6 Work from home outfits for women

The current global situation is causing a shift towards remote work. So, employers are welcoming the idea of working from home. In other to be productive while working from home, here are 6 work from home outfits you need.

These 6 work from home outfits are a great option for you. It automatically puts in work mode while working from home. Also, dressing up for work will enable you to achieve your work goals at home.


I can live in loungewear set forever. Loungewear is another of the 6 work from home outfits you need ASAP. Also, if you need an outfit to work from home, opt for a loungewear set. Here is why I’m loving Lounge wear as a great option for work from home.

It’s the versatility for me. You can wear a lounge set together or separate from other outfits. There are so many options available both online and in your local markets.

You can also shop stylish options for your work-from-home outfits. Since we are all at home, parents are now thinking of homeschooling options for their kids. It is not easy to work from home as a parent without keeping the kids engaged. So, to be productive while working, get your kids also catching up with their studies too.

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Knit Jumper

Another cozy option of the 6 work-from-home outfits you need is a knit jumper. I love knit jumpers because it is cozy. It is the perfect summer staple wardrobe-essentials. You can wear knit jumpers with leggings or shorts as work wear.

A Knit jumper is a versatile piece that you wear for work or play. So, for a Skype meeting or an official video, you can throw on a knit jumper for an official look. No one needs to know that you’re wearing at the bottom. We all know that video calls are mostly from the waist up. So, you can be semi-official while working from home in a knit jumper.

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It is inevitable to avoid meetings while working from home. Although, most of these meetings are remote. That doesn’t mean you should appear in the meeting like you’re just getting off your bed. On such days, a blazer is another work-from-home outfit to throw on. You don’t need to wear it all day at home. For a quick executive meeting via skype, throw on a blazer for a semi-corporate look.

It is one of the cute work-from-home outfits to throw on easily.

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Shirt Dress

The most difficult thing about working from home is the relaxed environment. So, a more relaxed easy throw-on outfit is the best option of outfit. Another work-from-home outfit idea to wear is a shirt dress. A shirt dress is also a business casual outfit.

There are so many options available to shop. For me, a button-down shirt dress with a pair of sandals is the perfect work-from-home outfit.

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Turtle neck top

A turtle neck top is one of my best outfits. It is a versatile fashion piece for your closet. A turtle neck top is also another work-from-home outfit idea you can wear. You can turtle neck tops with denim, joggers, or skirts. Turtle neck can serve as casual or work wear.

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Tee shirt

T-shirts are a staple wardrobe essentials for your closet. A simple work-from-home outfit is a tee shirt. You have options to choose from; graphic, statement, white or black, etc. You can elevate your pajama pants with a tee shirt while working from home. Also, you can wear leggings beneath your tee shirt.

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Thanks for taking out time to read this post. Hope you’re staying safe. Feel free to comment other work from home outfits you wear.

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I am fashion and lifestyle blogger. My blog is where I share style tips, place to visit on budget and reviews of my fashion haul. I am an introvert and creative writing is where I express myself more. For collaborations: Trends.stylez@gmail.com

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  • Great article. What we wear really determines our outlook for the day. Even working from home requires getting dressed to some level.

  • Love this!! I will use some of these styles while I’m at home bc I literally have been in my jammies for two weeks straight! Might help to jazz up a bit just so I can do other things while I work too. Thanks for posting!

  • I've been working from home for 3 years now and for me, it's all about being as comfortable as possible while still being presentable when hopping on video chats, etc. I have come to LOVE loungewear and live most days in leggings and t-shirts/hoodies. I have a few nicer dress shirts that are perfect for hopping on business-related conversations like coaching calls, but recognizing that they are only seeing me from the waist up, I'll admit that I'm usually still rocking my comfy leggings haha

  • This is a perfect reminder for me to actually get dressed so I can feel normal while working from home. And i can still be comfy and feel dressed for work!

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