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5 ways on how to save money shopping clothes

Thrift shopping guide

There is nothing that makes me happier than shopping for new clothes or accessories. Even as a kid, I love to be gifted clothes or shoes. It is my happy place. So, it is no surprise that I love to talk about fashion. However, constant shopping comes with a price. You may end the year with little on or no savings. We don’t want that, right!. So, in this post, I will be sharing tips on how to save money while shopping for clothes or accessories. These tips have helped me shop and still be a responsible adult. Lol. Here are 5 ways on how to save money shopping for clothes. These tips are perfect whether you prefer offline or online shopping. I love to shop from the comfort of my home. Thanks to the internet. I always feel so overwhelmed by so much stuff in the local stores. However, I still do some shopping online too.

Shop from Thrift stores

Thrifting is an oldie but goodie hack to shop and save money. So many people see thrift as a broke girl hack. There are so many gems or designers that I have snagged from thrift stores.

You can get a lot of pre-loved items from thrift stores. A colleague once has found a gold engagement ring in the pocket of thrift joggers. This eventually became her engagement ring. She is married now.

You can find high street brands like Zara, H& M, Asos, and the likes from thrift for way less. I love to shop thrift once in a while. You shop thrift from your local market. Also, you can shop for thrift or pre-loved items online too. So many brands now sell thrift or pre-loved items. Brands like the real real, shop nandra &Thrift projects ( both Nigerian brands). You can also read my post on the ultimate guide to shopping for thrift clothes for your closet.

Shop sales.

Another of the 5 ways on how to save money shopping clothes is to shop the sales section. In this era of fast fashion, so many trends are thrown at us. There are basically so many options to choose from. However, as fast as they roll out, so does it go into sales quickly.

So, if you want to save from shopping, go to the sales section. You will find some lovely trendy pieces for a discount in the sales section. Many stores online or offline offers huge discount on clothes or accessories at the sales section.

Personally, I do a huge fraction of my clothes or accessories shopping from sales. Who doesn’t love a huge discount? Sometimes I save items I love to Karma app and I get notified of a price drop or when it is on sales to get them. This way I get to buy what I love at a cheaper price.

Use discount codes

You can save from shopping for clothes using discount codes. I love to use discount codes to save on my shopping whether clothes or not.

Most stores offer discount codes to their frequent shoppers or new shoppers to save some money while shopping. As a blogger, I have discount codes for some sites you can use to save you some money shopping.

  • Yes style: Use code Stylez20 to get 5% off shopping from yesstyle for any product on their website. You can shop for clothes, home wares, skincare product or skincare products from Yesstyle using my code to get discount. Click here to shop Yesstyle.
  • Zaful: Use my code HJDW to get 17% off your order. Zaful is my go to brand travel clothes or bikini sets or even swimwears. This brand is your plug for anything vacation. Click here to shop Zaful.

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Shop out of season

This hack for saving while shopping for clothes is a no-brainer for me. If you want to save on clothes, do your shopping off-season. Shop for Summer clothes off its season for example.

Many brands do clearance sales of winter clothes during summer and vise versal. So, I would recommend you take advantage of these clearance sales to stock on clothes off-season. Many of us buy clothes according to the season for full price. This is not bad, but the frugal girl in me will prefer to pay less for most fashion pieces.

You need to choose to avoid shopping for summer pieces during summer for example. It takes a lot to let go of that beautiful 2-piece summer outfit but it’s worth it in the end when you shop off-season.

If you, Avoid shopping trends

This last way to save money shopping is easier said than done. I love shopping for trendy fashion clothes. It is quite difficult to avoid them as it is in our faces. Scrolling through the gram, you can tell what’s going to be a trend each year.

Most brands will definitely produce more of what the consumers like and would advertise it everywhere. Instead of shopping trends, opt to shop more basics. Basics clothes never go out of trend. You can wear them any time of the year and still feel good in them. Shop for basics like denim pants, Cami tank tops, Blouses, Simple dresses, or Little black dresses.

So, if you’re looking to save on clothes, shop more basics than trendy pieces. If possible don’t be quick to jump on trends. What is hot now, may become forgotten over a short space of time.

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