50 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Nigeria

One of the best ways to make me happy is by recommending new places for me to visit. It is one of the reasons why some of my friends call me Dora the Explorer. These 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria are my top recommendation for you guys.

I’ve been to so many places, and I can say that the list of places to visit is almost endless, even in Nigeria. Typically, people say Nigeria is a land with milk and honey. I’ll also add that it is a country with amazing, unique, and beautiful places to explore. 

Come with me; let me tell you about some of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria in no particular order:

1. Nike art gallery

Named the largest art gallery in West Africa, it should not be shocking that I have the Nike Art Gallery on my list of the most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria. I lose track of time at this place due to the beautiful work and coziness.

2. Arochukwu long juju slave route

Hold your horses! I know that one would freak out at the word ‘juju’ and wonder how it is beautiful. But trust me, this temple is a fantastic place to visit. It is one of the hidden treasures of Abia state. So, this list is incomplete without the Arochukwu slave route as part of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria.

3. Sobi Hill

Sobi Hill is one of the top tourist attractions in Ilorin as it gives you a perfect overview of the town. It also doubles as the tallest hill in the city and Kwara state. As someone who loves a good challenge, I was excited to climb to the top of this hill. 

Kwara state has some of the best things to do in Nigeria. Check my post on the 5 best things to do in Ilorin for options of places to explore.

4. Mpape crushed rock

I’ve always heard about Nigeria having lots of mineral resources and how quarries come in handy, but I had never been to one. Visiting Mpape crushed rock allowed me to experience it. Also, this abandoned quarry gives a breath-taking view.

Any picture you take at this place is sure to look peng. Abuja serves as the host of this beautiful spot.

5. Kalakuta Museum

One cannot talk about the history of the Nigerian music industry without mentioning Fela Kuti. If you are looking for the beautiful scenery that tells the story of this legend, you should visit this Lagos Museum. It is important to note that entrance to this place isn’t free. Click here for all the details on visiting Kalakuta Museum.

Kalakuta museum also has lodges where you can stay. So, if you need hotels in Lagos to stay on your visit, go for the Kalakuta Museum.

6. Alok Ikom monoliths

For some reason, I have always been fond of African art. Therefore, I was naturally drawn to exploring the Ikom Monoliths. These Monoliths are engraved standing stones scattered around the communities of Ikom Local Government Area of Cross River State. Interestingly, this place is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. 

7. Atican beach

Another fun place of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria is Atican beach. Beauty usually comes in different forms, and it could be in the form of a beach in this case. Atican beach is one of the most peaceful places and beaches to visit in Nigeria. I also love that it isn’t overly pricey, and can also come in as a handy place for couples to enjoy their honeymoon on a budget.

8. Whispering palms

This resort is one of the best things to do in Badagry, Lagos state. It is also a resort you can visit to enjoy quiet. And, I love that there is never a dull time at this place as it offers many activities. Whispering palms is one of my favorite of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria.

9. Succoth valley garden

 I’ve learned never to underestimate nature’s beauty while exploring different places. If you are seeking a lush environment to enjoy and appreciate nature, this is an excellent and beautiful spot in Ilorin. I’m sure your camera will have loads of memories when you leave this place.

10.  Ibeno beach

Akwa Ibom state is one of the states I will readily visit in Nigeria at any time due to its calmness and cleanliness. This place plays host to a beautiful beach, and research shows that it is the longest sand beach in West Africa. Interacting with the locals and learning some things about them is a top highlight of this place. Never miss a chance to visit one of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria, Ibeno beach.

11.  Araromi beach

Some people feel you can only see beautiful beaches in Lagos state, but that isn’t true. Araromi beach is a beach in Ondo state where you can enjoy fun activities. It could be learning fishing with the locals, oyster hunting, and more. It is a place you’ll love to experience. 

12. Marina resort

This is an excellent place for children and adults to visit. There are activities for children at this place, and you can also see an electronic-operated slave trade museum, the first of its kind in Nigeria. You can also go on boat rides at this resort. Marina resort is in Calabar, Cross River State. 

13. Eleko beach

Not only will you enjoy the beautiful scenery at this place, but you’ll also connect with amazing people. Eleko beach is a place to visit to forget all worries and have a swell time. It is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Lekki, Lagos state.

14.  Oba palace Benin

Benin has a fascinating culture that has a way of alluring people, and I am not an exception. My curiosity to learn more about them led me to visit the Oba’s Palace in Benin city, and I did not regret it. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria.

15. Jhalobia park and garden

Another of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria is Jhalobia park and Garden. I often see people struggle with finding a beautiful spot for picnics and relaxation. But why should this be an issue when this place exists? If you live in Lagos, you need to experience this recreational park, and I assure you that you will enjoy it. 

16. Zuma rock

Is it possible to be a Nigerian or live in Nigeria and say you haven’t heard about Zuma rock? I am here to tell you that it lives up to its hype and expectations. You should visit and explore this place in the nation’s capital city.

17.  Awuhum waterfall

 I’ve seen a couple of waterfalls, but this is one of my favorite places. It is in Enugu state and has a compelling factor about it that you cannot help but love. The mysterious vibes surrounding the cave add to the excitement to explore it. 

18. Gberefu island

Many people complain about distance when it concerns Badagry and often never want to visit this place. However, Badagry has many exciting and beautiful sites, and this island is one of them. It also has a historical story that surrounds it. Hence, they also call this place the point of no return. Gberefu island is no doubt a must-see of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria.

19. Asa dam

You can bet that I was more than excited to jump on the opportunity to visit a dam. And I can say that I did not regret it, as it left me in awe. I initially didn’t know that Ilorin had lots of fun places, but I uncovered some of them, and Asa dam is among them.

20. Ogbunike caves

This cave plays a role in history during the Nigerian civil war, making it a remarkable place to visit. You may be wondering what is beautiful about seeing a cave. But you will have fantastic things to say about exploring this cave.

21.  Takwa bay

It is almost impossible for anyone who stays in Lagos to say that they haven’t heard about this place. But understandably, not everyone has visited it. Let me tell you that Takwa Bay is beautiful and rightfully has a place to be stated as one of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria. 

22. Badagry slave trade museum

Badagry is a historic town, mainly as it played a role during the slave trade era. Visiting the slave trade museum was enlightening as I learned lots of new things and added to my knowledge bank.

23. University of Ilorin Zoo

One might think nothing is fascinating about zoos until you visit one. The university of Ilorin Zoo is a beautiful place to explore and have a close-up experience with some animals you may have never encountered.

24. Olumo rock

It is one of the top attractions in Ogun state. If you ever find yourself in Abeokuta, ensure to visit Olumo rock and climb to its peak. The views from the top are breathtaking. In addition, this place also served as a fortress during inter-tribal wars. Olumo rock is undoubtedly one of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria you must see.

25. Omu resort

Nothing prepares you for the exquisite nature experience you get at Omu resort. It is perfect for a getaway staycation or vacation. I’ve been to this place many times, and each time is always a wonderful experience.

I also shared a post on this blog about what you need to know about Omu resort. You can check my vlog here on my channel about my experience at Omu resort, Lagos.

26. Nike guest house

Located in the heart of Oshogbo in Osun state, Nike Guest House is perfect for a wonderful holiday experience. This beautiful guest house attracts people with its cleanliness, artworks, peaceful environment, and more. You also get to experience the culture when you lodge at this place.

27.  Erin ijesha waterfall

Have you ever been to a waterpark? Still located in Osun state, this is a place to have a fun experience. Many people do not mind visiting this place multiple times, and I am one of them. It’s a lovely experience to indulge in many exciting activities and connect with people.

You will definitely love this place. It is another favorite of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria.

28. Agbokim waterfall

I once didn’t think there were many waterfalls in Nigeria, but this is one of those hidden waterfalls in Cross River State. It has the perfect lush and green environment. It is also an ideal location for hiking and connecting with nature.

29.  Kelsey Greene villa

I once looked for a hotel to lodge in Ikeja, and I came across this place. Typically, one would think that only 5-star hotels look beautiful with high standards. However, this hotel has an eye-pleasing environment and has a right to be on the list of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria. 

If you need a place to stay close to the Nigerian international airport, go for Kelsey green villa. It is a unique villa-style hotel at Ikeja. Click here to book your stay at Kelsey Greene Villa.

Kelsey Greene Villa

30. Trans-amusement park

What comes to mind when you think of an amusement park? Yes, I can see the gears turning in your head as you get different ideas. Let me tell you that this amusement park will meet all the standards and expectations.

31.  Idanre Hills

Another of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria is Idanre hill. Idanre hill is a historic place that oversees Idanre town in Ondo state. I heard of this place when I was younger, and it was a splendid opportunity to explore it in my older years. The hills have about 680 steps, and you should visit!

32.  Oban hills

Similar to Idanre Hills, Oban Hills is another beautiful place to explore in Cross River state. This place is inside the Cross River National Park, and you can bet that it has a conducive environment. In addition, exploring this place also allows indulging in other activities within the park.

33. Bogobiri house

If you are as obsessed with culture and heritage as I am, you should check out this place! It felt so comfortable being in this place that I almost didn’t want to leave. Click here to read my experience at Bogobiri house.

34.  Agodi gardens

I don’t know what you have in mind when you think of a Nigerian garden. However, this place will blow your mind and leave you in awe. I didn’t expect much when visiting it, but it exceeded everything I imagined. It makes a beautiful and perfect relaxation spot at any time. 

35. Ngwo pine forest

I know many people have never been to a pine forest. So, when visiting this place, ensure to take along a camera as you cannot let its beauty go to waste. This pine forest also has lots of attractive carvings and a waterfall.

36. Osun-Oshogbo groove

It is one of the few sacred forests in Nigeria. I was initially scared to visit this place, but my curiosity got the best of me. You get to see lots of historical and cultural sculptures at this groove.

37. Oniru private beach

 I have to say that this is one of the most popular beaches in Lagos. People love it because it is usually not crowded. So, you can enjoy intimate moments with a water view. 

38.  Suntan beach

From horse riding to swimming, Suntan Beach, also known as coconut beach, makes an excellent relaxation spot. If you are ever in Badagry, I recommend visiting this beach and having a wonderful time. 

39. New Afrika shrine

Many Lagosians associate this place with Fela Kuti and are not wrong. It is an entertainment center in the city. The goal of this place is for people to have fun. Its colorful ambiance and upbeat setting place it as one of Nigeria’s most beautiful places to visit.

40. Obudu cattle ranch

The buzz that came with Obudu cattle ranch piqued my interest, and I paid a trip down to the place. It has many fun things like mountain climbing, the electric car ride, and more. My camera was filled with lots of memories by the time I left.

This place is one of the 50 most beautiful places in Nigeria you must see.

41.  Lufasi nature park

I love the peace that comes with walking around a nature park and connecting with nature, and Lufasi nature park gives that to anyone who visits. The plants and everything that makes up the park makes it beautiful. Click here to read about fun things to do at Lufasi park.

42.  Lekki art and craft market

You will love everything about this place when you visit it and even want to take pictures. It gives you options of Nigeria through art, and you’ll want to buy almost everything. I recommend you carry enough money when visiting as you will do lots of shopping!

43. The giant footprint of Ukhuse Oke

In the northern part of Edo state lies this sacred place as a tourist attraction. It is a hill with footprints, and I’m sure you’ll want to uncover its story. You can tour other fun places in Benin city. This city is rich in culture and has so much history to learn. Click here to book hotels in Benin city on a budget.

44. Tinapa

Tinapa in Calabar was a place that got people talking when it was established. It serves as a trade center, amusement park, and more. I had a wholesome time visiting this place back then, and its cleanliness was top-notch.

45.  Barracuda beach resort

When you visit this place, you can tell that effort is put into its maintenance. I love that it is beautiful and also affordable. There is no reason it shouldn’t be on the list of most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria. 

46.  Ikogosi water springs

Ikogosi warm spring is a beautiful waterfall. It has a reputation for creating a confluence as a warm spring meets another cold spring. This relaxing spot is in Ekiti state. 

47.  Bar Beach

The famous Lagos bar beach is another beautiful place to visit in Nigeria. Yes, one might say that it gets rowdy. However, the people are the spice of this place as they make it colorful and add to its fun.

48. Yankari national park

 I’m all for adventure, and visiting wildlife is one of them. When I got the chance to visit Bauchi state, I was eager to go to the Yankari game reserve as I’ve heard about it. This place gave me an excellent experience and more. You need to add to your bucket list of one of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria.

49.  Millennium Park

Nothing screams family time more than hanging out in a beautiful park that soothes the mind. If you want something like this, visit Millennium Park in Abuja. 

50. Gurara Waterfall

The story behind this waterfall caught my interest as it is said to be named after two deities. You can visit this place in Niger state to enjoy the views and learn the peculiar story. You guys know how much I love waterfalls. So, it is not surprising that I had to add Gurara waterfall to my list of the 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria.

FAQ on the Most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria

  1. What are the cheap holiday destination in Nigeria? Nigeria has so many budget friendly places to explore from the free to access parks in Lagos, the budget friendly options to see in the city of Ibadan like Bowers tower or agodi gardens or the budget friendly beaches in Lagos state.
  2. Are there beaches in Nigeria asides Lagos state? Yes we are so many popular beaches in Nigeria like the Araromi beach and the fun beaches in Delta state Nigeria
  3. What are the best places to visit in Nigeria? I have you covered in the post and for all price points. From the beautiful waterfalls like Agbokim, Erin Ijesha and Owu waterfalls to the lovely mountains of Obudu and plateau state. There is so much to see and explore.
  4. Is Nigeria safe to visit? Truthfully Yes. Although there is insecurity that is being curbed. It is relatively safe to visit Nigeria.
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