Festive Look || Off shoulder Leopard prints x Cow girl Hat

Hello Beautiful!, So the much anticipated Xmas day is over and I am still feeling festive notwithstanding. I didn’t plan to travel for the Xmas celebration but Nigerians who wanted to bond with their families especially individuals who have been hustling since the beginning of the year in the big cities like Lagos, Benin, Port Harcourt and the likes paid through their nose.

 Although there was fuel scarcity and price for fare was on the high, I met up with siblings to have the best fun of my life at Sango Ota shop rite Mall. I was greeted with so much crowd, like they were poured out of somewhere, and it was so festive with a lot to do for fun. In the xmas spirit, I rocked an off shoulder leopard print dress styled with a red Xmas hat giving me that cow girl look without a horse to ride of course and flats.

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