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Best Dupes of the hottest designer handbags of 2024

This year, we have so many designer bags on our radar. Some of these designer bags are now classics from last year. Balenciaga designer bags are one of the best dupes of the hottest designer handbags this year. This is especially the hourglass bag which is now a classic bag to own. But we all know that these bags are marked at a high price point. So, each year, I look out for the best dupes of the hottest designer handbags to own. These dupes are way less expensive than real designer handbags. See below the designer dupes that made my list for 2024.

Where to shop the Best Dupes of designer handbags

One of my best designer dupe websites to shop for is Ego shoes in the UK. They offer luxury designer dupes you’d love. This website is my go-to for the best dupes of the hottest designer handbags. The quality is worth its price. You can get the great option of designer lookalikes from Ego shoes.

I love to shop at Ego shoes UK for their varied options to choose from. If you’re looking for the trendiest designer bag dupes, you will find them on this website. They offer free shipping to the UK for orders above $50. You can also ship anywhere in the world.

Personally, I would recommend that if you’re in Nigeria or any part of Africa, ship first to UK or US. Then send it to yourself. You can click here to read my Ego shoes review. Also, I will be linking some of the favorites you can shop for yourself below.

Hottest designer handbags of 2024

I have done all the work for you. Here are the hottest designer handbags of 2024. Since we are duping all these bags, I have linked some of favorite for you.

So, if you need a luxurious looking wardrobe this summer 2024 and beyond, you need these options.

Balenciaga Designer bags

Balenciaga designs are the hottest designer bags owned by all the IT girls. One of the most popular is the hourglass handbag. It is a unique bag with a top handle. Ego shoes have a Balenciaga bag dupe that I love, the hourglass bag.

The Hourglass bag has swiftly moved from trendy to classic bag. You can wear it for all occasions whether day or night. Ego shoes offer some of the best designer lookalikes of this Balenciaga hourglass bag. Some of them are solid color variations while others are multicolor. I prefer the solid color of these bags as they are super chic. You can click here to shop for one of the best dupes of the hottest designer handbags.

Bottega Designer handbags

Another designer handbag brand that I been loving is Bottega. I love all their bag collections. One of my best Bottega bags is the knot bag. These bags are a classic to own. I love these knot bags. They released a single knot followed by a double knot. These I love equally.

You can wear this bag for all occasions. It is perfect for a date night bag. Also, personally, I see this bag as a classic timeless piece to own. Bottega bags are always edgy and versatile. You can easily switch these bags from day to date night.

Below I will link some Bottega designer lookalike options you can shop on a budget on Ego shoes.


Click here to buy it

Click here to buy Bottega sardine dupe bag

Fendi designer handbags

Fendi handbags are another designer handbag you need to own. These bags are super chic and classic statement pieces. One of my best recommendations for Fendi bags is mini half-moon bags. This trend is one of the hottest “It” bags to own. Ego shoes also have designer bag dupes for Fendi you can shop.

Although, this handbag is quite small. So, it is not roomy to take in a lot of stuff. All you can carry in this handbag is lipstick, gloss, nose mask, hand sanitizer( mini), etc. However, it is a perfect statement handbag. You can wear it as a top-handle bag or as a knuckle bag. Also, you can wear it for a date night as a clutch or for a casual outing.

Louis Vuitton designer handbag

Another designer handbag that is hot in 2022 is the Louis Vuitton loop handbag. Ego shoes have some great options of Louis Vuitton dupes inclusive of the loop handbag. I love this handbag because it is versatile. Also, it is an easy transition piece from day to date night.

You can wear it for an evening night out. Also, you can wear it to work as a statement piece. Ego shoes have a unique designer lookalike which I am in love with. This bag is super chic and top on my wish list. I will link a designer lookalike of this bag below.

Click here to buy louis Vuitton luggage bag or speedy in Large dupe

Shop Other Best Dupes of the hottest designer handbags of 2024

Click here to buy it

Click here to buy it

Click here to buy loewe bucket raffia bag dupe

Click here to buy a jacquemus dupe Bambino bag

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8 thoughts on “Best Dupes of the hottest designer handbags of 2024”

  1. That Balenciaga hourglass bag is amazing! But I would never be able to fork over the full amount, especially for something so bright (that I would only use sometimes). An affordable dupe is a great idea. Thank you for sharing these!

  2. Designer handbags do look nice, but I personally wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money on a bag, so it’s good to know of dupes! I love the Balenciaga dupes!

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