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5 Easy Clothing hacks every woman should know in 2021

One of the things I love to do is shopping for new clothes. However, it is not stylish for your pants to be longer than your height. Except you want to sweep your street with it. (Lol). Also, an exposed bra strap makes your outfit look frumpy. This is an eyesore for me if the top or dress has thin straps. It is not sexy at all. A simple style hack can take your outfit up notch. Also, a simple style hack will make you look put together and stylish. So, I will be sharing 5 easy style hacks every woman should know in 2021. These style hack are such that I use and it works for me. So, if you’re looking for easy styles for your looks, read on.

Wear your scarves as top

Scarves has so many uses asides being used as head wrap. A simple style hack to do is to wear your scarves as tops. There are different ways to wear your scarf as top. I will insert below three different ways I wore my scarve.

You can choose to wear your silk scarf as a top for a beach outing or casual wear. For a silk scarf, fold it into a triangle first. You can then wear it as a top by tying the two ends on your back with the triangle facing down.

Also, you can two ends of the scarf on your waist with the tip triangle facing up. This you can attach to your neck lace for a chic look. You can wear a blazer or jacket over it for a modest and stylish finish.

Asides, silk scarves, you also use large pashmina or silk print scarves. There are so many looks you can do with your scarf. This style hack is useful for days when you don’t know what to wear. Also, it is a budget babe hack to look stylish effortlessly. You can also read my post on how to wear scarves.

How to crop your tops

Another style hack you need to know is how to crop your tops without cutting it. Yes you read right! like whaaat?. This easy style hack will help you transition your tops as crop tops.

Crops are a stylish basic that we all need. However, you need not shop for new crop top for yourself if you’re on a budget. Simply convert your large tee shirt or jumper or knit tops into crop top with these style hacks.

One way to crop your top is to simply tuck the ends into your bra. Another way is to simply tie each end of the top with a rubber band. This you will gently tuck in neatly on both sides. You can see my instagram video below to see how to do this with ease.

Another way to crop your top is to use a belt. This belt will hold your top in place. Allow some room in to so you can pull it from the top to conceal the belt. This style hack can also be used to tuck your oversize outfit neatly.

Top tucked under my bra to crop it

Convert your tee shirt to Shoulder pad.

Shoulder pad is one of this year spring 2021 outfit idea you need to own. This trend is super stylish especially in a tee shirt dress. However, you need not shop for a shoulder pad tee. This style hack will help you easily convert your tee shirt into a shoulder pad top.

So, if you’re a budget, you definitely need this style hack to wear the latest trend on a budget. All you need is two hair bands or rubber band and a short sleeve tee shirt.

Wear the rubber over each sleeve and gently pull the it from the top into a shoulder pad top. Easy right!. You can wear this top with skirts, pants or shorts. This style hack is a simple way to get more use of your tee shirt in your closet. See below my Instagram post on to convert your tee shirt to shoulder pad tee.

How to tuck your shirt

Tucking your shirt may seem like the easiest task you can do. However, you want your shirt bulging in a weird way in your pants or skirts. Nah right!. So, there are some simple style hacks for tucking in shirt to know as a woman.

For your tee shirt, twist and tuck the back end into to skirt or pants to gather the excess. This makes your top look sleek while tucked in. Another way to tuck your shirt is tuck in one end into your pant neatly. This style hack I love to use for my shirts a lot. It is super stylish.

The third way to tuck in your shirts is to twist the two sides and tuck it into your pants or skirt. Twisting the two sides helps you gather the excess. This you will tuck in neatly into bottoms for stylish look.

Roll up long sleeves

Another of the 5 easy style hacks every woman need to know in 2021 is rolling up long sleeves. This style hack is for your top sleeves that are too long. I love to use this hack as it super stylish.

All you need is a hair band. Wear the hair band over the sleeves. Ensure that the hair band is placed in the middle of each sleeves. Gradually pull it from the top until you get the desired length. It makes your sleeves rutched and chic.

You can do this style hacks for your shirts, flannels or blazers. I love to use this style hack for blazers and knit tops.

I would to see you guys try out this style hacks to take your look up a notched. Feel free to tag me @enimhienomo on Instagram if you do use any of these hacks.

Sleeves rolled up

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