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5 Best Online thrift stores in Nigeria to shop

Have you been shopping thrift? Guys, don’t sleep on thrift. I recently got a Naked brand of white jeans from one of the best online thrift stores in Nigeria. So, you see why you need to shop for thrift clothes.

As a budget babe, I have a mixture of fast fashion, Thrift, and high-end items in my closet. However, to get budget-friendly clothes, I highly recommend thrifts. Are you new to Thrift or Bend down Select, don’t worry, check out my post on Pro-tips or guide to scoring good thrift items.

Thrifting from the local stores is super stressful for me. Also, you need to have cash handy if you want to shop thrift. This is because you may find some goodies while passing through a thrift stand. If you’re in Lagos, I have shared some of my best places to shop for thrift clothes. Do check them out.

Not in Lagos, I also got you. I have explored several places in Nigeria inclusive of their thrift stores/Markets. If you’re in Ibadan, check out the Bodija market for good thrift clothes and handbags. Abeokuta has several places to shop for thrift clothes.

You can check out Kuto market, Lafenwa ( though I find this place stressful), Panseke ( Love them for the cardigans) etc. Check out other places to shop for thrift in your locality. Have plans to explore Nigeria too, add these most beautiful places to visit in Nigeria.

I am very much indecisive when shopping. Also, I find the process of bend down select stressful. So, the option I love to shop for thrift is via Instagram or online thrift stores in Nigeria.

Best Online thrift stores in Nigeria

Below are some of my favorite online thrift stores in Nigeria to shop. These thrift stores offer good quality fashion pieces. Although, I am yet to find a thrift store for accessories like shoes and handbags. If you know any, kindly leave a comment below.

1. Nandra

Nandra is one of my best online thrift stores in Nigeria to shop for clothes. I love their range of prints and outfits in dresses. You can shop for casual and wedding guest dresses from Nandra.

My favorite jumpsuit that I wore to Abeokuta is from Nandra. I still have my eyes on one of the dresses. They deliver nationwide. You can shop for this brand either from Instagram or from their website. Shipping fees depend on your location.

Best online thrift stores in Nigeria
2. The budget Outlet

This is one of the best Instagram thrift stores in Nigeria perfect for work clothes for women. If you have been an ardent follower of this blog, you know that I have a regular day job.

Want to know how I balance my day job and blogging, check out this post. Shopping for work clothes abroad can be pricey. Not because the items are expensive but the shipping fee to Nigeria. I have a hack for this that is budget-friendly.

I shop during the sales and in bulk from a particular store. Then ship it down to Nigeria. Wondering how to shop from abroad and ship to Nigeria, check out this post.

Anyways, then I found the budget outlet on Instagram. I have been stalking this brand ever since. My best purchase so far is this sweetheart neckline dress. You can dress it up with several belt colors or colorful accessories. Love this dress a lot.

So, I highly recommend you check them out for budget-friendly dresses, pant suits, skirt set sets, vest,s etc. Anything workwear for women, the budget outlet is my plug.

3. The discount store ( formerly buy okirika)

Okay, this brand sells pre-loved items that are a little on the high side. I saw a review about this brand that you will spend all your money if you visit her store. Girl, it’s true.

Although, I have visited the store. I couldn’t decide what I needed on her online store. There was so much to shop for. My favorite item so far from this brand is this denim handbag. Although I am pained that it is not a pre-loved coach designer handbag. Who was I kidding though? The price I got the bag is a far cry from a coach bag.

Anyways, I would have preferred it wasn’t labeled as that. I got two bags and some other stuff during the sales. She gifted me a smart collection of perfume which I find too masculine. Trust the boo to take it. And a water bottle, is cute right?

My tip, go on their website and stalk it. Shop during discount store ng the sales if possible for more savings.

Trina Thrift store

For this store, it is a hit or miss. Make sure you look at the pictures and style of the outfit before getting it. I got a yellow dress from this brand that has no shape. And a beach outfit that I love and hate at the same time.

Why am still recommending this brand? Well, everything I have gotten so far is not a miss. I got a denim dress that I am so in love with. So, she deserves to be on this list. Apply my pro tips for shopping online while shopping for this Instagram brand in Nigeria.

If you can jump on the denim trends, she has some of the best denim skirts and pants you’d love. Check Trinathrift store out for all your casual outfits and going outwears.

1k Multipurpose shop

Remember earlier in this post that I found a gem while shopping at a thrift store. Girl, I love the denim skirt and pants that I recently got from this store.

This store is perfect if you’re just finding your personal style. She sells some of the best basics like T-shirts, skirts, bralettes, shorts, etc. I highly recommend her denim pieces.

She sells out some of the good stuff very fast. So you need to stalk her. To think this brand is in Calabar, I had no issues with my order. The items were delivered to my home. So, I didn’t have to stalk a bus to pick up my items. check out 1k multi-purpose on Instagram to shop their pieces.

Comment on other online thrift stores in Nigeria you’re loving. If you’d love to be featured as a brand, feel free to reach out.

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