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Classic designer handbags you’d have forever with best pick dupes

One thing about classic designer handbags is that they are a sight for the eyes. I’m yet to meet a woman who wouldn’t give a second look to a classic designer handbag. However, they usually come with a heavy price tag. This makes it difficult for most women, myself inclusive, to own one. 

If I had my way, my wardrobe would be filled with classic designer handbags. But they are indeed luxury pieces, and I have to cut my coat according to my pocket. 

If you’re like me who’s always on a budget when it comes to getting designer handbags, all hope is not lost. Thankfully, there are numerous high-quality dupes available that mimic the style of these classics at a fraction of the cost.

Curious to know? I’ll tell you all about them in this article. 

Classic designer handbags to own

Now that I am collecting my designer bag staples, I can tell you bags that are worth your penny. However, if you’d rather go for designer handbags dupes or lookalike, I will be linking the best few picks from my favorite brands to shop.

Lady Dior

If you’re looking for a designer handbag dupe that exudes elegance, the Lady Dior bag is the perfect option. It is a perfect accessory for a sophisticated office look as it gives you a certain level of class. When paired with a tailored suit or a pencil skirt and blouse, you’re on the right path to acing that presentation. 

Asides from official and corporate settings, you can also use the Lady Dior bag for an evening outing. It best goes with a little black dress and loop earrings. With this look, you exude chic elegance. 

I love that this bag is versatile and always elevates my looks. 

Classic designer handbags

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Hermes Birkin

Aiming for a luxurious look? The Hermes Birkin bag is what you need! Its structured shape and premium leather make it an ideal accessory for power dressing in the corporate world. I can assure you that there’s no way there won’t be attention on you when you rock this bag. 

I love that it is also relaxed enough for a weekend getaway outfit. Yes, you can pair it  with wide-legged trousers and a cashmere sweater. Not only will you love your looks, but you will also get compliments for it. 

One of the great ways to get this bag easily is via the second designer market like the real real, fashionphile and Rebag. So, if don’t mind vintage Hermes Birkin handbag, this is your best bet to snatch them for way less.

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Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a big fan of chic looks, and this bag has one of the best chic designs you will ever see. This tote is your go-to for a busy day. You can easily transition it from a work bag to a shopping companion. 

This dupe goes well with jeans and a blazer or a day dress. One thing you will love about it is its foldable feature and water-resistant material. Yes, the functionality is something to love! 

I would always recommend this bag for its simplicity. My friends often call it my ‘one nation bag.’ Personally this longchamp bag is a classic everyday handbag for women to own.

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Gucci Jackie

One thing about Gucci Jackie dupes is that you cannot easily tell them apart. The cost is what makes you differentiate them. The design of this bag sits in between relaxed and refined. It is perfect for a brunch or casual fridays at the office. 

Thinking of what to wear and rock this bag? Pair it with a flowy midi dress or high-rise jeans and a silk blouse. Trust me, many people would compliment your style and even ask where you got it from. 

Don’t let fun days be boring! Price is also not an excuse not to own a designer bag. Get a Gucci Jackie dupe today! 

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Michael Kors

Is there anyone who wouldn’t want to own a Micheal Kors bag? You might have doubts about the dupes, but trust me when I say they have similar shapes as the original. One thing about this bag is that it always adds a touch of sophistication, irrespective of whatever you wear. 

It comes in handy that the Micheal Kors bag is not selective. So, you can use it for both professional and casual ensembles. What matters is that you do not forget your cloak of confidence when rocking it.

Fendi Baguette

Are you an ‘IT’ lady if you do not love Fendi Baguette? Getting a dupe of this classic designer handbag gives you the same feeling as the original. It is perfect for date nights or an evening out with friends. 

Its compact size and buckle complement cocktail dresses and jumpsuits alike. This dupe has the power to elevate any nighttime look. 

Click here to buy Fendi Baguette dupe or lookalike

Coach Tabby

For this bag, you get a fine merge of sophistication and practically. You can rock it to attend seminars or weekend outings. The bag comes with a shoulder strap and can go perfectly with patterned dresses or relaxed suits. 

There’s something admirable about this bag, and it is easy to rock as an everyday bag option. 

Coach Tabby bag is a budget friendly option of the Chanel classic flap. We all the price increase in Chanel is exponential. So, if you love the vibe of the Chanel flap bug don’t want to pay the price, opt for the coach Tabby under $400.

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Loewe Puzzle

Looking to make a statement with your bag? Then you should go for a Loewe Puzzle dupe! There’s no way you won’t get second looks when you rock this bag. 

I love that I don’t have to think twice about using this bag as it is very versatile. You can rock it to work and also use it for casual weekends. 

Its unique shape pairs well with minimalist outfits, allowing the bag to stand out. If you think you can go under the radar when you rock this bag, you are highly mistaken. 

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YSL Wallet Bag

As the name implies, this is a wallet bag. So, it is suitable for situations when you just want to step out with essentials. It is easy to carry around and ideal for minimalists. With its elegant chain, it is a perfect match for evening wear or a polished daytime look like tailored trousers and blazer. 

Rocking this bag makes you wear a certain level of sophistication. It is perfect for formal and semi-formal events.

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Chanel Classic Flap

If it’s Chanel, then it’s luxury! This brand is synonymous with timeless elegance, and its dupe is not an exception. From sheath dresses to tailored suits, you can rock this bag to almost anywhere you desire. 

Getting one of these would be a great addition to your wardrobe. Don’t think twice, get it now!

Click here to buy it.

Comment below which of these classic designer bags you own. Which of these classic designer handbags dupes will you shopping. Ciao

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