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Fashion Influencer Bonang Matheba hosted a terrific book launch

One of the South African famous fashion influencers is Bonang Matheba. She is a TV presenter turned influencer that I totally adore. I was elated that she was coming to Lagos State, Nigeria for her book launch. Fashion Influencer Bonang Matheba is a style influencer and high achiever. I love her personal style as it is both chic and edgy. Although, I am not a fan of edgy styles except for run-way street style. Her everyday look is one to emulate. So, here is all that you need to know about her book and the event.

Fashion influencer Bonang Matheba

Fashion influencer Bonang Matheba Book Lauch Event, Lagos

South Africa is another African most developed country. This country is on my bucket list of places to explore. Asides from the fact that is it a beautiful country. I also love their sense of fashion. Fashion influencer Bonang Matheba is an example of how the South African style is chic. I couldn’t wait to meet her as she is one of my favorite fashion influencers. Her book Bonang: A-B is all about her growth journey. In this book, she shared her journey into TV presenting. We all watch successful people and want to be like them in minutes. 
In this book, you get to know that success takes time. You need to be confident. Also, you need to burn the midnight candle. She also gets intimate about her family life. Although her parents are divorced, she lived a balanced life shuttling between the two homes.
Bonang Matheba’s story is very relatable to me. This is because many have walked the short route to success yet they failed woefully. She also talked about embracing failure. There are so many life lessons you can learn from failing badly. I know, no one wants to fail. However, if you don’t fail, how will you grow. She shared the story of how her online fashion brand failed even before it started. Now she is a successful wine connoisseur in South Africa. 
I didn’t miss a chance to take a picture of my mentor. Of course, you can have mentors from a distance. Was it an afternoon well spent, of course? I even got the book autographed at this book launch. I hope someday I will get to meet her again. 
What do you love about South Africa? Do you have it as part of your bucket list? or Na, you will pass? Me, I can’t wait to explore this country, try their dishes and visit the Safaris. I will definitely share my experience on this blog. 

Cheap and best places to explore in South Africa

Fashion influencer Bonang Matheba makes visiting South Africa top my bucket list. Here are the best places to visit and fun things to do. The cost of vacation since the inception of Covid has doubled. This is in part due to the inflation and also the outrageous price of covid tests in Africa. As a Nigerian, your total cost of travel to South Africa includes; hotel accommodation, Visa, Flight tickets, and cost of travel packages. To reduce the cost of your flight ticket, click here to book cheap flight tickets for your trip. Below are some of the cheap things to do in South Africa

Enjoy 2-hour Boat Cruise at Hartbeespoort

A fun day boat cruise is something to look forward to at Hartbeespoort. I love to go on boat cruises. The fresh air and the finger foods can be somewhat fun. 

You can enjoy a budget boat cruise at Hartbeespoort, South Africa for just $34. To book your tour, click here.

Day out at Kruger Safari/Natural park

One of my best places to explore is nature and wildlife. What is a trip to South Africa without Exporing the Safari. Kruger Natural park is must see place on your visit to South Africa.

You can book a day private tour of this safari for $250. Spend time in the wild exploring South African wild life. Click here to book Kruger Safari tour.

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