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Tarkwa bay beach: All you need to know and things to do

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There are a lot of beach vacation spot or luxury resort in Lagos with breath-taking turquiose water and ivory beach sand which are very exquisite tourist sites from the elegushi beach, inagbe resort, La campagne tropicana, eko beach, etc. One such amazing beach vacation spot is the tarkwa bay beach resort. It is  a very beautiful island which can be reached either by boat through CMS or by land through badagry, Lagos. Either way you choose to take, the boat ride to the island is the shortest and the most exciting way to get to tarkwa bay island. A boat ride or ferry ride to the island can be a disadvantage for hydrophobic (water phobic) individuals or someone who is sea-sick, hence the other option can be explored.

The island has a lot of beach huts or camps with lovely lounging chairs for relaxation. A visit to the beach is incomplete without a nice bikini set to show off your banging body, a beach hat, trendy shades for the sun if you want to have a lovely tan in the sun in the lounging chairs and flat shoes. Planning or preparation for a vacation is not such a tasking thing to do but there are times where it is inevitable to forget some things you really need like your bikini if want to go for a dip in the water. Hence, you can easily buy a bikini set from the island as well as beautiful souvenirs. Food is not a problem either as there are vendors selling all food types like cooked rice, barbecue fish, drinks, coconut water  etc.

There are lodges and hotels on the island if you want to spend more days exploring the island. The island also secure if you are bothered about your safety on the island as there are police barracks, station as well as army barrack on the island. Tarkwa bay island is not a lonely island as it busy both during the day and at night as there people resident on the island.

Fun things to do at Tarkwa bay beach

There are an array of fun things you can do on tarkwa bay beach apart from the swimming in the beach or playing a game in the water or the beach sand like football or volley ball. It includes:

  • Surfing : one would thing surfing which is common abroad is something that is far-fetched or inconceivable on Nigerian waters or beaches. At tarkwa bay beach, you surf on the waves on the far north of the beach where there a waves suitable for surfing. So if you love surfing, then a surf board is not out place for a vacation at tarkwa bay resort.
  • Boat Cruise: if you’re love the waters and would not mind a tour of it, then you could do a boat cruise  touring Tarkwa bay waters there fore taking in the lovely sights of the waters.
  • Beach party:  a get together with BFF’s , Bae, Family, friends or colleagues as well as beach party can be organized at Tarkwa bay resort as there lovely beach huts where one can easily throw a party.

The beach is a very cool vacation spot and an amazing tourist site. if you’re planning a trip to tarkwa bay resort and seeking tour guides or buddies to hang out with, you can reach out to @myhangoutbuddy or @ibmtourlimited on instagram as i had the  most amazing beach moment with them at Tarkwa bay resort.

Tarkwa bay beach is one out the beaches located in Lagos. You can also read my post on Top 5 beaches you should add to your bucket list vacation spot in Lagos.

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