Holiday gift ideas for the hand bag obsessed

The holiday season is on us already. Whoo!, I can’t believe the year has ended already. Its the time to start shopping for holiday gift ideas for our loved one. So, here I will sharing my best picks holiday gift ideas for the handbag obsessed in your life.

In every fashion haul, I always shop for handbags. So, I am proud to be handbag obsessed. Your lady friends, mother or sister may also be handbags obsessed. These options will cover some of the latest designer handbags dupe you’d love.

From the famous Gucci horsebit handbag to Hermes Birkin designer dupes. If you’re not into dupes, you can shop for budget friendly designer handbags from second hand stores. You get to find vintage options on clothes, bags or other accessories. Check out my post on the best places to buy second designer handbags to learn more.

If you’re not a fan of dupes but want to gift your mother or sister a bag this holiday, I’ve got you. I will also link some of my favorites that I would love to own this season. However, if you need a gift idea for her that is not a handbag, check out my post on the best gift ideas for her 2023.

Best handbags Holiday Gift Ideas

In the spirit of giving and gifting, here are my best holiday gift ideas for your loved ones that is handbag obsessed.

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Red is the color of the season. Also, red is all in for the year 2024 fashion trend. So, you can be sure that this will be loved. I can see myself styling it with a white knit or sweater dress with a pair of red boots. This bag is also available in white if you’d prefer it.

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I love this Bottega Veneta Jodie maxi size. This bag is super chic and fun. You can shop this bag for way less that $70 for your loved one. It is a perfect carry handbag for your airport outfits. Also, you can easily wear as a work bag. This will fit in all her essentials. So, I highly recommend you shop this Bottega dupe for her this season.

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This red handbag has to be on this list. It is super chic and fun. You can wear it as a shoulder handbag for a concert. Also, it is a perfect evening clutch handbag. I love handbags that you can wear in different ways. This handbag with a two piece midi skirt set is perfect for a date night look. Get it and thank me later.

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This handbag is a perfect dupe of the black owned handbag by Brandon Blockwood designer. Brandon Blockwood bags is very popular among the fashion girls. The box style makes it a perfect evening handbag. You can also dress it down for going out. It is a perfect neutral yet chic handbag to own.

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Gucci is a very popular designer brand. So, the girls are all over the latest east west Gucci horsebit handbag. The detail in front makes it a chic handbag for an evening night out. This gold dupe of this handbag is super fun. It is a holiday color. You can dress it up for an holiday party or dress it down for running your errands.

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I love Hermes Birkin. We all know that if you love quiet luxury vibe, Hermes is your go to. However, I am not in love with the Hermes price point. Thankfully this Hermes Birkin dupe gives the same vibe. You can dress it up for work or for going out. I love the size of the bag. It can fit in all your essentials. So, you can wear it as an airport carry on handbag to fit in your essentials.

Feel free to comment which of these handbags you’d get as an holiday gift idea. My favorite is the Hermes Birkin dupe. Ciao

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