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7 Black Friday travel deals I always plan my trip with to save on travel

When we think of black Friday deals, we sometimes make the mistake of limiting it to clothing or gadget brands. However, you can get some of the best black friday deals even from travel companies.

What better time to secure juicy deals for the upcoming holidays than now?

While scouting for Black Friday deals, I’ve come across sites and brands that have some of the best Black Friday travel deals, and I’ll be sharing them in this article. Now, you have no excuse not to plan that vacation journey you have in mind!

Best Black Friday travel deals

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll be buzzing up the group chat and rallying everyone to prepare for those planned trips.

In no particular order, some best Black Friday travel deals include:


When listing the important things to take care of when traveling, accommodation is always top of the list. Of course, you are traveling to a new place and you need to sort out where to stay while there. If you don’t, you will have one of the most frustrating trips ever.

With Trivago, I don’t need to worry about finding the best hotel deals. This period, they are one of the best websites with the best Black Friday travel deals. It allows people to compare prices of hotels from various booking sites, ensuring that they get the most value for their money.

Aside from their extensive hotel database, I love that they have an easy-to-use interface. It ensures I don’t encounter stress during the process. Click here to book your hotel on


As a traveler going to a new place for the first time, you’ll want to know the best places to visit. Sometimes, surfing the internet may not be enough. You will need help knowing the various places and may even need extra help curating the activities.

This platform is here to elevate your travel experience as it takes it from basic to over the top. It gives you an extensive list of places to visit and can even connect you with a tour guide.

The best part of everything is that it comes at a fair deal. I don’t know what you’re doing if you do not use this platform to curate your next trip. Click here to book your tour on GetYourGuide.


How do you intend to stay connected with your friends and family while in another region or country?

I remember my first trip out of Nigeria and how I had to depend on the Wifi at the hotel and public spaces. I didn’t know how to go about getting a sim and I was often offline when I found myself in places without Wifi. Ofcourse, you can tell that this experience was stressful and draining.

E-sims are fast replacing hard sim cards for travel. Instead of gathering sim cards for your travels, e-sims to your rescue. Check out my post on e-sims and why you need them ASAP for your travel to US, Europe or Africa.

You don’t need to have such an experience if you use Airalo. With Airalo, you can easily purchase and activate eSims for various destinations, ensuring seamless connectivity without the hassle of  physical sim cards.

Airalo helps you stay connected on the go at the best deals. Click here to sign up for Airalo eSims for your travel.

I like to best describe this platform as an all-in-one platform for travelers. On this website, you can book your flight tickets, hotels, and even car rentals. It comes in handy in saving you the stress of going to different websites to carry out these tasks.

I like that they offer a loyalty program to their customers and they also have juicy deals. It is a platform for everyone, irrespective of your pocket size. Trust me, you will love that they have an extensive network of partners and a user-friendly interface. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with using them to book your trips. Use the search box below to get the best flight tickets for travel on

Hostel World

Many people say the reason why their travel plans have not materialized is because of high cost. This is understandable; but not to worry, I’m here with a platform for budget travelers. There are so many hotel alternatives you can opt for to reduce your travel cost. One of such hotel alternatives are hostels.

With Hostel World, you’re getting the most affordable accommodation option when visiting a new place. As the name implies, they specialize in hostels. Thus, reducing the price you’ll be spending on accommodation. We can all agree that hostels are typically more affordable than hotels.

When you go on this platform, you get to see hostel options spanning across different cities and countries. Not only would you see the options, but you also see people’s ratings and reviews to help you make an informed decision. Click here to book an hostel on hostel world.


For some people, money is not a problem when planning a travel itinerary. If you fall under this category, Insubuy is the best platform to sign for your travel insurance. You may feel like insurance is not a necessity but this post on 5 reasons you need to have travel insurance will convince you.

Travel insurance is something you need to add to your itinerary. And Insubuy makes this super easy for you. Click here to book your insurance via Insubuy.


Who best to tell you about what to expect from a new place than a resident of that place? It always comes in handy when you can connect with the locals of the country you’re visiting ahead of time. However, it can be challenging getting in touch with them. It is where this platform comes to play.

With this platform, you can connect with local experts who offer personalized recommendations and insights. When you use this platform, you wouldn’t be sticking to the norms of traveling. Instead, you’ll be exploring places and discovering gems that other tourists may overlook.

With WayAway, you’re getting one of the best travel deals and would be exploring a new region like a local of the place! Click here to sign up for WayAway plus membership to save huge on hotels, flight tickets, and earn cash back.

Your travel plans do not need to remain in the drafts and notes anymore with these platforms I have listed above, especially during this Black Friday period. It’s now in your court to curate your travel experience as I’ve given you some of the best Black Friday travel deals.

What are you waiting for? Start exploring now!

Feel free to comment which of these brands you would shop their best black Friday travel deals. Also, check out my post on the best black Friday fashion deals you need to jump on right now. Don’t miss out these huge savings to plan your vacation, shop your holiday gifts and prepare for he holidays.

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