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Easy guide to create and find personal style wardrobe

How can you define your personal style? I would admit that finding my personal style as a fashion blogger was not easy at all. It is so easy to get caught up in the noise shopping pieces that are not for you. Here’s how to find your style without taking a personal style quiz. This Easy guide to create and find personal style is super handy if you’re new to finding your style. Also, it will guide you in maximizing your own closet too. So, you can define your personal style and shop pieces that you would actually wear for your closet.

Easy guide to create and find personal style: Sort through your closet

The very first step to finding your personal style is to sort through the clothes in your wardrobe. This will give an insight into what you like and your style. Recently I had to sort through my closet too. You can sort your clothes into categories.

You can categorize your wardrobe into tops, bottoms, jackets, etc. Another essential you need to sort is your shapewear or waist trainer. Most ladies shy away from shapewear. However, they are one of basic essentials. Why do you need shapewear?

  • For a slim silhoutte or Figure
  • To flatter your body and shape
  • To make your outfit look neat and chic
  • To make you look like you have your life together

So, why not add shapewear to your personal style arsenal. You can shop for the best shapewear for your closet. This you will add to your outfits for a more preppy and chic look.

Sorting through your closet will help you figure out what you need and what you have to throw out. In this way, you will find clothes that you gravitate towards. Also, clothes that are no longer your style or never your style. Also, sorting your clothes is also therapeutic. Also click here to read about why decluttering will make you happy. My personal style is more chic and girly. Sometimes I love casual fits too. However, I know that I rarely wear oversize fits. So, over-size style or trends is a no-no for me.

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How to find your personal style: Shop for only what you need

Another easy guide to create and find your personal style is to shop only for what you need. Yes, it is easy to just shop on the spur of the moment. Sometimes I love to shop for trendy pieces. While on other times, just because that item is on sale. This in itself is not bad.

However, buying fashion pieces because it is on-trend is not great. Some of these trends may not necessarily be your style. I love corset vibes and what it is giving to others. However, corset tops or dresses are not really my vibe. Another trend that is huge this year is maxi skirts.

This trend was hot on the New York fashion week 2022 runway. However, I cannot just wear a maxi skirt as part of my style. It is not just me. So, go for trends that you will wear over and over again. And avoid trends that are just your vibe or suitable for your body type.

Shop for only what you need. After sorting through your closet, shop for pieces you really need, trends or not. For example you can shop waist trainer for women for your closet. This you can wear to help maintain a slim waist. Also, you can wear your waist trainer while working out too.

Shop for basics

Basics are the building block of every closet. You need basic in your closet to make day to styling effortless. Shopping basics is an easy guide to create and find your personal style.

Shop for basics like body suits, denim pants, shorts, shapewear or waist trainer, basic t-shirt, etc. These basic will make it easier for you to create and find your personal style effortlessly.

For example, you need waist trainer to maintain a slim figure. Also, waist trainer helps you have a poise posture. So, if you compare waist trainer before and after use, you will realize waist trainer use gives you great silhouette and poise. In order words, it gives you an elegant personal style.

On the other hand, shapewear are another must-have for women. Every lady needs one irrespective of their body size. Shapewear helps to flatter your body. Also, it gives your body a slim silhoutte. I love shapewear because it makes your outfit look better.

Other basics also makes you dressing easy. So, if you want to create your personal style, shop these basics for your closet.

In conclusion, personal style is unique to each person. You can create and re-invent your personal style as much as you want. If you’re new to finding your style, these tips will get your started. Apply these easy guide to create and find your personal style wardrobe. It will come in handy for anyone whether you are new to finding your style and re-inventing your style.

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