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How to find budget friendly hotels in Nigeria and Hotel scams( Palm View manor)

A year without traveling or exploring makes me feel like I am not living. Two years ago, I just decided to explore more of Nigeria. So I gathered some of these tips to find budget friendly hotels in Nigeria that I know you will find handy.

Take me back to Ilorin, if you’ve never been there, check out these fun things to do in Kwara state. Ilorin is a very peaceful city. I served in Kwara state Nigeria. So I add to revisit Ilorin City to explore it. I stayed at one of the best hotels I ever seen in my life.

Princess luxury hotel was life. Found them on Airbnb and it was worth every penny. The flip side of my hotel hopping story is Palm view manor hotel, Lagos.

Have you been scammed before? This hotel is a big scam, avoid it t all costs. I saw great pictures online of this hotel. So, it was a no-brainer to get this hotel for my holiday and content creation.

It was a classic example of what I ordered vs what I got. Everything online is non-existent in this hotel. And the reviews are so old and positive. This hotel is basically still standing in its old glory. Discard what you see about them, it is now in a terrible state.

This is why I have decided to share my tips on how to find budget friendly hotels in Nigeria and of course, avoid scams like Palm view manor

Villa 33 hotel ambience

Tips to find budget friendly hotels in Nigeria

Accommodation costs add up to the bottom line cost of traveling. If you can, go for hotel alternatives like staying with family, hosts, friends, or religious homes.

But if these other options are not available to you, you have no choice but to book a hotel. I will be linking some budget friendly hotels in Nigeria you could check out too.

Book it online

I know it may sound cheesy that I recommend booking hotels online after my experience with palm view manor hotel. Most online platforms allow you to pre-book and opt to pay at the hotel.

This option, I highly recommend this because you get to view the hotel property on a visit before making payment. Another hotel that I have stayed at is the La Casabella Hotel, Cotonou. I love the aesthetic. Also, you get a free basket or you can choose to make your own meals in the kitchen.

We didn’t plan to cook during our stay. They have a functional kitchen you can use. Most guests just order the food made in the guest house because it is budget friendly. Click here to read all about my stay at the Republic of Benin.

After my terrible experience with Palm view manor, I booked Villa 33 hotel last minute. We got there and we paid the price we found online. The receptionist told us that if we had not pre-booked it online, we would have paid an extra 5k. So, my top tip to find budget friendly hotels in Nigeria is to book it first online.

Search for hotel deals using Trivago

You can get the best hotel deals from search engines like This brand I highly recommend when searching for budget friendly hotels in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

They always show recommendations of hotels from the cheapest to the most expensive. So, take your time surfing the options. My pro tip is to check the hotels one by one. Looking at the amenities that suit your needs. Nearness to the places you want to explore or a side attraction.

I am always drawn to hotels with pools which is why I opted for palm view manor initially which turned out to be a hard miss. Want to book a stay in Nigeria, click here to book it on

Check the prices with the hotels

Another pro tip is to check in with the hotels to compare prices or the hotel websites. Although, I would not recommend looking up a hotel online in Nigeria because most will deny the prices.

Either they will say it is the old price or they don’t use the website anymore. Anyway, you can call in and may negotiate better hotel stay prices.

Book early

Remember I spoke about my experience at La Casabella Hotel. Well on my visit, I was told the prices have gone up. That is what I booked online was cheaper than what I paid at the hotel.

The receptionist said that if I had paid online, then I will not have to pay extra. Anyways, we negotiated for a lesser price eventually compared to the new hike in price for their hotel.

So, I highly recommend if possible that you book it and pay. You get cheaper rates that way.

Opt for hotels that have option to cancel.

There are times you have booked your hotel but prices may drop due to slow seasons and whatnot. If you book hotels with free cancellation or a clearly stated cancellation policy, you can choose to opt out at any time.

So, if there is a price drop or a better rate, all you need is to cancel and book at a cheaper rate.

All in all, whether you book early, book online, or walk into the hotel. Check out the hotel on your visit to be sure you want it. If you’re skeptical because of scams like Palm view manor hotel, don’t pay online. Opt to pay at the hotel, that way you see what you’re paying for.

Negotiate prices with the staff. You may find that removing the breakfast option can save you some money. This way you get to eat outside the hotel at a more affordable rate.

Feel free to comment on other tips for booking budget friendly hotels in Nigeria. Share your experience while traveling or other travel scams you have almost fallen for.

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