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Best Things to do at Johannesburg, South Africa

Best Things to do at Johannesburg

There are so many fun places to explore in Africa. One of such places you need to add to your bucket list is Johannesburg, South Africa. My colleague and I always get excited for annual leave. P.S. I have a regular day job too. So, you can relate to our excitement to go on leave. Unlike her usual leave, She got invited to attend her friends wedding in Johannesburg. We were so excited about this. Who doesn’t need an excuse to go on vacation or trip? Anyway, she gladly agreed to share her experience with me on this blog. So, if you’re planning to go to Johannesburg, these are some fun things you can do. Most of these activities are easy inexpensive things to engage in. Also, if you need things to do as a couple on vacation, these fun things are a great option.

Arrival to Johannesburg from Nigeria

She arrived late a night at Johannesburg. However, the place was quite quite for her. She stayed at Green stone hill estate. This is a very beautiful estate. However, she stayed with a friend at the estate. Johannesburg is a beautiful city. You can choose to stay in a hotel or an Airbnb on your visit. I love the Airbnb option because of the feel of home. You can cook your own meals in Airbnb’s.

Can I go to South Africa without Visa?

South Africa is not a visa free destination for Nigerians. So, if you need visit, you need to get a visa. My colleague got her visa processed by an agent. There are so many agents that do that. For ease, I would recommend you apply for your visa from Agents.

As soon as you get your visa, your entry is now guaranteed.

Which Airlines goes to South Africa from Nigeria?

There are a couple of airlines that fly from Nigeria to South Africa. Although, fewer airlines fly there now due to COVID restriction. Ensure you read the COVID guidelines for entry into South Africa. Also, note that most countries now require you to take test or be fully vaccinated for entry. You can watch my vlog below on how to get COVID vaccine in Lagos Nigeria.

The airlines that fly to South Africa include Kenya airways, South African airways etc. On her trip, she had a short Layover at Nairo, Kenya. What can you do with your Layover? You can read a book, watch Netflix and chill or go sight seeing. Also, you can read my post on how to survive long Layovers. Layovers are not so bad. You can choose to opt for flights with Layovers to cut cost of flight ticket.

She arrived at O.R. Tambo, International airport late at Night.

Best Things to do at Johannesburg, South Africa.

There are so many fun things you can do at Johannesburg, South Africa. As stated earlier, my colleague wanted to go for a wedding in this city. So, she also had fun exploring some lovely places too. What are the best outdoor activities to do at Johannesburg? Below are some fun activities to try out.

  1. Mandela Square, Sandon: You can take a stroll to Mandela square. This place holds great history for the people of South Africa. You get to see the statue of Mandela. His role in the lives of the people of South Africa can never be forgotten.
  2. Sun City: Another fun place to visit is Sun city. This is a recreational center at Johannesburg. She took part in a maze game in which she won a gift voucher. This voucher she exchanged for a refreshing soft drink.
  3. Go on tour of the Apartheid Museum in Soweto. Get your guide offers a guided bike tour for a small charge to this museum. Click here to book your day tour to Soweto Museum.
  4. Adventure at the Safari: South Africa has some Safari scattered about. You can go on adventure to any of the Safari. Get your guide also offers half day tour or full day tour at the Safari in Johannesburg. Click here to book your tour for a full day tour of the Safari. Here you get to see wild animals in their natural habitat.

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