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5 2018 fashion trends you need in 2019

Fashion and its trends are very difficult to catch up. This is so as designers are on their toes to release new styles into the market before consumers get bored. Before you finish wearing/ stocking your wardrobe with the latest trends, another one pops out with a snap of your fingers. It almost seems like its running too fast to reach. (I was still saving to own a spherical rattan bag trending at the time and before I knew it another better design was out kicking the previous ones out of trend. I am like what?).This makes keeping up to trend with your styles very draining, time-consuming and expensive. (Kudos to the slay mamas!). From my own experience, it surely pays to observe the trends as they roll out and taking your time to purchase timeless pieces to stock your wardrobe. So, here are 5 2018 fashion trends you need in your closet in 2019.

Past trends worthy of Mention

A quick look back to past trends in retrospect shows that fashion evolution especially has been quite interesting. Starting with the wave of denim fever which was common at a time; all shades blue, denim skirts with fur at the hem, ripped jeans, jackets, and even baggy jeans. ( Almost every guy wore “baggy jeans” as well as girls who love breezy pants and it felt like if you’re not on this trend, you’re most probably living under a rock. Lol).

The leggings also is another trend that is worthy of mention. Almost everywhere you turn, someone is rocking leggings. Leggings make it easier to rock mini dresses. ( Its a trend was worn in an abysmal way by women in the western part of the country who chose to wear their legging with a top showing off butt cheeks to the wind). Another quite interesting fashion trend is the old school style. These styles are lovely retro looks that were stylish at the time of trending. It was as if all the big girls in school back then rocked this style.

5 2018 fashion trends you need in 2019

The year 2018 didn’t disappoint in terms of the interesting trends. Some of the trends are fresh new styles while others are retro looks. There are five fashion trends from 2018 that I would love to see in 2019. Styles like the rocking of tracksuits, waist bags, ever refreshing kimono’s, off-shoulders and statement tees. They were almost everywhere from street style looks at fashion events, runways, on celebrities as well as bloggers alike and other major events.

Floral Kimono

Waist bag trends

Ok! whoever thought that this style would make it to the fashion scene in 2018?. For me, waist bag is a piece of fashion items that reminds me of “NYSC”.( remember the days of camp clad in all white and waist bag to keep your money safe…it was fun). It is a simple accessory to throw on finishing off your looks. It gives this girly vibe to your dressing but yet chic look. I love waist bags especially because it has an assortment of shapes and designs. It goes well with kimono’s, tracksuits and top on denim pants.

Two Piece Track suit

This a lovely trend that was introduced as a stylish outfit in 2018. It was common in the runways as designers played this trend both locally and in the western culture. Tracksuits have always been from the onset for sports and were mostly worn to the gym. Who ever thought tracksuits can be chic? There are lovely tracksuits that could be added as part of 2019 wardrobe. It is easy to style and goes well with sneakers. For a simple day out, throw on a two-piece tracksuit, a pair of sneakers, a sling bag or waist bag and you’re ready to seize the day.

Track suits

Off shoulder outfit

One trend that gives a sexy feel is the off- shoulder. It is forever chic and stylish look also from 2018. It has stayed for a very long time and designers are creating more refreshing styles with this trend. Puffy sleeves and large sleeves are fun when it comes to off shoulder fashion. I really love this trend and would love a come back in 2019.

Statement tee shirt

The world of fashion has to be more expressive in the past few years. More and more designers are introducing statement as part of their designs. The runways, streets, and events couldn’t have enough of this trend. Statement tee is an easy tool for expressing your personality or emotions without being verbal. I am in love with statement tee preferable a white with a nice inscription. Statement tee just like normal tees is very easy to throw on. They go well with pants and skirts alike. It is top of my bucket list for 2019. (I have always wished for statement tee that makes women feel like they can conquer the world…….that speaks to the strength of womanhood.)


For me, kimono’s has come to stay and doesn’t seem like its leaving the fashion scene in a long time. It is a simple and comfy outfit. It easy to thrown, style to achieve any look and layered with other outfits. It’s a fun trend to play with for any casual outing.

These five trends are looks that are ever chic for your 2019 wardrobe. It never too late to hop on the trend rocking this timeless outfits. Though 2019 is already upon us and it promises a whole new set of trends of its own, these styles can still be part of your wardrobe for the year. The designs, colors, and trends are already rolling out as seen from the commencement of the fashion week. Thankfully the color of the year-Coral reef– speaks life itself, vibrant and lovely. The designers are already playing with these color and it goes to show that this year trends will be full of life. Also read my post on 5 easy style hack every woman need to know.

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