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20 best travel Accessories You’d Need To Pack On Your Next Trip

The festive season is around the corner and it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re already planning your next trip. It could be going to another region within your country or even leaving the country. Whatever the case, what matters is that you have the best travel accessories to make your trip seamless.

While on your trip, forgetting to pack some essential travel accessories may be a disaster. These accessories would always come in handy in one way or the other. So, I will be sharing the best travel accessories I always add to my travel packing list.

Best travel accessories

You may be wondering about these travel accessories and I’d talk about them in this article.

If you’ve always wondered what the best travel accessories a woman would need on any trip, I’ll be listing them below in no particular order:

Lip Balm

You don’t want to be caught talking to people with chapped lips, do you? Presentation matters a lot especially as a traveler and you can change a lot when you use a lip balm. 

It’s one of the first things you’d see in my bag, and I’d say every woman should have a lip balm when traveling.

Aside from the fact that it helps with your overall looks and presentation, it also helps to boost your confidence. Yes, I may not need to bother about heavy makeup when I travel as long as I have my lip balm. When arranging your travel accessories for your next trip, ensure to throw a lip balm or two into your bag.

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 Are you one of those who cannot do without their headsets? I’m unapologetically someone you’d always see with a headset, even if I’m only sitting in my garden. Blasting music on my headset helps calm me down and puts me in a better and more vibrant spirit. 

So, I cannot imagine traveling without my sets and I cannot encourage anyone to do such. There are times when you may need to have alone time or block out certain noises, and you’d surely need the headset.

If you do not have one, I can assure you that it’s one of the best investments you’d make. Asides from my headset another of the best travel accessories you’d need is a book. I love to read books while traveling.

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There are some things I can apply to stress me while on a trip, but never a bad hair day. Bad hair day? I’d simply whip out my scarf and I’m good to go.  One of the best travel accessories you need is a scarf.

Of course, I cannot be caught looking unfresh when I step out, especially if I decide to vacation outside the country. Therefore, a scarf comes in handy to help arrange my hair. 

There are also times when I may need to protect my head from the scorching sun and my scarf becomes useful at that moment. For those who may not know, a scarf is one of the latest fashion trends for women, and every woman should own one. You can my post on how to wear scarves to get much use from this wardrobe must-have for women.

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Comfy Blanket

A woman would need different travel accessories when going on a trip and a comfy blanket is one of the best travel accessories there is. Now, I’m not saying that there wouldn’t be comfortable blankets when you get to your accommodation.

However, you’d need a portable comfy blanket to carry around. You can use this blanket on the plane when the cold gets too much or even when you hang out on the beach. 

I always have fun buying new comfy blankets as I get to play around with colors. Today you’d see me with a sky-blue blanket and it could be a pink blanket tomorrow. Start exploring your blanket choices today! It is one of the best travel accessories for women.

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If you’re like me, I’d take it that you are also obsessed with your skin and would want to stay glowing. 

Understanding that the weather condition differs in various places helps you know that you need to take preventive measures for your skin. Although I’d not mention the country, there was a time when I traveled somewhere and the hotness was more than I anticipated. It often seemed like the sun was burning my face and my sunscreen helped me that period.

The fact that you’re going on a trip doesn’t mean that you should be negligent about your skincare routine. Therefore, one of the best travel accessories for any woman is sunscreen.

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Off the top of my head, this is the first accessory I would mention when anyone asked me for travel accessories for women. Those who know me would say that sunglasses are one of my signature looks. I always feel weird when I step out of the house without my sunglasses. 

I always feel extra confident and cool whenever I rock a sunshade. You’d even notice that there would be an extra bounce in my steps, which is what I’d want when I’m visiting a new place. In addition, sunglass would also help to protect your eyes. See? You’re killing two birds with one stone!

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Gadget Charger

Except you plan to cut communication with others while on your trip, you’d need to take your charger when planning a vacation. In fact, it should be one of the first things that should go into your bag when you’re packing. 

I cannot imagine being on a trip and having to deal with dead devices. How would I communicate with loved ones? How would I document the experience through pictures and videos? How would I know what’s happening on social media? Now you can see that a charger is one of the most important travel accessories you need to pack for your next trip. Trust me, life can be boring without your gadgets in a new location.

Power bank

It would be wrong for me to talk about gadget chargers and not mention a power bank. You cannot rule out the possibility of your device’s power going flat while you’re enjoying yourself. 

It could be while enjoying a picnic or taking a boat trip. You’d notice that you’re slowly becoming anxious because your gadgets are low. To avoid such from happening, you need to carry a power bank when going on a trip.

Besides, it is better to be safe than to be sorry. Having a power bank shows that you are equipped and prepared for the trip. Also, you need to pack an extra camera battery if you’d need to create content on your travel. You never know what you’d see and the exhilarating experiences you’ll have on your trip.

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 How do you plan to pack stuff when you’re moving around? For example, you plan to go hiking or camping during your trip. You’d need a bag that can take your essentials as you move along and explore. Thus, I always advise that one should have a backpack when going on a trip. Even if you’re a remote worker, your backpack would comfortably take your laptop and other gadgets that you may need. 

I love that you can stuff many things inside a backpack and there’d still be space. Ever heard that you shouldn’t search the backpack of a woman? Well, you never know what you might find when you search for it!

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The thought of this alone gets me excited when I’m going on a new trip. As a camera owner, I always look forward to documenting my trips. So when planning a vacation, I know that my camera would have lots of new experiences. It is almost impossible for me to travel without a camera. 

Yes, I know that not everyone may own a camera. But if possible, I advise that you get one as it is one of the best travel accessories that you can take on any trip. The memories you record with your camera will stay with you for a long time.

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Water Bottle

 As you’re preparing for your trip, hope you have a water bottle. I’m not a health expert, but I know that it’s good to stay hydrated at all times. Some travelers get carried away with fun and forget to drink water. This is your reminder that water is essential and you’d need a water bottle while on your trip. 

Imagine going hiking without a water bottle. Yes, I know that a horror movie just played out in your head by that image. Therefore, ensure to pack a water bottle to avoid stories that touch the heart.

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People say that looking good is good business. However, I’d love to add that smelling good is good business. You’re wrong if you’re embarking on a trip with your perfumes. 

Now, I’m not saying that you must have an enormous perfume collection. However, you should have some bottles that you’d spray before stepping out at all times.

It leaves you smelling and may even get you the right attention.

Neck pillow

Sometimes, it could be that you’re planning a trip that’s taking you to another country and the trip could be for long hours. In this case, you may be using a flight and you’d need to get comfortable during the trip. Therefore, you’d need a neck pillow to help you relax better. 

Yes, you can fly without the neck pillow. However, the fact that it makes life better is why I recommend it as one of the best travel accessories for women.

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Sling bag

So, it could be that you’re not in the mood to take many things out. However, you need a place to hold your money, phones, and lip balm. It is where a sling bag comes in. You can easily put it on your body and get on with your activities for the day. I love that it is easy to carry around.

I can’t even live without my sling bag and don’t think there’s a reason why any woman shouldn’t have one.

Baby wipes

Do you know that face you make when you come across annoying stains that just seem like they won’t get off? Ugggh I know that feeling and it often gives me a headache. However, using baby wipes has proven to be helpful with such annoying stains.  

Sometimes it could be an accidental coffee spill. Baby wipes are helpful to clean such stains and also leave you hygienic. It is surely an essential travel accessory for women.


Wait! I’m not saying that you should pack your library when going on a trip. However, you should take along some books to ensure that you’re not bored. You can read to kill time while traveling and you can also keep yourself occupied with books in the evenings. I’m not here to suggest the type of books you should read as everyone has their preference. However, having books while embarking on a trip comes in handy.

Jewelry and Cosmetic Box

I always hear people complaining about losing their jewelry or some makeup items when they travel. Understandably, people tend to get disorganized while having fun. It is why you would need a jewelry or cosmetic box. 

Instead of keeping your jewelry and cosmetic items anyhow, you now have a dedicated and special place to keep them. Now, the chances of misplacing them are lesser.

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Did you really think I was going to mention travel accessories for women without talking about swimsuits? If you thought so, it means you do not really know me.  

I love that there are different varieties when it comes to women’s swimsuits, allowing these women to express themselves however they desire.

If you’re traveling without a swimsuit, you are wrong. In fact, there should be a law that forbids women from going on a trip without a swimsuit. Shop some of the best swimsuits that will go viral in 2022.

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Dear women, it is essential to pack your toiletries when traveling, especially when going to a new region. Since you’re not used to the place, it is best to have your things so you don’t stress looking for where to get them when you need them. 

Even If you forget about other women’s travel accessories, you shouldn’t forget your toiletries.

Your smile

Planning to go on a trip without your smile? C’mon! That’s the special ingredient that makes you stand out from the crowd. If you do not have it, then your vibe check count is low. 

You’re good to go when you wear your smile as it makes your trip more enjoyable.

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