Lagos state; a home of tourism,  Lekki conservation center and Badagry beach

Amazing tourist sites as well as cultural & architectural sites in the Mega city of Lagos State.

Lekki conservation
Nigeria is a blessed country with diverse culture, Languages, & traditions. There are a lot of cultural, architectural, beautiful landscapes, springs and parks that are beautiful site for tourist hoping to visit. The topography of Lagos is dominated by its tropical, lush systems of island, beaches and sandbars. In summary with its tourist site, it is a perfect  place for a vacation.Lagos is a beautiful island city close to the atlantic with  several tourist sights and attractions. It is a Mega city fast evolving to meet other mega cities in the world. It is special probably because  no two  persons describes this city the same way.  To survive in this city and truly enjoy a visit to this thriving Metropolitan,”Have the can do spirit”  as the people are enterprising people. The common language is Yoruba language as well as igbo, hausa, pidgin(a creole) but it is a multilingua city as there are many tribes populating this city like igbos, hausas and other tribes.The original Lagosians are the awori group of yorubas. Lagos state is estimated as the 7th largest city in the world(second largest ciy in Africa).
Lagos has a lot of historical sites, artifacts, beachs, hotels(5star as well as 4 star)and architectural sites which are perfect tour sites.
Slave port
It is a  port located at Badagry used by slaved traders as a route to cart away slaves across the lagoon to unknown destinations
Freedom Park

Freedom park was her majesty’s broad street prisons located at Broad street, lagos island. it has been constructed to preserve Nigerian history and cultural heritage.
Floating school

Photo credit:NLE
This school is located at Makoko, lagos island. It is a prototype of a floating structure built for the historic water community of makoko at the lagoon heart of Lagos state.
Cathedral church of christ

The cathedral church of christ was established in 1869. It is the oldest and finest  cathedral of the Anglican communion of Nigeria. It is located at odunlami street, Marina.
National theatre
National theatre
National arts theatre is located at Iganmu, Surulere.  its exterior is shaped like a military hat and it has 5000 seater main hall with a collapsible stage and cinema halls.
Other historical sites are Old colonial houses( built by Brazillians with British architecture at Ebute-meta), Oba’s palace( the official sites for the Oba of Lagos at Iga Idungaran, Lagos Island), Cuban lodge(its design combines both British and Brazillian architecture), Light House creek( conical in shape and built burnt bricks), Popo Aguda house, Olaiya house and Badagry Beach(One of the first slave ports on the west african coast known as “Point of no return”).
Lagos boost entertainment on par with any other large cosmopolitan city in the world. There are inexhaustiblbe range of restaurants, art galleries, bars, night clubs, festivals, world class sporting events like the ongoing Access bank race .Lagosian partake in a lot of festivals and Carnivals:

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