Heineken Lagos fashion & design week 2018: What to wear to slay the street style

Heineken Lagos fashion and design week 2018 will take place this week from Oct 25 to Oct 27. It is usually a very busy week in the fashion industry in Lagos. Even more busy for attendees especially putting together the best outfit to make a statement for the 3-day show. It is a daunting task

How to survive long layovers

Frequent travelers have different ways to get the best flight deal for air travels. One of such ways to book for cheap flights to New York or any other destination is by opting for layovers. Another way to save from air travel is by booking your flights some months earlier. Layovers are quite cheaper than

A local city guide for living in Oshodi, Lagos

There are so many tales about Lagos state especially Oshodi. Some of the tales of this part of Lagos are no so good while others are kinda okay. The very busy atmosphere, people everywhere almost bumping into each other, resounding noise typical of big cities and high pollution. The big cities like Oshodi seems like its

Men’s Fashion week Nigeria 2018: Participate at west African biggest fashion week for men fashion

The biggest men’s fashion week in west Africa is about to take Lagos state by storm. It is the 3rd edition and promises to be bigger and better. It brings together about 2000 guest from Lagos and other parts of West Africa , fashion enthusiast , fashion buyers, and retailers. This year’s event will take place from

6 Wardrobe essentials for the fashionable lady

Source: Dresshead.com  Putting together the right outfit for an outing is sometimes a daunting task. There are days where you look through your closet and feel like you’ve had nothing to wear. This can be frustrating as your closet is overflowing clothes some from the previous season that you’re no longer wearing. This because clothes that

Dress head: Slay on a budget shopping chic and affordable women fashion

Step up your style and slay on a budget at dresshead.com. There are so many terrible tales of online shopping both on our local online shopping sites,  instagram or even on international sites.  The products on arrival are so different from that on the picture on their website or of a lower quality or some

Jhalobia Parks and Gardens : Things to do at this Exhilarating Private Park

As i continue to explore Lagos and all its recreational facilities, there are so much discover. There are so many amazing recreational parks which some are free to access like JJTpart in my previous post http://trendsenstylez.com/fun-recreational-park-to-discoverjohnson-jakande-tinubu-park-alausa-ikeja-jjt-park/. The bloggers hang out by TBA took place at this beautiful park. Unlike other parts of world, recreational parks are

Step up your fashion Style with these 5 fashion trends.

It is difficult to keep up with fast evolving fashion trends. The fashion season’s are always toppling over each other and a lot of trends to follow from the runway. In other to channel your inner fashionista, your personal style will help you survive the changing trends. These five timeless fashion trends will help step

Glitz & Glamour: Fave Celebrity looks from #AMVCA awards

Last weekend, the most anticipated african magic viewers awards where Nigerians gets who pick there best big screen actors took place at Eko hotels. Celebrity outfit this year were amazing from the dreamiest dress, ball gowns, pant suits to the dapper looks by the male celebrities bring their A-game as usual. Some celebrities went with