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10 Budget friendly Under The Radar Designer Brands you’d regret not shopping

Asides from the popular designer brands like Louis Vuitton Chanel, Gucci and Versace. There are so many under the radar designer brands to know. And of course they are budget friendly too.

Many shy away from Designer brands because they feel it is too expensive. However, these brands will help you achieve your designer brands dream before they become huge and go viral.

I am here to tell you that staying stylish doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. Of course, luxury brands steal most of the spotlight, and their prices can be scary. But, did you know that there are many under the radar that offer the perfect balance of sophistication, quality, and budget? 

Under the radar designer brands

Under the radar Designer brands to know

In this article, I’ll be sharing 10 designer brands that are under the radar and affordable. 

You can even save more on these designer brands by shopping the pre-loved market or second hand designer websites.

I highly recommend shopping therealreal consignment designer website or store. They offer great options of designer brands you can shop. Most of my designer pieces are from therealreal.

And these price points are still way above your budget. There are several designer dupes or alternatives you can opt for in fast fashion brands like Aliexpress, or similar sites like Shein and Temu.

However, I highly recommend you save up and get pieces that will last in your closet from these designer brands.

Michael Kors

Personally, I wouldn’t want to classify this brand as under the radar, as I feel that many people know about it. However, there are high chances that people do not know that this brand is affordable. Speaking with my friends, they are always shocked to hear that Michael Kors is a budget-friendly brand. 

In case you’re still confused, Michael Kors offers a range of handbags, watches, and clothes that embody classic American style. This brand is known for its versatile designs while bringing the flare of luxury. So, the next time you’re shopping and see the Michael Kors brand, don’t shy away from it. Check out the items as they are affordable!

Charles & Keith

One thing I love about this brand is how they have evolved over the years. If you mention this brand some years back, some people would immediately think about footwear. But, this brand has decided to push its limits over the years and has since expanded into bags and accessories. 

As a plus, their evolution also shows in the look and feel of the brand. Charles & Keith is all about modern and innovative styles. It’s a go-to brand for fashion-forward pieces that won’t break the bank. 

This brand stands strong as one of the under the radar designer brands that are budget friendly. 

Kate Spade

Have you heard of this brand before? I wasn’t quite familiar with this designer brand until recently when I stumbled on them. Upon discovering this brand, the most shocking thing for me was the affordability. When you look at the offerings of this brand, everything screams luxury and you would have the perception that they may be expensive. But, the contrary is the case as pieces from this brand are budget friendly. 

Kate Spade is loved for its vibrant handbags, jewelry and accessories. It has won the hearts of many with its playful approach to designs. Whenever you get an item from this brand, it feels like you’ve won the jackpot as they try to make every item special to customers.

R. G & Kane

It’s fine if you’ve never heard of this brand as it is relatively newer compared to other designer brands mentioned so far. It could also be that this brand is not so popular in your current region. However, this is your cue to check them out! 

In a world where minimalism has become a favorite for many people, this brand stands out for its minimalist aesthetic and focus on sustainability. This keeps the brand dear to my heart as buying things from them shows that I’m playing a part in protecting the environment. 

Their carefully curated collections offer sophisticated pieces that are both modern and timeless. 

Marc Jacobs

This brand is known for its electric and bold designs. They stand on the fact that they are committed to bringing high fashion to the masses at a price that won’t tear the pockets of their customers. 

From handbags to apparel, the brand infuses luxury with a playful twist. While checking out the brand, I kept nodding my head and affirming that I would be doing myself a great disservice by not getting any item for myself. I’m sure you would feel the same way when you check them out.  

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Coach is an established brand in American luxury fashion. This designer has undergone a renaissance in recent years. They offer modern high-quality leather goods, footwear, and accessories for the best prices. 

The first time I learned about this brand and checked them out, I almost left immediately as I had the impression that anything made from leather would be expensive. But, the better part of my mind insisted that I check it out, and I was left in awe. Their prices are affordable for the high quality they offer!

Vivienne Hu

I love this brand so much as it’s not part of the regular everyday fashion that we come across. It has an emphasis on blending Eastern and Western fashion influences. This brand offers unique avant-garde designs that stand out. 

If you’re looking to trigger your feminine fashion, this is the brand to shop! One thing about this brand is that you can get carried away while checking them out. I won’t be surprised if you end up buying more than you budgeted. The collections are a testament to craftsmanship and innovative design. 


Thinking of some Italian fashion styles? Then Furla is the brand for you! It presents elegant high-quality leather bags and accessories. This brand is one of the top under the radar designer brands to buy if you’re looking for something affordable. 

Furla is known to offer timeless pieces with a modern flair. It is the brand for people looking to stay unique and different in a good way!

Ted Baker

I know this is unrelated to fashion, but one of the things that drew me to this brand is their quirky sense of humor. Little things always matter to me, and this reason has secured the brand a special place in my heart. 

Ted Baker has a reputation for its impeccable tailoring and distinctive use of pattern and color. They offer everything from suits to casual wear, accessories, and footwear. I love how they’ve been able to infuse a touch of luxury to everyday fashion. The best part is that the prices are budget-friendly.

Aimee Kestenberg

Looking for affordable designer handbags and accessories? Then, you should shop Aimee Kestenberg! This brand stands for the modern woman who values both style and practicality. They’ve been able to merge thought designs with quality materials to come up with pieces that are unique and fashionable. 

You are sure to make a statement and get lots of compliments when you carry or wear any item from Aimee Kestenberg.

Comment below other under the radar designer brands you feel should be on this list. Which of these under the radar designer brands will you be adding to your wishlist.

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