What to wear to a wedding: Best wedding guest dresses

The new year comes with so many weddings too. What can you wear to a wedding as a guest for women? Here are my best wedding guest dresses for women in 2022. There is this trend that was going around this year that made me laugh. It goes 2021 you’re single, 2022 you should be married and under a year have a child. Lol. However, getting invite for wedding means you need to shop for wedding guest outfits. I am not really a fan of attending weddings. However, I love to dress up when i choose to attend one. These dresses are perfect if you need what to wear to a wedding soonest.

Silk or Satin Dress

Silk dresses are a great option of dresses to wear to a wedding. It is super chic. Plus it is super comfy to dance in too.

I would recommend a silk dress with cowl neck detail. You can style it with a pair of black sandal heels or mules. Also, you can add a designer dupe handbag to dress it up.

Satin or Silk dresses because it instantly makes you rich and classy.

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Sequin dresses

You never know who may meet at weddings. So many people have met their life partner at weddings. Another of the best wedding guest dresses you can wear are sequin dresses.

We all sequin dresses are perfect for parties. Plus you will definitely stand out in wedding held in a hall or in-house.

You can dress up your sequin dress with a pair of heels and clutches. I love sequin outfits. So, if you are thinking how to transition sequins as day outfit, click here.

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Floral Maxi dresses

The cold season is almost over. So, if you have wedding attend during summer, opt for Floral Maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are super chic. Also, they very comfy too.

You can wear your maxi dress cinched at the waist. Add a pair of heels and shoulder bag. Also, you can wear a tote handbag with your maxi dress.

Maxi dresses are also a great option of beach wedding guest dresses. The flowy vibe of this dress makes perfect to wear to a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding.

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Little Black Dress

Little a wardrobe staple every lady should own. This is because it is easy to style. So, you can effortless thrown this dress for any occasion and you’re good to go.

Style your little black dress with a pink or red heel for a pop of color. Add matching should bag or clutch. Little black dresses are super chic and fun. You also dance all night in this outfit at the wedding.

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Little White dresses

Little white dresses are another of the best wedding guest dresses to wear to a wedding. It is also another staple you need in your closet.

You can style your little white dress with a pair of mules or sandal heels. Add a shoulder bag to your look. I love little white dress because they are easy to style. You can also choose to add a pop of color accessories to your look.

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Blazer dresses

Another of the best wedding guest dresses you can wear is a blazer dress. Blazer is an elevated office look you can wear to a wedding.

It is a cute wedding guest dress to wear to cocktail wedding party or a wedding by the beach. You can dress your blazer dresses with a pair of strappy heels. Add a should bag for an elevated look.

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  • Fadima Mooneira

    I usually wear floral maxi dress every time I attend a wedding. In Malaysia, guest aren’t allow to wear something so sexy and revealing to a wedding.

    • Magdalene Enimhienomo

      Oh wow. You can still wear a black dress styled with soldi colors like red, green or pink to make the color pop. Well culture defines how we live and we no choice but to adapt

  • fourtickets

    Beautiful suggestions. Thanks for sharing.