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How to find cheap flight tickets to anywhere

The next step when preparing for your travel is booking a flight. There are so many articles online talking about how to find cheap flight tickets for your travels. There are no strict rules on bagging cheap flight deals. Some rules state that you should avoid peak days like Monday’s / weekend as the flight fares are hiked during this period.

Others state that booking flights on Tuesdays is the best day to get the cheapest airfares because it is a day after the Monday rush. It is assumed that airlines drop prices because fewer people travel on Tuesdays.

Most of these rules sometimes apply only if you’re going for leisure. For instance, if you must travel on Monday morning for a business meeting, you have no choice but to book your flight that day. Except you own your own jet and all you have to bother about is fueling it. In this post, I will be sharing some simple ways on how to find the cheapest flight deals for your travels.

How to find cheap flight tickets to anywhere in the world

Book your flight early

One very simple way to book a cheap flight for your travels is by booking early. Although this might seem like it’s almost impossible to do for out jet age. Sometimes, I start planning for my travels a few days before my trip. Even if I had known months before my travel or vacation. But waiting till a week or less to book your flight can cause you to have a huge cut off your bank balance.

Often times, you may not even get your best sitting position. So, booking your flight, a few weeks before your trip could save you a lot of money. Everyone loves a bargain, and these savings can be put to other good use.

Opt for a flight with layovers

Another way to save huge on an air flight is by opting for a flight with layovers. Booking a direct flight is sometimes expensive compared with a flight with layovers. Layovers also have its own advantages. One of which is an opportunity to go sight seeing in the place of brief stop. You could enjoy the two cities even if one is for a short time. For people who don’t mind buying more things while travelling, you could go shopping. There are so many things you can with layovers.You can check out my post for some tips on how to survive long layovers.

Book your flight with search engine

Search engines for booking flights like travel start allows you to book a cheap flight on the go. It is a very convenient way to book your flight while comparing prices. All you have to do is to input your present location along with your destinations into the site.

The engine search for a flight for the date chosen from the lowest to the highest. It shows different airlines, economy or business class. So, you don’t have to start searching each airline to determine which is cheap. You can easily peruse and go for a flight that suits your budget.

Travel Start

One of ways to find cheap flight tickets is by using search engine like Travel start. This engine is perfect to those booking flights from Africa.

All you need to do is to input your travel dates, and destinations. Travel start sorts the flight tickets based on several criteria like cheapest, fastest and class. Also, it shows the best airline to book if your goal is to get the cheapest flight tickets.

To book your flight , visit my page using the incorporated search engine for Nigerians. On other hand, if you’re abroad or want to make payment in other currencies asides NGN, you can book your flight through travel start. This makes it easier to find the cheapest flights for your travel.


Another search engine to find cheap flight tickets to use is Skyscanner. Skyscanner is easy to use. It is a similar search engine just like Travel start.

It allows you search for flights to anywhere in the world with ease. Also, Sky scanner also helps you find cheap hotel stays or deals for your travel. It is more like an all in one search engine for flight tickets and hotels.

Google flights

Google flights is a simple search engine you can also use to find cheap flight tickets for your travel. I love google flights as you can use to determine where to travel. Also, it helps you make informed decisions on the country that is cost effective for you.

This is super useful if you are yet to decide where to travel to. Google flights also shows you hotel near you and the deals. You can do a quick search of places near you can explore on a budget. It is great option to guide you on how to plan a perfect vacation seamlessly.

Avoid Last minute flight tickets

Many of us like to keep our travel to last minute. One way to find cheap flight tickets to anywhere in the world is by avoiding last minute travels.

Airlines always banks on last minute flight to increase flight fares. How can you get cheap last minute flight tickets? There are days where it is unavoidable to opt for last minute flight tickets. In cases like business meetings or emergency flight, you can use

Another way to find cheap last minute flight tickets is via skyscanner last minute flights. Skyscanner offers last minute flight deals when you need to travel ASAP.

Decide the best season to fly

The season you choose to fly also affects the cost of flight tickets. Peak seasons like Summer, Christmas or New year holidays etc. The law of demand and supply automatically affects the price of flights.

Moreover, peaks seasons dovetails to packed vacation spots. So, I try as much to avoid traveling during peak season. Not to just reduce flight ticket cost but avoid the crowd. It is basically impossible to create content in a crowed vacation spot.

Opt to travel off peak season to find cheap flights to anywhere. Slow seasons means reduction in prices for both hotels and flight tickets. So, enjoy cheap flight deals to anywhere in the world by booking off season.

Be flexible with your travel dates

Another easy way to find cheap flight tickets is to be flexible with your travel dates. Skyscanner and google flights are enjoyed better if you’re flexible with your dates.

After you have decided where you’re going, you can search for the best time to travel to reduce flight cost. You can find cheap flights to Europe or from your city when your travel dates are flexible.

Plan your vacation when you get the cheapest flight tickets for your travel. This help you save cost on your travel.

Watch the extra cost

Whenever I travel, I always watch the weight of my baggage. If possible, I prefer backpack for travel packing only the essentials. It is almost possible to pack too much for your travel. To avoid this, check out this travel pack list for women.

Another extra fee you can do without while booking your flight is the flexible date fee and insurance fee. These fees are irrelevant to incur as extra cost.

Although, it is advisable to have travel insurance in place for your travel. Airline insurance fees can be avoided. This helps bring down the total cost of your flight ticket. Uncheck the insurance and flexible dates when booking for your flight.

Travel insurance are great to have in case of eventualities. No one plans for a travel accident, or health issues while on vacation. However, having a great insurance option helps you save cost on these types of incidence. One of the best insurance cover I would recommend is Insubuy for foreigners traveling to US.

Earn Cash back on Flights using WayAway Membership

Cashback is not necessarily a way to find cheap flight tickets for your travel. However, it is a great way to earn real cash back from your flights or hotel bookings.

WayAway membership offers you an opportunity to save more money on your travel. You earn extra cashback on your hotels or flight tickets paid to your PayPal account. These cashbacks can cumulatively sponsor your next trip. Click here to join WayAway to earn 5% cashback on flight tickets for just $49.99.

WayAway is a great way for frequent travelers to earn money while traveling the world. This package applies to both local and international travels. So, if you need a great option to save money as you find cheap flight tickets, use WayAway.

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  1. You shared some useful and insightful tips. Recently found out about Google flights and find it useful for getting alerts on cheap tickets. I personally do not line layover flights; too stressful. If there is a delay, the ripple effects will have you cussing.

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