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2023 fashion trends that are worth your investment to buy

I am always excited to know what to buy or what is not worth my money each year. What are the latest fashion trends to shop for? Which are the outfits that are still on trend in 2023? Here are my top 7 2023 fashion trends that will go viral. All the girls are definitely stocking their closets with these pieces.

If you’ve followed the fashion seasons, NYFW, Paris fashion week, or Milan fashion week, you will agree with me on these pieces. Some of these latest fashion trends you may already have. One of them is the cargo pants trend.

Cargo pants are a very chic fashion piece you need to invest in. It was the top of the 2022 fashion trend and it’s still going strong this year. So, I am delighted to keep wearing my cargo pants this year. Another 2022 fashion trend that will be viral this year is platform shoes.

One of the comfiest heels you can ever wear is platforms. Easy to walk and style with your outfits. You can also read my guide on how to buy heels perfect for you.

So, you can see that most of the items that will dominate 2023 fashion trends are things you may already have. And if you’re yet to own any of these pieces, they’re definitely worth your penny.

There are other trends of 2023 that I am not buying. This is because some of them are not my style. For example, sheer outfits are chic but not my personal style.

How do you know what is your personal style? It is as easy as will you reach for them as often to wear them or be eager to style them with other pieces in your closet. Read my post on how to create your personal style to guide you on what to buy for yourself or what to avoid ASAP.

2023 fashion trends that will go viral

Below are the 2023 fashion trends that I am excited about. Some of these trends, you may already have. So, you can pull them out and start rocking them.

1. Leggings

One of the trends of 2023 that I love is the leggings trend. I love leggings as they are a cute alternative to skinny jeans or pants.

Also, leggings are an easy work-from-home outfit idea. You can also style leggings with chunky knits or cardigans as a regular going-out fit or airport outfit idea.

Leggings are also perfect as a gym or workout outfit idea. Your leggings with a sports bra or bralettes are a great option for workout outfit ideas.

2023 fashion trends

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2. Sequins

Sequins are another latest fashion trend that I love. It’s all about sparkles and shines on the runway last year. So, you need to start shopping for sequins this year.

How can you wear sequins as a day look? Sequins outfits are typically worn as holiday party outfits or night-out outfits. However, you can style it as a day look. You can wear your sequin dresses dressed down with a pair of sneakers, or espadrilles for a day look. Read my post on other ways to wear sequins casually.

3. Tank Tops

Tank tops are cute casual summer outfits you need to have in 2023. It is super comfy. You can wear your tank tops as a work-from-home outfit, or style them with your work outfits.

I love tank tops as a great option of travel clothes for women to pack for a trip. Wear it with wide-leg pants and heels to dress it up or with a pair of culotte shorts to dress it down.

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4. Sculpted heels

This year is the time to drop your boring heels and wear cute sculpted heels. There were so many cute variations done by designer brands like Loewe, and Prada among others.

One of my favorite sculpted heels by Loewe is the ballon heels. Heck, it’s so cute. However, I am not sure it’s a comfortable pair of heels to wear. Who knows?

For the 2023 fashion trend for shoes, shop for heels with unique sculptural designs.

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5. Culotte pants

Another cute outfit from the 2023 fashion trends is the culotte pants. This pants trend was very popular back in 2018/2019. Now it’s back in style in 2023.

Culotte pants are wide-leg pants that are cropped. So, if you love loose-fitting styles, jump on culotte pants this year.

What are the tips for wearing culotte pants? Wear fitted tops for a cute look. You can dress it down with a pair of sneakers for women or espadrilles or heels.

6. Collarless blazers

Blazers are a wardrobe essential for every lady. You need a pair of structured blazers you can wear for work, casually, or as an airport outfit.

There are several cute ways to style blazers for work or casually. This year’s 2023 fashion trend is all about collarless blazers. I love this type of structured blazer. You can wear it with a dress, a tube top, culotte jumpsuits, etc.

I would recommend you get these types of blazers in fun colors like yellow, blue, or white.

7. Cargo pants

One of my favorite of the 2023 fashion trends is cargo pants. This pants trend was viral in 2022 and it is going bigger in 2023. I love cargo pants a lot. It is a versatile trendy fashion piece to own.

Cargo pants are statement fashion pieces you need right now. It is a perfect casual outfit for women. Check out my favorite ways to wear cargo pants casually.

My favorite way to wear cargo pants is with sneakers or espadrilles. If you’re a sneakerhead like me, you need to check these 2023 sneaker trends that will dominate 2023.

Another 2023 fashion trend that there is controversy over is platform heels. It was viral in 2022. However, it is either a hit ot miss for this trend. It is not as viral this year so, this trend depends on you.

Hope you love the 2023 fashion trends that will go viral this year. Comment below on the 2023 fashion trends you’d be shopping for.

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