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25 Best valentine day date ideas that are inexpensive

We’ve entered into one of my best months of the year for many reasons! One top reason is the fact that it’s the month for love! So here are 25 best valentine day date ideas for couples.

I’m already feeling giddy and excited as Valentine Day is just around the corner. Don’t ask me if I have a boo. What matters is that it is the season of love, and we have to spread it everywhere. 

Best valentine day date ideas

For those feeling stuck on date ideas for Valentine Day, I’m here to help. In this article, I’ll be sharing 25 best valentine day date ideas that are inexpensive. 

Game Night

What do you think about a game night with just you and your boo? Game night doesn’t always have to involve a lot of people as you can still have fun even if it’s just two people.

You can have a fun evening with board games or card games that you both enjoy. There are even online games that can help improve the mood for the night. 

Spa Day

You and your partner have been working hard all year, and Valentine Day would be the perfect time to take a step back and relax. You can plan for it to be a fun spa day!

Yes, I know you might be whispering that going to a spa isn’t inexpensive. However, have you considered a DIY spa day? You can have fun creating a spa atmosphere at home with homemade facials, baths, and relaxation.

Trust me, it increases the bond and intimacy between you both. 

Plan a Future Trip

While you might not be going on a trip for Valentine Day, nothing stops you both from dreaming about it. You and your partner can dream up a future trip together and spend the day researching and making plans. This way, you do not have to do much when the time for the trip comes. 

You can book your activities using the Getyourguide tour guide. They offers fun activities for all budget. So, if you’d prefer to do budget options or go bougies, this platform has it all. I highly recommend them when planning your trips.


I’m sure you must have been waiting for this option as it is one of the first ideas that come to mind when anyone thinks of inexpensive date ideas.

So, pack a basket with your favorite snacks and enjoy a peaceful day outdoors. Ensure to choose a location that is serene. Also, be intentional about the snacks and ensure they are what your partner enjoys.

Karaoke Night

I sometimes say that this activity is top of the list for me when it comes to date ideas. And, Valentine’s Day is a favorite time to set up a karaoke session at home with your partner.

Afterall, even if you do have a singing voice, you’re exposing yourself to only your partner. A session with your favorite songs and top-tier banter is the perfect way to wrap up the day. 

Nature Hike

If you and your partner are the outdoor type and love being adventurous, you can decide to go for a hike. Check for a local hiking trail near you and enjoy the beauty of nature together. This activity counts as quality time. 

Budget friendly Valentines day date ideas

Visit a museum

If you and your partner love history or enjoy learning new things, going to a museum should be on your list of things to do on Valentine Day. I love that most museums together have a low ticket cost. Some are even free! 

Go to a botanical garden

What do you think about visiting a botanical garden? I don’t like that many people are sleeping on this date idea as it is a fun thing to do with your partner. One thing about botanical gardens is that it is easy to lose track of time while there. 

Attend an online cooking class

It’s time to take out those cooking bookmarks you’ve been saving all year! Valentine’s Day is the best day to practice new cooking recipes with your partner. You wouldn’t realize how much you enjoy this idea until you try it out.

Movie Night

What type of movies do you enjoy watching? What type of movies does your partner love? Why not combine these movies and binge on them on Valentine’s Day? 

Ride a Bike Together

While it may not seem like the ideal Valentine Day date idea, you would enjoy doing this activity together. Take a leisure ride through a scenic area or city park. You both can even decide to turn it into a healthy competition. 

Have a theme night

If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, you can choose a theme like Italian night, and plan activities around it. It could be watching Italian movies, learning the language, watching Italian cooking videos and learning the recipes, etc. 

Crafting together

I would have said go for a pottery class, but it may not exactly count as being inexpensive. So, you can opt for a cost effective option and pick a craft or DIY activity to do together. What matters is that the activity you choose should be based on shared interests. 

Homemade Dinner

It’s time to let out the inner chef in you! Cook a romantic dinner together at home. You can decide to try out new recipes or make your favorite dishes. 

Work on a puzzle

I love when couples work on challenging activities like puzzles together. It shows the spirit of togetherness and the power of working together to create a solution. All you need is a puzzle and you’re good to go. It counts as an inexpensive Valentine Day date idea.

Visit a coffee shop

When compared to restaurants, coffee shops are usually less expensive. So, you and your partner can spend time together exploring coffee shops on Valentine Day. You can take it a step higher and decide to give reviews on each of the shops. 

Photo scavenger hunt

Now, keep in mind that you do not need a professional camera for this idea as your phone camera would suffice. You and your partner should go round the city and take pictures of things you find interesting. At the end of the day, come back and share these pictures with each other. 

Visit a farmers market

When was the last time you went to the market with your partner? Valentine Day presents itself as the perfect day for this to happen. I would recommend going to a farmers market as things are usually cheaper there.

Bake together

If you would rather not go the route of cooking together on Valentine Day, you can decide to spend the day baking.

Play a sport

You can spend the day together by playing a sport at the local park or a spacious space in the neighborhood. 


You might be saying that this activity is not common in our region, but that doesn’t mean it’s not feasible. In fact, it is a date idea that I fancy so much. So, find a quiet spot to watch the stars. Bring a blanket and some of your favorite snacks. 

Go for a photoshoot

When was the last time you had a photoshoot with your partner? For some of you, it might be that you haven’t ever done one. It should change this Valentine’s Day!

Attend a local event

Look for free or inexpensive events around you to attend. It could be concerts, art shows or festivals. 

Volunteer together

Spend the day together by giving back to a cause you both care about. The satisfaction you would get would be a feeling that’s next to none.

Watch the sunrise or sunset

Find a beautiful location to watch the sunrise or sunset together. Make sure to take beautiful pictures together while at it. 

As a plus, don’t forget to write love letters to each other and read them aloud! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Comment down below what your for valentines day. Which of these valentine day date ideas would you do as a couple. Are you doing a solo valentine’s day date or a galentine date?

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