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10 Work from home tips to stay motivated and productive

A stay-at-home job is everyone’s dream come true. No more early morning rush, waking up to catch the first bus to work, or staying in traffic for hours. However, this also comes with its challenges. How will I keep myself motivated while working from home? What is the work from home tips you need to stay motivated?

Productivity levels may drop and distractions are inevitable. So, to help you transition easily to working from home, here are some work from home tips to know. These 10 work from home tips will help you boost your productivity from 0 to 100%.

Also, you can read my post on work from home outfit ideas to make you comfortable yet productive. The idea of working in your comfort zone may make feel so relaxed and unproductive. So, if you’re new to remote work or having issues transitioning, these tips are perfect for you.

Create a work schedule

One of the best of the 10 work from home tips you need to kick-start your career as a remote worker is to create a work schedule. Yes, you need one. The home is your refuge place. So, you will feel like not doing anything sometimes. In order to be productive, you need to create a work schedule.

You need to fix a time to resume work just like you are going to the office. Have a to-do list of what you need to do for the day. Also, you need to block out time for family and other things you need to do. At the end of the day, you can also go over your to-do list at the end of the day. This will enable you to plan your work for the next day too.

Also, having a work schedule makes you pace your work for the day. This will also make it easy for you to work alone as well as with other peers within normal working hours. So, if you’re new to working from home, get a work schedule.

Incorporate Frequent breaks

Another of the work from home tips you need to adopt is to ensure you observe frequent breaks. Unlike working from the office, you may get caught up working for long hours without breaks. This is not good for your well-being. You will get burnt out quickly.

So, as you go about your remote job task, set out time and take frequent breaks. You need to take breaks to eat food. Also, you can engage in a relaxing activity like playing online games for some minutes. Online games are very relaxing.

Also, it helps you reduce stress and anxiety. One such game i will recommend is the Daily Sokoban. This puzzle is quite interesting to solve. Sokoban puzzle is a game of patience. I love it a lot because it helps me relax and reduces anxiety for me.

So, you can complete the puzzle each day and continue the next day. I would recommend this game if you need to take a like 10-15minutes break from work. The euphoria of completing each day’s puzzle is something i look forward to daily.

work from home tips to boost your productivity

Limit distractions

Working from home will come with distraction. If do not limit this distraction, you may find it hard to be productive working from home. One of my colleagues who is to work from home couldn’t do that because she has so many distractions. She opted to do more of her task by visiting the office. However, she works from home effectively by limiting distractions.

Engage your roommate, children, spouse, or family members about allowing a specific time to work at home. Carry them along so they will allow you space to work effectively.

Also, unlike the office, there is little or no supervision. Resist the urge to spend time watching TV, Netflix, or scrolling through social media when you need to work. This will help you stay focused on your work and be productive working from home.

Also also clutter can make distract you. You need to keep your work space clean, this tips on how to keep your work space clean will help you

Dress for success

During the pandemic, all of us were forced to adjust to working from home. Back then, I will be in my sleepwear while doing my daily task. Also, for zoom meetings, I only make effort to put on a decent blouse and boxers as bottoms. Thankfully, I never had to stand in such meetings. It would have been an interesting sight for my colleagues.

While working from you need to wake up early and dress for work. Yes, this is necessary. It is quite hard to work effectively in sleepwear or pajamas. Those sorts of outfits are for lounging and sleeping. So, opt to dress up for work. This sets your mind automatically in work mode.

So, you get to focus on the task of the day without feeling sleepy or tired. Dress for work and you will definitely be productive working from home. There are easy stay at home outfits you can wear to work from home effortlessly.

Tune off at the end of the day

Just like working from the office, you need to tune off from work at the end of the day. It is not advisable to work for long hours while working from home. Although, the idea can be appealing. You want to put in extra work hours at home. However, you need to set out the time you unplug for the day.

After the day’s job, you can indulge in some self-care activities. One such activity you can do is watch movies, and spend time with friends/ family. Also, you can opt to play games to help you relax or destress. I love to indulge myself in games after work. It is super relaxing and fun.

One such game that I love to play to tune off after work is Solitaire. It is a game of cards and super fun. You can play this game to relax after the day’s tasks. Also, if you need a game to reduce stress after work, opt to play Solitaire.

Batch cook your meals

One of the easiest ways to boost productivity while working from home is by meal prepping. It is important we eat daily. Also eating out will cost more than cooking at home.

So, batch-cook your meals over the weekend. Make your meals in bulk and save for the rest of the week. You can opt to set aside a few hours during the week to do this.

If you have your meals prepped, you spend less time making meals while working from home. All you need to do is to take your meals, warm them and eat them.

Create a work from home office setup

One of my best work from home tips you need is to set up a home office. You don’t really need a large space to do this.

If you can set up a room as your work from home office, good for you. However, if have to manage space, you can create a simple office set up in your sitting room or bedroom.

Your office can comprise a basic work chair, table, lamp, laptop, and planner. I have a foldable chair and desk I use for my home office. It is simple and you can move it around easily.

Also, you can get a tabletop laptop stand to make it easier for you to work from home.

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Start your day early

You may be tempted to begin your task anytime you want. Well, the human mind is lazy. You need to be self-disciplined to achieve more work daily.

So, to do this, start your day early. Wake up early and do your routine exercise. I would recommend exercise for anyone whose job is working from home. There are so many unexpected health benefits of exercise. Plus you need to work out to avoid health issues that come with a sedentary lifestyle.

Wake up and stay productive while working from home.

Make a to-do list

Another of the work from home tips you need is to make a to-do list. Since you’re self-run as a work from home mum or dad, you need to figure out your daily task.

Make a list of your task, and organize them according to importance. Do this task one by one and achieve your daily goal.

Create smart goals to help you throughout your day.

Do a daily call over

This term I learned from my day job. How do you know you’ve achieved your goal for the day without a call-over?

Go through your to-do list and check off things you’ve achieved. In this way, you will know which tasks are yet to be touched or fully concluded.

This is one of the work from home tips to help you stay productive day in and day out.

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