Fashion meets Art at Osar de la renta Spring collection 2018


Oscar de la renta brand is living up to its house hold statement designs that make up this fashion house,  from their fall collections, to bridal pre-fall designs and lovely resort looks. Creative director laura  Kim and Garcia keeps meeting expectations with each new collection better than the previous brand. I really love this fashion brand as there designs will the trends for the new season wears as it is not fashion creativity as they blend this artistic feel to their collection.

The run way collections features variant color palette from white , black to vibrants colors like pink, blue, yellow and red color. The show took place at sotheby’s avenue featuring designs with artistic paint splatters, Bold prints , sequin  bold prints, calligraphy of the name of the brand as trove letters from Mr de la renta himself.  The outstanding design that caught my eye is the button down paint splatter on white shirt dress.

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