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Holiday Gift ideas for her: Best Gift Ideas for everywoman on your list

One of the best things to do on holidays is to shop for gifts. After all, is the season to give. I have so many sisters. So, I am always on the lookout for what to shop for them. Here I have rounded up some of the best holiday gift ideas for her.

So, if you need ideas of the best holiday gift ideas for any lady on your list, this is the place for you. This list focuses on fashion items to shop for them. You can shop for statement pieces, designer dupes, or accessories for them.

Also, these items are all under $100. The good thing is that Black Friday is just around the corner. So, you can shop the best black Friday deals for these gift ideas for her.

Best Holiday gift ideas for her

Surprise that special lady in your life with this gift round-up. This list is in three categories depending on what you’re looking for. Fashion clothing for the fashionista in your life. You can gift them fashion clothing for Christmas, new year, or that fashion piece on their bucket list.

Also, you can shop for accessories that they can use to dress up their outfit like shoes, bags, fashion jewelry, hats, etc. The last category is practical lifestyle gifts that they can use beyond the holidays.

Best Outfit Gift Ideas for Her

  1. Blazer and Coat Set (Co-ord set)

For the boss lady in your life grinding to meet her goals. Gift her this two-piece blazer and coat set from Chic me. This outfit is perfect work wear for her. Also, she can wear it as a work-from-home outfit for zoom calls or face-time work calls. The plus side is that she can easily transition this outfit from work wear to a holiday party outfit.

Holiday gift ideas for her

Click here to buy a Blazer set.

2. Sweater pant sets

A sweatpant set is one of the best holiday gift ideas for her. Since we literarily do not go out much these days due to the pandemic, this set is perfect for her. Moreover, shoulder pad tee shirts are so in trend now. Get these trendy sets she can dress up for a party, outing, or as a work-from-home outfit.

I also love the slit on the pants. Slit-on pant is one of the latest fashion trends that are here to stay. So, if you’re looking for one of the best gift ideas for her, this is it. She’ll cherish it for a long time.

Click here to buy a pant set for her

3. Corset Waist Shirtdress

Shirt dresses are a must-have for every lady. So, if you’re looking for a gift idea for your minimalist friend or sis, shop for a shirt dress for her.

I love corset dresses because it is super chic. It is flattering for all body types. You can wear corset dresses to flatter your body without needing shapewear. Also, it is a dressy look for any lady.

She can wear it for a date night, for a holiday party, and as a wedding guest dress. It is one of the best holiday gift ideas for her you need to buy it ASAP.

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4. Solid Ribbed top and pant set

Another of the best holiday outfit ideas for her is this ribbed top and distressed pant set. It is perfect for your stylish stay-at-home mum, or friend who works from home.

I love the pant primarily because of the distress on the thigh. Also, she can wear it for the perfect airport outfit whether for long or short-haul flights.

I bet she’d practically live in this outfit all seasons. She can get as much use from this set. As a perfect base for layering as it gets cooler.

Click here to buy a sweatpant set

5. Workout set

For all your fit fam friends or ladies, gift them this two-piece workout set from Chic me. Most women wear a loose tee shirt and leggings or shorts for working out. You can upgrade your workout wear with this set. I am sure she will be motivated to burn those extra calories.

Click here to buy a pair of Leggings

Best Practical Gift Ideas for Her

Not all the ladies in our lives are fashionistas. Some of them love gifts that they can use beyond holidays. So, for those ladies who love practical gifts, I have put together this list for them. All these gifts are under $50.

1. Book

For the book lovers in your life, you can gift them a great book for the holiday. Although, it may seem like they own all the books you could give them. You can gift them access to an Amazon kindle subscription to enable them to have access to as many books as they want.

2. Aromatherapy Room boost

I love the smell of a good home. So, I use aromatherapy room boost for my home from Adoratherapy. They have several room-boost aromatherapy perfumes you can gift any practical lady for the holiday. These room boosts have several therapeutic benefits for the family. You can read my post on the benefit of using Aromatherapy in your home.

Adoratherapy oils are very affordable. She can use it in her home, office, or for travel. You can shop for these oils for under $10. I promise you they’d love it. Also, you can buy the room boost oil set to last her longer for just $50.

3. Journal

Another of the best holiday gift ideas for her is a journal or notepad. It is very easy these days to get overwhelmed with work, blogging, school, family, etc. Gifting her a journal will enable her to organize her day. Although, I am not much of a planner but sometimes find myself using scraps of paper to jot down my to-do list or goals. These papers I lose these in transit or throw these out in error when cleaning.

Since we women by default are organizers. A journal will enable her to keep track of her daily checklist for the holidays and beyond.

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4. 3 in Hair curler and Dryer

The current pandemic has made the idea of DIY so appealing. I had to learn to take care of my hair at home i.e. taking care of my African hair and wigs. These I would have done easily in the saloon. So, a practical gift idea you can give a lady this holiday is a 3-in-1 curler, straightener, and dryer.

I love this 3-in-1 set because she can use it to dry her hair after a shower and straighten or curl her with ease at home. Also, this gift she will use this for as long as possible for personal grooming.

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Best Accessory Gift Ideas for Her

Accessories are the high point of every outfit. They are one of the best holiday gift ideas for her to buy this festive season. This can be shoes, bags, hats, scarves, jewelry, etc. They are great gift ideas for her this holiday. So, read on to see the accessory idea you can shop for her this holiday. All items are under $50.

1. Amina Muaddi Designer Dupe Strap heels

Amina Muaddi’s designer trend of square-toe heels is the biggest of all time. However, this is a designer brand which prices that on the high side. You can opt for the affordable designer dupe of these heels. It is one of the best holiday gift ideas for her that I love.

Click here to buy a pair of Amina muaddi Designer dupe heels

3. Dupe bags

This round-up list is incomplete without bags. Bags are a must-have accessory for every lady. This year’s trends of designer bags of Balenciaga and Dior are a great addition to her bag collection. However, if you can’t afford the real things, get her the designer handbag dupe or replica.

Click here to buy Balenciaga Le Cagole dupe

4. Bucket hats

Call me whatever, I love a good bucket hat. Another of the best holiday gift ideas for her is a bucket hat. For the latest fashion trends of a bucket hats, opt for the thicker hats. I can do without hats for my outfit. However, since I live in the hottest part of the world, they come in handy. She can wear it for a walk on the beach or protect herself on those sunny days.

Click here to buy a bucket hat

5. Dad’s shoes ( sneakers)

I am a fan of peeking into the men’s section to shop for my closet. Chunky dad sneakers are a vibe this year. They are unisex and fun. If you have a friend who doesn’t mind borrowing from the men’s section, gift her chunky dad sneakers for the holiday. So, she can let go of her man’s shoes.

Click here to buy a pair of sneakers

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