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15 travel essentials for women you shouldn’t forget to pack

As the World is getting back to normal again. Most countries are beginning to lift travel restrictions both locally and internationally. I am excited that we can travel soon. Excited to travel, here is a list of 15 travel essentials for women.

Although before you plan your vacation or travel, you need to know countries that are now open for travel. You can check out the list of destinations that are now open for travel. Now that you know which countries are open to tourists, it’s time to pack your travel necessities. You can read my post on 5 packing mistakes to avoid.

An essential women’s clothing you shouldn’t forget to pack is basic clothes. Just we need basics for our closet, this is a must-have travel essential. Basics are easy to transition and versatile. For your next trip, add some basics to your travel needs.

Basics like tank tops, shorts, tee shirts, bodysuits, jackets, etc. You can wear your tank top with jeans for a casual stroll to explore vacation spots, local markets, or a dash to the local bar.

Basics outfit

The whole essence of vacation is to explore the locals of the places you visit. To make your travel more fun and explore the best places in the city, use travel tour services. One such travel tour is TakeMeTour. They to tourists to Southeast Asia like the Philippines, Bali, and Australia. Also, you can shop for basic outfits from Misguided.

Women's travel essentials


Another of the 15 travel essentials for women is a durable backpack. Most of my travel or vacations are very short like a 2-4 days trip. So, I basically travel with a backpack. A backpack is one of the weekend road trip essentials. So, if you need to go on a short stay, you need a backpack. This makes it easy to fit in all the things to pack for a trip.

A backpack makes it easy to fit my holiday packing list items. So, I place my clothes on the main bag while other small zippers are for things I need quick access to. Like a toothbrush, makeup bag, phone chargers, or loose cash.

Although the backpack makes traveling super easy. I recommend you look for a bag that is durable. You don’t want your backpack to give in the middle of a strange city. It can quite embarrassing and unsettling too.

One of the best cheap online stores to shop for a travel backpack is Yes Style. They offer stylish backpacks that easily fit into the road trip packing list. You can click here to shop for backpacks for your next vacation. Also, you can use my code: STYLEZ20 for 5% off your order.

Buy a foldable backpack from Yesstyle.

A pair of heels

Every lady needs at least a pair of heels in her closet. You never know when you need to party. So, for your travel add a pair of heels to your travel luggage. You may why you need a pair of heels for a vacation? Well, you need one for a party, a date, or a family get-together. Heels make you look classy and put together.

There are several lengths of heels you can opt for depending on comfort. So, opt for heels that you can walk in and dance in too. For parties, I prefer a pair of sandal heels. It is very chic. You can shop for a pair of strap heels from everything5pounds Uk for just 5 pounds. Also, you can shop for some stylish heels from the frequent everything5pounds 2.5pounds sales.

Click here to shop studded black heels from Everything5pounds

Travel luggage

Another of the 15 travel essentials for women is a durable luggage box. Are you a luggage or backpack girl for travel? For me, it depends on my length of stay. I am a light traveler so I try as much to fit all my essentials into a backpack. If need be, I pack luggage too.

Luggage is one of the traveling must-haves you need as a lady. Sometimes your weekend trip packing list may not fit into a backpack. Hence, durable luggage will come in handy to fit your travel essentials.

Although, I sometimes forget to pack basic stuff like my toothbrush or hair products. As a woman, you need luggage as a travel essential. Shop for luggage that is durable and can withstand stress. You don’t need luggage that will fall apart while in transit. OMG!, this can be so embarrassing.

There are so many options you can shop online on Amazon or in your local market. You can shop for luggage with wheels if you don’t like stress like me or opt for a duffel bag.

Click here to buy carry-on bags from Yesstyle. Get 5% off with the Yesstyle discount code: STYLEZ20

Hair Products

Hair products are a must-have on my travel essentials list. I feel off when I forget to pack my hair products. (Team natural hair! Yipee!). Hair products that must be on your packing lists for vacation include hair cream, oils, straightener, curler, etc. Since the lockdown, I have made my own mini salon at home.

So, I don’t need to look for a salon for anything. I discovered a foldable 3-in-1 hair gem on Jumia that is perfect for travel. It has a straightener, curler, and hairdryer that cost me just 2500naira.

With these, I don’t have to worry about messy wigs or bad hair days on my travel. You can shop for lovely handy hair products from Jumia or Amazon. Also, if you’re new to shopping on Jumia, read my review on my fashion haul from this site.

Flat shoes

Another most important of the 15 travel essentials for women is a pair of flat shoes. The whole essence of vacations or travel is to explore a new environment. So, as you make your holiday essentials list, don’t forget to add flat shoes.

I love flats like sandals or sneakers when I am traveling. Also, I pack extra flat shoes so I can have options while on vacation. You can wear your flat shoes on a walk at the beach, for breakfast or for a stroll. Also, you need flat shoes for some of the bumpy roads you may hit while exploring the local stores or market.


Swimwear is of the top 15 travel essentials for women you need to pack. My travel list packing always includes swimwear. I love to go to the beach or visit the pool area. So, I pack at least one bikini in my backpack or luggage. I am not a good swimmer but I love to get wet in water. You can click here to shop floral bikini swimwear set to stay on trend from Zaful.

You can read my post on the best summer swimwear trends for 2021. Also, they have swimwear options that are modest or for plus-size women.

Click here to shop for floral print swimwear from Zaful.


Loungewear is another of the 15 travel essentials for women. Why do need loungewear as a travel essential? The answer is obvious, to the lounge of course. The whole reason for a getaway or travel is to let your hair down and relax. So, your holiday essentials list should include a set of loungewear. You can shop for stylish yet affordable loungewear options from Everything5pounds.

Everything 5 pounds have amazing variations of loungewear and sweat pants. You can wear this at your Airbnb or hotel. Also, you can wear it to stroll in the evening in your new environment. I will link below some great options of loungewear from Everything5pounds below.

Make up the bag and makeup

A makeup bag is a must-have travel essential for women. I normally have all my makeup in a makeup bag. This is to make it easy to have quick access. Moreover, you didn’t want your eye shadow palette spilling your powder on your packed clothes. This can be so depressing. So, for your travel, pack your makeup in a makeup bag. You can pack a handful of your makeup in a makeup bag to make it compact and accessible.

Other accessories

Another of the 15 travel essentials for women is accessories. Accessories can help you add an oomph! to your outfit. You can dress up your outfit with accessories. Accessories that are essentials for women include handbags, scarves, hats, etc.

You need your handbag to carry your basic essentials for a stroll or just to dress your outfit. Also, you need hats to shield you from the sun as well as sunshades. It is very easy to pack and not add accessories to your luggage or backpack. Especially handbags, sometimes I just miss them out.

If you’re the clumsy type, consider investing in some extra protective phone case for your device. That way, you don’t have to worry about not having a working phone or finding a reputable repair shop in a new place. You can even customize your phone case to fit your style and make it a part of your outfit!


You never know the importance of packing a cardigan until you’re freezing cold at your travel destination. It is one of the 15 travel essentials for women you need as part of your road trip must-haves. Cardigans can sometimes be heavy and add extra weight to your luggage.

So, always check for the weather of your travel destination. This is one of the 10 things you need to plan for before packing for travel. For me, I prefer to layer my cardigan on other outfits so that I can pull it off easily as the temperature becomes warmer. This will help you keep warm in the event of cold or rain at your travel destination.

Sleep-in wear

One of my top 15 travel essentials for women is sleep-in wear. O gosh! sometimes I sleep in my outfit for the day from my trip. This we all know is very uncomfortable. So, you need to pack sleep-in wear for your travel. This is to give you a feel of your home. For, I love to travel but find it difficult to sleep well in a new environment. So, my way of getting a nice sleep is to put on a night dress or pajamas to make me feel like I am home.

Your sleep-in outfit can be a night robe, pajamas, nightgowns, or an oversize tee shirt. Missguided has so many options of sleepwear to choose from. Also, you can shop for sleepwear from your local market or opt for thrift nightwear. You all know I love to thrift most of my outfits. I have bought some nice designers as well as vintage gems from thrift. You can check out my guide to thrift shopping if you are a newbie to thrift outfits.

Click here to shop it from Chicme. Use Chicme discount code: CLOU35 for 35% off loungewear.

Little Black dress

A little black dress is a must-have for your travel packing list. Every lady needs a little black dress in their closet. It is a versatile outfit to own. Also, you can easily transition this outfit from day to date night. So your trip packing list must include a little black dress.

Another of the 15 travel essentials for women is also a little white dress. This is one of the easy tips to transition your outfit from day to date night. For a day look, you can wear your little black dress with a pair of sandals, sun shade, and handbag. A night-out look is to switch the sandals for heels, add jewelry for a pop, and a red clutch for contrast. So, a lady you need to pack a little black dress just in case you need to hit the club or go for a date on your travel.

Click here to buy a little travel black dress from Zaful. Use my Zaful discount code:

Books or Magazines

A good book is another of my top two travel essentials for women. It is another of the 15 travel essentials for women you mustn’t forget. During all my vacations, I love to read a relaxing book on my ride or during my stay. Sometimes, you may feel like resting after a long trip by taking a day off to be by yourself. So, a good book to read will be a great stay-at-home companion.

Books suggestions you can read can be fashion, personal development, business or polities. Also, you can choose to read magazines instead for your travel. You can subscribe to Genevieve mag, or Vogue to stay abreast of luxury fashion. Personally, I prefer paperback books but hey, we are in a digital age.

So, if you don’t need extra weight for your luggage, you can opt for an e-book. Also, you can opt to read it on Amazon kindle or Amazon Prime for free on Amazon.


This roundup list of 15 travel essentials for women is incomplete without Jeans. Jeans are a must-have for every travel for me. This is because I can get so many uses from my Jeans. So, it enables me to pack light. You can wear your jeans with a casual top, body suit, Bralette, Crop top, One-piece bathing suit, etc. So, for a 5-day trip, I need at least one pair of jeans to carry through. You can shop for a pair of Jeans from Everything 5pounds. They sell affordable yet durable jeans perfect as part of your weekend trip packing list.

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