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Budget friendly quiet luxury finds you can’t pass on

Quiet luxury is now a thing you can’t miss. Everybody and their mama are all about quiet luxury. What is quiet luxury? Do you prefer quiet luxury to maximalist style? Here are some of my best budget friendly quiet luxury finds you need ASAP.

I love outfits that are maximalist. Also, I would definitely hop on a logo’d outfit over no logo outfit. However, the rave about quiet luxury is very hard to miss. There are so many articles and vlog talking about quiet luxury.

Quiet luxury is also known as Old money. This is when you prefer to wear outfit that well tailored, cool toned color outfits and no logo. In this way, you can wear an expensive designer outfit or handbag, that only someone who knows, can tell. More like if you know, you know.

Banana republic aesthetic is more of quiet luxury vibe on a budget. The outfits are super chic and fun. So here I will be sharing some of my Banana republic finds.

These finds cuts across outfits for a dinner date, for travel or work outfits.

Budget friendly quiet luxury finds

These pieces I will be linking will make you look like money. I love all the pieces. So, if you like my vibe and style, you will love these finds from Banana republic.

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These Khaki shorts is perfect for summer. I am glad to add these to my summer essentials 2023. You can style it for a walk, for brunch date and for a garden party. Dress it up with sneakers for a chic look. Check out these sneakers that will dominate 2023 to style this look.

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Lately, I have been into cool green color. This dress is a perfect option quiet luxury dress you need. It is easy to style. You can wear for work with a blazer and pair of heels. Also, you can go heavy with Jewelries to dress it up for party.

Also a perfect travel dress you need to add to travel packing list. It is perfect for pictures at during brunch or sight seeing. Love this dress.

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Button down shirts are a staple wardrobe essentials. I love white button shirts. This is because it is very versatile. You can dress up your button down shirt with midi skirts and heels. Also, you can tie it in a knot or crop it with a pair of shorts for a relaxed fit.

There are several style hack for women you can apply on your button down shirt. This will enable you get as much wear from your shirts.

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These pair sneakers is so cute. I love this as it is perfect pastel pink. You can easy wear this with your maxi dresses, midi skirts, pants, wide leg pants etc. There are so many possibilities with this pair of sneakers. Also check these best sneakers that are budget friendly option.

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I am not so much into black. However, I know this black blouse will make someone happy. It is a perfect quiet luxury on a budget blouse you can wear for work. This gives me chic back work outfits. You can dress up with a black, white or pastel blue double breasted blazer.

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This tie neck jumpsuit is super chic. Perfect for work with a navy or black blazer. You can also wear it for date night with a pair of heels. I love this cool color that speaks clean and polish. This jumpsuit is 100% polyesters. So, if you need a stylish Quiet luxury outfit idea, this jumpsuit is just right for you.

These banana republic finds are my best budget friendly quiet luxury options. These pieces I highly recommend for you. These outfits are classics you need in your wardrobe. Also, they will last you even after the craze of quiet luxury dies down.

Feel free to comment below other budget friendly quiet luxury brands you shop. Ciao

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