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10 cute holiday party outfits that prove pants can be dressy

The typical holiday party outfits are mostly shimmering dresses or stylish evening gowns. However, I am in my pants era. So, I am here to prove you that pants can be dressy too. Here are my top picks 10 cute holiday party outfits that are perfect for all your holiday events/ Parties.

My favorite place to shop for stylish pants is from Chicme. Ever since I got my first pair of pants, I got hooked. If you haven’t shopped from Chicme, Click here for my Chicme review. Pants are super chic and fun. You can dress it up or down for a stylish look.

For the holiday season, you need a pair of pants that is festive yet versatile. So, I will be linking some of my favorite pants from Chicme you dress for the holiday parties. If you great option of holiday party outfits for work parties, chicme is you plug. Asides pants, I also love them for the work dresses, winter options featuring cute Knit dresses and Chunky sweaters. I love their lounge wear set options too.

10 cute holiday party outfits

Below are my favorite and cute holiday party outfits that prove pants can be dressy for the holiday. These options are perfect for thank giving dinner, Christmas party, Office parties etc. Also, I have to throw in some options from Banana republic because of the quality. If you love to shop for Luxury pieces that will last, you need to check out banana republic.

I love their linen pants options. They are definitely perfect for the holidays/ New year eve.

Holiday party outfits

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These acne studio inspired pants is perfect for the holiday. This is a perfect dressy holiday party outfit. You can dress it with a pair of heels to elevate the look. A nice blouse, sheer blouse or Turtle neck top is perfect for this pant. Add a shoulder bag for a work party event and you’re good to go.

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Another holiday cute holiday party outfit that is perfect is a pair of leather pants. These leather pants from Chicme is so cool. The details on the sides gives it an elevated look. You can style this look with a pair of silver accessories or jewelry. And If you love some contrast like the Jacquemus did with his latest handbag, you can dress it up with gold accesories.

This pair of clear mules is super cute. So, if you have one in your closet, you can style it with these pants. You can dress up this pants with a chic blouse and long trench coat for a chic look. And If you live in a warmer region, a nice blouse or turtle neck top will instantly elevate this look for the holiday.

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There is nothing that scrams luxury like a pair of Satin pants. This is a great option if you want to wear pants and still look preppy and chic. I love this pair of pants. You can dress it up with a pair of heels. And if you love to love model off duty, dress it down with a pair of black sneakers.

To style this look, add a different texture top like a chunky knit blouse or turtle neck top. You can also opt for a bodysuit to dress up this look.

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Okay just look at the detail on this linen pants. Since I got on wearing linen pants, I can’t get enough of it. Imagine wearing the most comfortable pair pants for the holiday parties. You get to eat and dance all night in them.

Linen pants are super chic. It makes you look rich and fashionable. You need this pair of linen pants in your closet. This pants is also very versatile. You can wear it for work, church, brunch dates etc.

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Velvet is so perfect for the holidays. For special occasions, I love to wear velvet or a blend of velvet. This black velvet pants is super fun for the holidays. Opt for a classic black and white look with this pants.

You can dress up this pants with a pair of heels and a clutch bag.

Feel free to comment your favorite of these holiday party outfits that prove that pants can be dressy.

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