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Dress head: Slay on a budget shopping chic and affordable women fashion

Step up your style and slay on a budget at

There are so many terrible tales of online shopping both on our local online shopping sites,  instagram or even on international sites.  The products on arrival are so different from that on the picture on their website or of a lower quality or some doesn’t fit at all. The above doesn’t apply in all cases as some products actually come out really good.

Another cons with online shopping is that some sites have amazingly very cheap prices that you will end up having a heavy cart. Alas the extra cost of shipping ends  up too expensive in some cases more expensive than the products. As with every thing that has its cons so does a flip side exist. The convenience of shopping on the internet at any time  of the day, access to cheap goods and saving cost from good deals makes online shopping an option.

As an ardent fashion  lover,  shopping for me online is mostly for fashion goods,  clothes,  accessories,  and jewelries. There are so many online fashion sites with good deals like free shipping to any part of the world when you above a certain threshold. Also free gifts or extra points for shopping frequently on their site, or large discount on sales like Ali express,,, eBay,  etc.

Dress head is an online shopping website for female fashion goods just like every other site with different sellers and varying prices even for the same product. The prices are jaw dropping cheap for all categories when compared to other online shopping sites. It is quite cheap for US shoppers as the shipping fee is about 3 dollars flat rate with tracking to follow through with your order.

Shopping at dress head is cheaper for US shoppers compared to other shoppers.

As a Nigerian shopper,  an extra cost of about 8.5 dollars applies subject to your shipping address. It typically delivers with 8-15 days which is worth the wait in comparison to other sites which you have to wait for months to get your order. Dress head is perfect if you’re looking  to slay on a budget. The products are quite similar to that similar to the website. I got a beautiful four set bag from this site and a review will be up as soon as possible. I really love the bags as they are okay for the price. This set of bags will typically go for about 10k in Nigeria but mine is 7k at 360 exchange rate. With dress head,  you can slay on budget while looking swanky with their amazing price slashes and free points.



Want to shop on dress head and you don’t have a pay pal account. Feel free to get in touch.



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