15 Mother’s day activities that cost absolutely nothing to do

Are you your mother’s biggest fan? Of course, I am a mother too. So, I love to seek different mother’s day activities near me or for children. These mother’s day activities cost little or nothing to plan for your mother or wife.

Mothers are like precious stones and rare gems. Everyone holds their mum in high esteem. With this in mind, I know that I don’t need to remind you that mother’s day is around the corner. 

I find it fascinating that people struggle with coming up with ideas for mother’s day. They often lament that they wish to spend the day with their mum and have a splendid time. But they do not know what to do. In addition, they also desire to know about mother’s day activities that would not cost an arm and a leg. 

This year, I do not want you to spend mother’s day like any other regular day. It should be a special day for you and your mum. So, I have curated a list of mother’s day activities that cost nothing to do. 

Best Mother’s day activities to do on a budget.

As you plan your mother’s day activities, you need to pick out the right outfit for an outing. Check out these best mother’s day outfit ideas to wear. Also, you can opt to give your mothers some of the best gift ideas for her to make her day special.

Below are some of the fun things to do on mother’s day. In no particular order, they are:

Serve her breakfast in bed

Why don’t you let your mum start her day with breakfast in bed? Yes, mothers also deserve to be spoiled as the idea of having breakfast in bed shouldn’t be limited to lovers alone. 

Take time to curate a special breakfast for your mother on mother’s day. It should contain some of her favorite meals and fruits. One option is to give her a yogurt breakfast meal. Love a great yogurt meal.

Your effort is what would make this achievable. So, you need to wake up early, put it together, and have it ready before she wakes up. 

Trust me, it would put a smile on her face and would be a memory she would treasure for a long time!

Backyard BBQ

Another mother’s day activity that costs nothing to do is to have a backyard bbq. As long as you have edible items in the house, you can make this possible. 

It is a simple idea you can do in your backyard or compound. So, you do not need to stress about looking for a location. 

By hosting a backyard bbq, your mum is surrounded by loved ones and everyone would have happy moments. It is also important to ensure that you have speakers as music helps to enhance the moment. 

It would be one of the best mother’s day celebrations for your mum.  

Make a memory book

It’s time to get to work and source for pictures you have taken with your mum over the years. It’s easy to lose track of moments, but having a memory book helps you to relive these moments whenever you want. 

Therefore, you should have a compilation of different pictures and customize them in a cute way that your mother would love. Mothers are not always after how expensive things are as they appreciate the little things, especially when you put in the effort. 

You’ll notice that your mum would always have the memory book close by and would even showcase it to people who come around.  


Baking is one-way people can always bond, and you should also try out this activity with your mum on mother’s day. Instead of having a mother’s day without any activity, you should utilize your kitchen and pantry and get baking with your mum. 

You’ll have lots of fun when engaging in this activity, and you’ll even learn new recipes while you’re at it. Trust me, there is always something new to learn when you’re in the kitchen with your mum. 

You wouldn’t even know how time would fly when you engage in this activity with your mother on mother’s day. It will be one for the memory book. 

Binge on movies

If you’re looking for a no-cost activity to do with your mum on mother’s day, you should binge on movies. Why do you have movie streaming platforms if you’re not going to utilize them? It is a great option for staycation ideas for mother’s day.

Give your mum the chance to pick the movies, and spend the day watching them with her. Through this activity, you’ll even learn your mum’s favorite movie genres. 

You’ll get to feel all types of emotions when you binge on movies with your mum. You’ll be glad that you engaged in this activity. It is one of the best bonding activities to do with your mum, especially on mother’s day. 

Have a reading contest

Is your mother a lover of books? If yes, you do not need to worry so much about what to do on mother’s day. Instead, you can host a reading contest in the house. 

Get a number of novels and share them with your mother. You both should do a reading contest on the number of books you can finish within a particular period. 

This activity can span throughout the week, helping you create memories that extend beyond mother’s day. You also get to see the competitive side of your mum through this activity. Although I’d be rooting for you, I can be sure that your mother would emerge the winner. 

This is also a fun thing to do if you’re in isolation as a family or with your friends virtually.

Create a playlist

I always see people curating a special playlist for their lovers. So, it becomes laughable when these same people complain that they do not know what mother’s day activities to do. 

Did mummy tell you that she is allergic to listening to music? As your mum, I’m sure you would know the type of songs she loves. So, start creating that special playlist for her now. 

Of course, you wouldn’t need to use the money to create a playlist. It is a mother’s day activity that costs nothing to do. Also, it gives you a chance to bring your mother up to date with music streaming platforms. 

Solve a puzzle and other board games 

What can I do on mother’s day? If you have board games and puzzles, you shouldn’t be asking this question as you already have your answer! 

You can decide to engage your mum in a healthy competition of board games. It could be any board game of choice. What matters is that you and your mum have fun while at this activity. 

It helps you see your mum in another light, and trust me, you’ll be happy that you brought out her youthful side again. You do not want to miss the fuzziness that comes with engaging in this activity.  

Games are very beneficial to you as a person. Check these benefits of playing games you never knew about.

Take online dancing classes

When I tell people that they can take dance classes with their mums, they look at me with a certain side-eye. Understandably, I know that it costs quite a bit to enroll in dance classes. However, the beauty of technology is such that we now have online dance classes. 

So, you can spend the day with your mum learning new dance moves from platforms like YouTube. Once you both have learned the dance steps, you can turn them into a challenge. 

Your mum might be older, but I feel she would bust those moves better than you would! I’d be happy for you to prove me wrong though. 

Engage in online window shopping

You might not have the money to plunge into shopping. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot engage in online window shopping. There are many e-commerce sites for you to scroll through with your mum. Yes, a little bit of window shopping doesn’t hurt anyone. 

While window shopping, you can save items that your mum loves in your cart. Then, you can gradually get these items at a later time when you have the money for them. 

It is a simple activity that helps you and your mum bond better. The banter while looking at various items would also be top-notch. You can go window shopping online at these sites like shein and sites like Aliexpress. If possible, you may just check out the items you love. This is one of the best mother’s day activities to do. And of course, I love shopping online.

Take the chores off her

We can never quantify how much our mums mean to us or the work that they do. Even as they get older, they never seem to take a break. Mothers would also find one way or the other to do things and still complain about feeling stressed. 

On mother’s day, one of the best things to do or the best gifts to give her would be to take the chores off her. Yes, you might have a busy schedule. However, you can clear your schedule and volunteer to do the chores that day. 

It also gives your mum the perfect chance to sleep in and get the rest she has been desiring. Even if she tries to fight against it, ensure that you do not give in. She deserves all the rest she can get. 

Go for a walk

When was the last time you went for a walk with your mum? 

As we grow older the responsibilities increase and life gets in the way. Unintentionally, we spend less time with our parents and do not engage in bonding activities with them. 

Although bonding with your mum isn’t reserved for mother’s day alone, that day gives you the opportunity to make it happen. Sadly, many of my friends couldn’t give an answer to the last time they took walks with their mums. 

The answer should change this year. Go for a walk with your mum and do a little bit of gossip on the way. Mothers always have loads of gist to share!

Watch the sunset together

One of the most refreshing and relaxing no-cost mother’s day activities to do with your mum is to watch the sunset together. There is a certain peace that comes with engaging in this activity. It is one of those activities you never knew you needed until you engage in it. 

Watching the sunset is almost like meditating. It gives you both the opportunity to reflect on things, share laughs, and even shed some tears. If there are issues to resolve, it is the perfect time to do so. 

You and your mum will feel lighter and refreshed after engaging in this activity. 

Share stories under the moonlight 

Nothing like a little gossip time with your mum. Irrespective of your gender, you wouldn’t want the moment to stop once you start sharing stories with your mum. These stories are usually one every and anything. 

It could be stories from her younger years, things she did as a child that she may have forgotten, etc. It is usually one of the best moments as you may get to learn some of your mums’ secrets. 

Suppose mummy was a party chic in her younger years. If you think you are currently bougie, you’ll get to know that you’re a learner in the presence of your mum. 

Sharing stories under the stars and moonlight is one of the most intimate mother’s day activities that costs nothing to do. You can also drink wine to savor and enjoy the moment. 

Indoor treasure hunt

It doesn’t matter what you get for your mum for mother’s day. What matters is the thought and effort. 

So, you can decide to engage your mum in a game of treasure hunt within the house on mother’s day. The treasure could even be that you cooked her favorite meal and hid it somewhere. 

Use this game to keep her busy and excited while she anticipates the treasure. She will be glad to indulge in it. And even in months and years to come, she would always share the story with people. 

Do not let anyone pressure you into doing what you cannot afford on mother’s day. Instead, the goal should be to appreciate all the mother figures in your life and make them know that they are significant to you. 

These Mother’s day activities would help you bond better with them and create enjoyable memories! A bonus mother’s day activity I would highly recommend is to have a picnic at the park. This I love to do. All I have to do is to find any parks near me and go for a fun picnic as a couple or for mother’s day. Feel free to share other fun mother’s day activities you can do on a budget.

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