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5 fun things to do in Abeokuta Ogun state

Are there fun things to do in Abeokuta, Ogun State? 

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re asking this question, especially if you’re part of those who think that fun begins and ends within the walls of Lagos state. Although Lagos has so many fun things to do. It is NOT the only place where you can have fun in Nigeria.

Nigeria has so many fun things to do. Check these top 50 most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria for things to do.

As someone who is constantly exploring, I can tell you that there are fun things to do in every city! Sometimes, you need to take a trip out of Lagios, even if it means visiting the neighboring town and staying in Abeokuta, Ogun state. 

Abeokuta is one of my favorite cities to visit in Nigeria, due to its quietness as compared to Lagos. Whenever I need a break from the hustle and bustle of Lagos, you’ll see me running away to Abeokuta. 

Things to do in Abeokuta

Here are some of the fun things I do whenever I’m in Abeokuta

1. Climb Olumo Rock

No matter the number of times I have been on this mountain, it never gets old to me. I’m sure some of my friends are tired of following me to Abeokuta as I would always find a way to drag them to Olumo Rock. But can you blame me? I heard only fascinating stories about this place while growing and it stuck with me. So, I never get tired of experiencing this place. 

The thrill is usually more exciting when you go there with friends as you wouldn’t feel the strain of the hike. It also serves as my source of exercise as I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m a gym body. 

Many people do not know this, but there is an art gallery on Olumo Rock. So, you can also serve your eyes when you visit this place. I love how it makes people appreciate art and culture more. 

What about the views you get from the top of this rock? I would say you’re abnormal if one of your first thoughts isn’t to bring out your phone and take pictures when you’re on the top of the rock.  Aside from how beautiful the views are, they are also relaxing. If you are yet to visit Olumo Rock, you’re missing.  

2. Shop at Adire Mall

Shopping is usually a fun thing to do, especially when you’re doing this at the Adire Mall. 

I initially didn’t know about this place until after some trips to Abeokuta. As in my usual nature, I walked around asking the locals where I could buy stuff that is sentimental to the city and someone asked if I had visited Adire Mall. 

There is a place called Adire Mall? You can imagine my shock when I got to this place. My mouth opened in awe and I knew that I was in the right place. Ever since my first visit to this mall, I always ensured that I shopped at Adire Mall anytime I’m in Abeokuta. 

I think it’s thoughtful to always buy things and take them back for family and friends whenever you visit another city. So, getting Adire from this mall became a culture for me whenever I visit Adire Mall. Of course, I also got some nice stuff for myself. 

I don’t know if you’ve ever visited an Adire Mall before. I’m glad that they have such a place in Abeokuta and exploring this mall is always fun. It should be on your bucket list of things to do in Abeokuta and places to visit whenever you’re in Abeokuta.

3. Visit Obasanjo Library

One of the fun things that stands out to do in Abeokuta is to visit Obasanjo’s library. Owned by a former president of Nigeria, you will be in awe of this facility. 

When I learned that there was an outstanding library in the city, I was more than eager to visit it. I always see libraries as a place of solitude where one can get lost in the world of books and still have an enjoyable time. So, I was looking forward to my visit to this place. 

However, I was in for a treat as I got there and realized that the place is more than just a library. Instead, it stands as a full-time resort. 

Here, you can explore different aspects of nature and even lodge there. Yes, there is a provision for accommodation at this place. So, if you’re looking for a high-end place to stay in Abeokuta, you can stay at this resort and also enjoy the library. 

I loved that there is a tour guide to give me clarity on things I did not understand. You can bet that there is a history surrounding this place, and you should be curious to learn about them while also heeding the call of the library. 

4. See Kuti’s Heritage Museum

A place that pays respect to the great Fela Kuti is Kuti’s Heritage Museum. It is one of the fun things to do in Abeokuta on your visit. You are sure that I would be pleased to see this museum. Luckily for you, I’ve been to this place, and I recommend that everyone should see it. 

It is interesting that this museum is the house where all the Kutis grew up. Years later, this place has been renovated and turned into a museum as an act of respect to the music legend. 

From what I learned, the place was built by Fela’s parents. Fela and all his siblings grew up in the place. 

From the outside, it may look like any other regular building. But when you get inside, the pictures when the place comes alive. It is truly a preservation of memories as you can envision how growing up was for the Kuti family. 

I was happy to visit this place as it felt like the museum enabled me to share a bit of a bond with the Kutis. I may have never known them physically as I only knew the stories. However, I felt closer to them by visiting this museum. 

The place also has a repeat visit value. So, do not be surprised if you find yourself compelled to visit this place more times than you planned. 

A simple museum is the Kalakuta Museum in Lagos. This place holds the history of Fela’s Music and some of the things he achieved. Another place that speaks to Fela’s music is the New Afrika shrine.

5. Go to Alake’s palace

Whenever I visit another city, I always try to immerse myself in its culture and history. It is my little way of wanting to understand the locals better. One of the best to do this would be by visiting the Palace. 

On some occasions, you may be lucky to get inside the inner chamber. But often, you’ll get to see the exteriors and hang around in the courtyard which is also fascinating. One thing about palaces is that there are always people hanging around. And you can be sure that there’d be stories. 

I do not fail to engage these storytellers so that I can get more information. In such cases, I always lose track of time due to the fascinating stories. 

Visiting Alake’s palace is one of the fun things to do in Abeokuta.

These 5 fun things to do in Abeokuta are my go-to on my visit to Abeokuta. It took me years to actually explore this city though it was home for a long time.

Feel free to comment on other fun things to do in Abeokuta on a budget. Also, let me know if you’ve visited any of the places below.

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