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15 Sites like Shein to buy women clothes

15 Sites like shein

Shein is one of the sites that I love to shop for women’s clothes. This is because they sell trendy fashion clothes for women. Also, the clothes are very affordable. Shein offers clothes for women of all sizes as well as stylish accessories too. I love to shop from Shein especially for their designer dupe or designer alternatives. You can read my post on where to shop designer dupes. In as much as I love to shop Shein.

There are similar sites like Shein you can shop for trendy and cheap clothes for women. Here is a round list of 15 sites like Shein to shop for women’s clothes. Some of these brands are my go-to for cheap yet durable clothes. Others are similar in terms of trendy pieces but are somewhat pricier like ASOS or Meshi. So, if you need similar sites like Shein to shop in 2021, check out these online clothing sites.

Shein Accessories haul

Ali express

Ali express is one of the first online clothing brands that I know. They offer clothes for women, men or children. Also, you can shop for other lifestyle items like jewelry, skincare product, or photography props.

Ali express site has so many retailers. So, if you want to shop from them, ensure you read the customer’s reviews with pictures. I would not recommend shopping for their jewelry because it is of very low quality.

However, I have gotten some good clothes from Ali express. Also, one of the photography props that I use to date is from Ali express.


Zaful is another site similar to Shein. Just like Shein Zaful offers very affordable online clothes for women. Zaful is my go-to site for great options to wear for travel. You can shop for Zaful swimwear or bikinis, accessories, or clothes.

So, if you need a site that like Shein to shop travel essentials, opt for Zaful. Zaful ships worldwide except to some select countries in Africa like Nigeria. It typically takes 3-5 workings days to receive your order in the USA.

ZAFUL Knot Animal Print Tankini Swimsuit only $14.99


Another of the 15 sites like shein you can shop from is Etsy. Etsy is an online clothing store you can shop for clothes, accessories, etc. I love Etsy store for jewelry. My name necklace from Etsy is still as beautiful as new to date. (It is 2 years now).

I would recommend the Etsy store for shopping quality yet cheap jewelry. Also, Etsy is my plug for pre-loved designer bags. So, if you need a place to shop for pre-loved designer pieces, opt for Esty.


Rosegal is another site like Shein you need to know. They sell trendy fashion pieces you need for your closet. I love this brand for its accessories.

However, this brand sells women’s clothes tailored for plus-size women. So, if need where to shop for plus-size women’s clothes, Rosegal is your plug.

Plus Size Denim Printed Leggings only $20.49


Dresslily is another site like Shein you need to know. Just like Zaful, Dress lily is my go-to for travel outfits. So, if you need what to wear for travel, beachwear clothes for women, opt for Dresslily.

This brand unlike Rosegal caters to women of all sizes. You can also shop for accessories from Dresslily on a budget. This brand however does not ship to Africa.

Halter Floral Ruched Boyshorts Bikini Swimwear only $14.99


Everything5Pounds is a UK website that sells online clothing for both men and women. They offer fashion products for clothes and accessories categories only. All the item goes for 5 pounds each. Also, I would recommend you check out their frequent sales for more discounted pieces.

Everything5Pounds does not ship worldwide. However, they ship to the UK for free, US and Canada. I love to shop everything5pounds for all my fashion needs. You can shop for casual summer outfits for women, business casual outfits for work, and lounging wear. I love their espadrilles options too.

P.S. Items on this website sell out fast. So, don’t sleep on items you see on this site. Click here to buy this 2-piece biker short set for just 5pounds

Ego Shoes

I stumbled on Ego shoes on a YouTube vlog and I fell in love. Ego shoes is an online clothing brand for women based in the UK. This brand is my go-to plug for designer dupes or designer lookalike. It is my favorite of the 15 sites like Shein to shop.

I am so in love with my dupe bags from Ego shoes. Click here to read my Ego shoes review, one of the best places to shop designer dupes. So, if you want to rock designer but can’t afford it, check out Ego shoes for designer dupes or alternatives.


Chicme is one of the best of the 15 sites like Shein you need to know. They offer casual outfits for women. So, if you need an affordable place to shop for casual wear, check out chicme.

Asides from clothes, you can also shop for accessories like shoes, bags, or beach hats. I love their collection of vacation outfits for women. Chicme is another great option to shop for what to wear for travel. Click here to shop for cute summer casual outfits for women from Chicme.

Click here to shop dresses from Chic me

Forever 21

Forever 21 is another of the 15 sites like Shein to shop for cheap clothes for women. I love this website because you can get trendy fashion pieces on a budget. They sell clothes for all women’s body types. So, if you need a place to shop for plus-size clothing for women, check forever21 too.

You can also shop for accessories for your closet. Actually, I love to shop forever21 for its classics. However, I had an issue with some of the clothes fitting. Like their bodysuits do not fit me so well.

Aside from my bodysuit, all other items fit. My recommendation is to check the size chart properly for items like bodysuits or jumpsuits so you can the right fit.

BodySuit from Forever21


Yoins is another of the 15 sites like Shein. They also cater to women of all sizes. You can shop for clothes, and accessories like shoes, bags, hats as well as swimwear.

I love the clothes from Yoins. However, I would recommend their shoes at all. My heels were beautiful. However, both didn’t last 3 months. Heels are not my thing. So, I wonder why the shoes didn’t last with less use. I would recommend you shop for clothes only from this brand.

My only issue with this brand is that they are slow to deliver. Also, they split orders in batches. That is not economical if you have to deal with customs duty.


Prettylittlething is another of the 15 sites like Shein. This brand sells women’s clothes for all sorts of casual outings. I love this brand because they sell some nice designer dupe heels. One of my best designer lookalike heels was from Prettylittlething.

You can women’s clothes that are as cheap as Shein or a little pricier than it. Prettylittlething is my go-to brand for its accessories and designer dupes.

Midi Skirt from Prettylittlething


One of the first fashion sites to buy clothes for women I got to know is Amazon. Amazon is an online brand for fashion and lifestyle products. I love Amazon because of its price range. You can buy cheap clothes for women from Amazon and pricier options too.

You can shop for clothes for all occasions. Also, you can shop for casual women’s clothes, workwear for women, or a great option for beachwear. Amazon is another great place to shop for things for your home studio or content creation. You can get a great camera (pre-loved and new), photo-props, or background from Amazon.

Amazon ships worldwide. So, if you need a fashion brand that ships everywhere opt for Amazon.


ASOS is another site like Shein you need to know. Just like Shein, they offer clothes and accessories for women. Also, they sell beauty and skincare products too.

ASOS offers clothing that is pricier than Shein. You can some premium and quality fashion clothes from ASOS. Also, you can shop some affordable designer brands from ASOS.

ASOS is also your plug for stylish vintage fashion pieces. So, if you love vintage or retro fashion, opt to shop from ASOS.


Meshki is another pricier option of a site like Shein you can shop for women’s clothes. I love this brand for its evening dresses. If you need formal dresses for your date night or events, opt to shop from Meshki.

Meshki also offers loungewear clothes for women. I love their loungewear set a lot. You can wear their loungewear jogger set as a work-from-home outfit or as a great option to wear to the airport. Click here to shop loungewear for women from Meshki.

15 sites like shein: Boohoo

Boohoo is another affordable side like shein. They offer clothes for women of all sizes. You can shop for casual clothes for women.

Boohoo is also your plug for trendy fashion clothes for women. So, if you need affordable yet trendy clothes, shop from boohoo. Boohoo doesn’t ship worldwide. However, they ship to countries like UK, USA, or Canada.

Which sites like Shein offers After pay?

There are a few of the 15 sites like Shein that offers afterpay. Afterpay allows you to shop now and pay later. Some of these afterpay options allows you to break your payment in installment. This allows you to make for these items in a convenient way.

Here are some sites like Shein to explore for Aferpay options.

  1. Ego Shoes: It is uses Klarna that allows you make payment in installment.
  2. Boohoo
  3. Prettylittlething
  4. Everything5pounds
  5. Zaful

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