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6 Wardrobe essentials for the fashionable lady


Putting together the right outfit for an outing is sometimes a daunting task. There are days where you look through your closet and feel like you’ve had nothing to wear. This can be frustrating as your closet is overflowing clothes some from the previous season that you’re no longer wearing. This because clothes that are in trend this season can be out of season in the next season. Hence, as you save to shop for that trendy trench coat, statement or a vintage dress, keep a mind to shop for effortless chic outfits. So, you need this 6 wardrobe essentials for your closet.

There is six essential wardrobe staple that makes day-to-day dressing easier. These wardrobe essentials include a pair of denim trousers, stud earring, little dress, hose or fishnet, and a white tee. They are perfect for days when you don’t know what to wear, can be easily paired or mixed achieve any look. Whether for a casual outing with friends, a date with bae or business casual, they are basic must have’s.

There are basic must have’s that makes day-to-day dressing very easy. These wardrobe essentials make it easy for days when you feel you have nothing to wear.

A pair of Denim Pants

Denim is a life saver outfit, they are easy to pair with another outfit. Whether you prefer the darker shade of blue, the whitewashed shade or ripped jeans, a pair of denim is a must-have. Denim is a timeless wardrobe staple that makes it easy to switch from casual looks with tops or tees to business casual with a blazer. It is a chic must-have for every woman.

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Blazers add a power feel to your style. It helps to switch your outfit from casual to business casual with minimal effort. Blazers are a timeless wardrobe staple for an effortlessly chic style. There are many stylish ways of wearing blazer and more ways are still evolving. A simple hack for styling blazer to look like a two-piece suit is by pairing it with the same color of pants or pencil skirt. It gives a professional outlook, oozes of confidence and power.


If you’re one that prefers minimal fashion, you understand the importance a basic tee as a wardrobe staple. You can assorted tees from basic white, tees with prints, black or even more flamboyant tees. These can be easily styled with jumpers, skirts, shorts or as a layering outfit. Tees are a simple outfit that is very easy to throw on.

Mini dress/Pantyhose

Another very basic wardrobe staple is a neutral mini dress. Every fashion magazine or article emphasizes the importance of the little black dress as a staple wardrobe essential. As a fashionista, a neutral mini dress whether black, white, or beige is a must have. They can easily be accessorize to achieve any look.  mini dress whether neutral or bright for summer are great wardrobe pieces.  pair to give a sassy look with a pantyhose or a fishnet hose. They are perfect when you want to go all sexy serving hot legs.

A pair of stud earrings

It is the most versatile of all the earring types like the hoops e.t.c. Stud earrings can be used to style an assortment of outfits. Whether you want to style your day outfit for office, a time a the park with your kids, an outing or a date, it is just perfect. It is a good backdrop to bring to life all other accessories for your outfit.

Although, the list of wardrobe essentials are not exhaustive but these six basic staple wardrobe essentials will make your day-to-day dressing easy. You will never feel like you have so many clothes and still have nothing to wear or have think of which outfit that can mix or blend to give you the best look. With these outfits, you can easily give life your dressing without needing a stylist.

6 Wardrobe essentials

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