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GT fashion weekend 2019: Style inspo on what to wear for the weekend


The annual GT fashion weekend is a few days to go. It is that time of the year where you get to see the hardest designers showcase their creativity. Like every fashion week e.g. Newyork fashion week or heineken Lagos fashion week, there is this frenzy on what to wear. This because fashion week is that where you need to express your self using fashion as the words. So, getting the right outfit which will speak of your own personal style or that of a style icon is not a walk in the park. Here are some style inspiration to guide you through choosing your outfit. So, if you’re at loss of what to wear, below styles will give a boost for the weekend.

Rock a statement mini bag at GT fashion weekend

Gone are those days where big bags are topping the fashion trends. These days, the smaller the bag, the better. Mini bags are trendy statement pieces to own. You may wonder what can a mini bag possibly carry for you. All you need is your essentials for that day and you’re ready to go. So for GT fashion weekend complete your outfit with a mini bag. It is very light and comfortable to carry. For me, a mini bag is a go anytime. Just throw in your handkerchief, lipstick to touch up or powder and your phone.

There are a lot of mini bags available both in your local offline stores and online too. You can also shop a mini bag from All she needs store. They have a physical store for those you like to see their products before shopping. Also you can get it online too. Their fashion items are stylish and of good quality. You can check my review on my haul from All she needs.

Chunky Shoes

Chunky heels are one of the retro looks that is back in trend. This style is trend borrowed from the 1980’s. This is the era where fashion was more for the bold. It is a simple way to create an edgy look for the weekend. You can go for a chunky sneaker or chunky heels depending on your preference. One Nigerian Celebrity that rocked this edgy style is Derenle. So, if you’re one that loves edgy style or bold fashion statement, chunky shoes are a go. Chunky shoes are perfect for any outfit. You can rock your chunky block heels with a pair of wide leg pants and tee shirt.


One retro fashion look that is timeless is sequin outfit. Sequins are shiny disc like ornaments on outfits. For a look that turns heads and glows, rock sequins. You can either go a simple sequin dress, top or skirt. Sequins are also good statement outfit to own. For a stylish look to take the street style, go for a sequin slip top, a pair of mom jeans and blazer. You can shop for a stylish sequin outfit from Desire1709 fashion brand. This brand is owned by stylish fashion blogger and mompreneur.

Mix and match print outfits

Fashion week is one of the best times to rock your print outfit. Better yet when mix and match your prints for an edgy look. Although, there are some by fashion stylist against wearing prints together. But fashion is about bushing beyond boundaries as mixing and matching prints is a way to make a statement. If you want to mix your prints you can go for the following.

  • Mix large prints patterns with prints with smaller patterns
  • For a safe style looks, style prints of the same color i.e. you can go for an all red or blue look
  • For the bold, you mix print colors that blend easily e.g a neutral prints with a vibrant color.

A stylish fashion influencer that I really her fashion craft is the Lady Vodka. She is a Nigerian fashion influencer who has master the art of mixing and matching print outfits.

Go for Mom Jeans

Denim pants are a staple wardrobe essential to own. So, a pair of mom jeans is also perfect for fashion week. It is a very comfortable outfit to throw on. Also mom jeans are versatile piece of fashion item. You can wear with a crop top or long sleeve shirt cinched with a belt for a chic look. Also, you can style it up with knitted sweater tucked-in with mom jeans. It is going to be a cold night coupled with the season of the year. Hence, opting for knit sweater or cardigan is perfect for warmth and stylish look.

Oversized shirts

Oversize outfit is unique fashion trend you can rock to GT fashion weekend. It is very comfy, versatile and Breezy. If you want to shop for over-sized outfits like tops or shirts, just go a size up from your normal size. I particularly love over-sized long sleeve shirts. To rock this look, you tuck the oversize shirt in pants while leaving a button or two from the top. It will give a sexy chic feel. Also you could know it at the bottom to a chic girly look. It is simple trend to rock and it is a perfect fashion week outfit. For a stylish look style your over-sized sleeve shirt with a pair of skinny jeans cinched with a waist bag as belt.

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