the most popular fashion brands you can shop. I have shop from shein myself. However, the major challenge is how to shop from Shein and ship to Nigeria?

If you need to upgrade your personal style on a budget shein is your plug. You can get classics pieces like t-shirts, leggings, jeans , button shirts that are great for their prices. Also, if you love to follow the latest fashion trends, shein is go plug to hop trends without going broke.

We all know that there are several limitations to shopping shein to Nigeria. One is the FX issues and another is shipping to Nigeria. Here I will touch on how I shop from US or UK and ship to Nigeria with ease.

How to shop from Shein from Nigeria?

Shein website is very easy to Navigate. I love all my shein haul from several years. If you are patient you can score nice pieces from Shein.

As stated earlier, one of the major challenges to shopping from Shein is FX. The CBN has stated that FX is quite low. So, most banks don’t allow international payments or allow payment with very small limits like $15- $20. What can that get you on shein.

A virtual card is the solution to these. There are so many fintech companies that offers virtual cards at good FX rates. Companies like Chipper cash, Ever send, Bitnob etc. Now I currently use bitnob because it is quite affordable. Click here to sign up for a virtual dollar card on bitnob. Don’t forget to use my referral code to support the blog: magdalene8

How to ship to Nigeria from shein?

Shein used to ship to Nigeria when I started shopping from them in from 2017. Then the Covid pandemic happened, then stopped. Have you gotten your Covid vaccination yet?

Typically, they ship first to the closest post office. Later they ship ship straight to your doorstep. I live in Lagos Nigeria so it is not surprising that they could do this.

Now you cannot ship straight from shien to Nigeria. Do you want to shop from sites like shein and ship to Nigeria effortlessly? I have written an indepth article on this.

I highly recommend a logistic shipping company in Nigeria that I still use till date, HOR logistics. With recent price hikes, they are still very affordable too. All you have to do is to sign up for a US or UK shipping address and use this for check out. This has made it easy for me to shop from US, UK or anywhere in the world and ship to Nigeria with ease.

Ensure you add HOR to your shipping details and create an account on their platform to make it easy to reach you once your package is ready in Nigeria.

Shein clothing reviews: Personal experience

I have shopped several categories from shein. Clothes, accessories, jewelry. My favorite shein is their designer dupes or lookalikes. This was way before I discovered that I could opt for second hand designer bags instead.

Anyways, my review of the dresses is 7 out of 10. This is because the dresses is great for its price. Also, you can get cute outfits from shein. My most complimented office dress was from shein. Also, my lace body suit that I wore to Suntan beach badagry was so nice. However, it is not a petite girl friendly.

I am 5ft 5 for reference yet the torso was too long for me. However, if you’re a little bit thick or taller, the bodysuit will be perfect for you, Always check the size measurement. Many of us don’t do that.

However, for jewelry shopping I will highly recommend you read the reviews. The necklaces I got from shein didn’t fade so fast like that from Aliexpress. So, if you need affordable jewelry like earrings, necklaces, bracelets or anklets, they are a great place to shop them.

FAQ on How to shop from Shein

  1. Can I return items to Shein from Nigeria? Yes, you can. If don’t like the items enough to keep them, of course you can return them
  2. Can I cancel my order from Shein? Yes you can cancelled your order. Refer to their website for more details on cancellation policy?
  3. How long does it take to ship to Nigeria from Shein? Typically standard shipping takes 15-20 business days. You can explore other shipping options like express shipping etc.
  4. Do I need a USD card to shop on shein from Nigeria? Nigeria NGN cards do not work on most international websites inclusive of shein. So, you need USD card or FX card to shop from shein. If you don’t have a USD card, you can opt for a virtual USD card. I highly recommend bitnob cards.

Feel free to comment on your experience shopping from shein. Do you love shopping online? Have you shop from shein website to Nigeria?

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