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15 Instagram worthy places in Lagos that are budget friendly to visit

Are there Instagram-worthy places in Lagos? of course, Lagos is the hub of fun and activities. So, there are so many Instagram worthy places in Lagos you can explore. if you’re a content creator looking for nice places to explore or just need nice pictures for the gram, check out these places.

Lagos is always buzzing with people, and some complain that they do not know budget-friendly places. Others want beautiful places that can feature on their Instagram. 

If you ask me, I’d say I want both. This desire led me to explore most of the places Lagos offers. 

As someone who is always looking to check out new things and places, I’ve visited a good number of hangout spots in Lagos. If you’re looking for someone who brings the best details and gist of any place, you can be sure to count on me. 

Join me in this article as I highlight 15 Instagram worthy places in Lagos to visit that are budget-friendly. 

15 Instagram worthy places in Lagos

Below are my top 15 Instagram worthy places to visit. They are perfect for great pictures and content creation. A great option for an Instagram worthy place not on this list is Chinatown, Lagos.

This place is surreal and beautiful. You can get some budget-friendly Chinese wear, clothes, and accessories. My best is trying out Asian foods. Click here to watch my vlog on Chinatown Lagos.

1. Upbeat

Another of the fun Instagram worthy places in Lagos to visit is Upbeat. I’d like to say that everyone in Lagos knows about Upbeat. But I don’t want to go out of statistics. However, this is a popular spot in Lagos where you can have the best of fun. 

It is more fun to visit this place as a group and engage in various games and activities. The cost is also affordable with all that it offers. 

Asides from the fun that upbeat offers, you can also get nice shots within the premises. I always look forward to my time at upbeat as I know I would enjoy myself and get good angles for my social media people. 

2. Rufus and Bees

If you thought the fun can’t get any better than upbeat, then you haven’t been to Rufus and bees. My best explanation for this place is that it allows you to let out your inner child. 

The activities to do are almost endless and it comes at a fair cost. I love how all areas at upbeat make perfect locations for Instagram pictures. 

I also love how there are other extras that come with visiting rufus and bees like the food court. If you’re planning to visit this place, ensure to clear out your schedule for the rest of the day. It is easy to lose track of time at rufus and bees. 

3. Buttermilk

This place is perfect for any celebration you are having. It could be a solo date or a birthday celebration. Buttermilk is the perfect host location. 

The restaurant strives to be unique in its designs and that is one of the things I look out for when I visit any new place. You can be sure that I instantly brought out my camera to take pictures and they turned out superb. 

The prices of food at this restaurant are budget-friendly when you look at the quality it offers. Also, compared to its counterparts, you can get one of the best prices at this place.  

4. Bourbon Cafe

Irrespective of your location in Lagos, you can access Bourbon cafe. They have a branch on the mainland and another on the island. 

The interiors of this place are so refreshing to the eyes. When you step into a bourbon cafe, you are quickly captivated by the cozy and homey aura. 

Their menu is also so vast that you’ll almost be at a loss for what to pick. Not only that, the prices of the meals on the menu are almost unbelievable due to the affordability. 

I instantly turned my friends into photographers the first time we went to bourbon cafe. 

5. The Grid Lagos

For the longest time, I held back from visiting this place due to the stories I heard about its popularity. Whenever I’m exploring a place, I love to have as few people as possible so I can enjoy all that it has to offer. You may say I’m being selfish, but I love to explore places when they are less rowdy.

When my friends finally pulled me to the grid, I had lots of fun. Although people were there, I was still able to have a swell time. From the food to the karaoke, customer service, and more, you would enjoy your experience at the grid Lagos. 

6. Wakame Lagos

If you ask me what I love most about this restaurant, I’d say the ceiling lights and decorations. It is always like I’m in a fairytale land and it gives me the best background for my pictures. 

The atmosphere of this place is always relaxing and you’d never feel like you’re in a rush to leave. The staff of this place is always welcoming, which makes me give them high ratings. 

I would rank this place as one of the budget-friendly, yet Instagram worthy places in Lagos as you do not need to break the bank before you can visit it. 

7. Escape room

By far, I can say that this is one of my favorite places to visit in Lagos. Whenever my friends say we should hang out, I’m always suggesting this place. I’m sure they are tired of me by now. 

If you know me, you’d know that I love to visit places that give me that needed adrenaline rush, it is what you get when you visit this place. You get to play adventure games as a group for an affordable rate! 

It is one of those places you cannot get tired of visiting as it always delivers an awesome experience. 

8. TheSideBar by Miskay

If you’re a nature person, you’ll be instantly attracted to this place. They strive to keep a minimalist look but deliver a beautiful space for people. 

I don’t even know where to start when describing this place as everything about it is perfect. I had fun exploring the different angles at this place and sending pictures to my friends. Many of them were eager to visit it after they saw my pictures. 

They have an array of options when it comes to meals and drinks which gives them a good score in my books. Yes, this place is perfect for anyone working on a budget. 

9. Laquatic Water Park

Have you ever had people tell you to act your age? 

I often get this as I get giddy with excitement doing things that children would love. I believe that there should be no restriction to fun as long as it is something you love to do. 

This is why Laquatic water park is one of my favorite places to visit in Lagos. You’d find this water park within a landmark beach. Many people do not know that this treasure exists on the beach. Their prices are reasonable and the area is clean. It makes you eager to wipe out your camera and take amazing pictures of the gram.    

10. Safron Hotel Rooftop Bar

I often hear that there are no beautiful places to explore on the mainland. How can you say this when this treasure exists within Ikeja GRA? 

Safron hotel is an amazing place to lodge within Ikeja GRA, but that is not the focus of the article. They have an incredible rooftop bar that gives you the perfect view. One would think that their prices would be ridiculous as it is within a hotel. However, the contrary is the case. 

Of course, I know that you cannot resist the views from a rooftop. So, ensure that you have your camera ready. Another beautiful hotel in Ikeja Lagos is the Kelsey Greene hotel. I love this hotel because of its aesthetics too.

11. 10 Eleven Restaurant & Lounge

One thing I love about this restaurant is that they have variety. Aside from their amazing menu, the meals are also appetizing. Shout out to the chefs at this restaurant. 

The ambiance of this place is simple but still elegant. I love that they did not need to go overboard but were still eye catchy. This restaurant is super clean both inside and outside. More people need to discover this hidden treasure in the heart of Gowon Estate, Ipaja. 

There is something about this place that keeps drawing you to it. I’ve tried to resist it, but I always find myself going back. You should check it out. 

12. Terra Kulture Art Gallery

Permit me to be cliche and add Terra Kulture to my list of budget-friendly but Instagram worthy places in Lagos to visit. The fact that it is popular or has been there for some time does not strike the fact that it still matches the criteria. 

If you’re looking for an Instagram worthy place to visit, an art gallery should be one of the first places on your list to visit. It is always a different experience when exploring this place. If you’re a lover of art, you wouldn’t want to leave this place when you visit it. 

13. Oeuvres Patisserie

If you’re looking for a way to get into my heart, take me to this place. It is always as if I’m in a mini heaven whenever I visit it. I remember how excited I was the first time I visited it. The fact that it had many of my favorites and that the space was beautifully made it appeal to me. 

I always go here when I want to take a break from work, and it always gets my creative juices flowing. When you visit this place, you will understand my obsession with it. You should check it out as soon as you can. 

14. Flowershop Cafe

One look at their menu made me realize that I would always find myself in this place in one way or the other. Their menu has mouth-watery options for affordable prices. 

The croissants at this place are so yummy. I always desire to have it at any time.  The space is exactly as the name implies as there are lots of flowers. The goal is to bring you closer to nature and they achieve that. 

You can get the best Instagram shots at this place that would make your IG wall appealing. Ensure that you do not hesitate to visit the flower shop cafe. 

15. Retro Citi

Are you looking for a bar and lounge that offers restaurant services and games? You’re at the right place if you visit Retro Citi. The vibes at this place are always different but nice. 

Although it isn’t my typical setting, it makes a good spot and is budget-friendly. You can also score some good pictures while having an amazing time. 

Definitely visit these Instagram worthy places in Lagos to visit. Also, check out other most beautiful places in Nigeria on a budget. Feel free to comment on other Instagram worthy places in Lagos to visit. Ciao

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